Reviews for Kill Beatrix: The Revenge Of Nikkia Bell
Guest chapter 7 . 12/24/2015
I was angry with my aunt not wanting to become like her for thirteen years she has raised me I vowed to never to kill anyone after Mrs . Kiddounless that someone tries to kill me I stormed out angrily out of Aunt deedees house with my suit case I stayed at a hotel that night what I find out I was unaware that Like my mother Mrs . Kiddo had a daughter of her own
Muhommad Harris chapter 7 . 12/24/2015
I had never been so sad in my life as I walked on the street with my suitcases rolling I was crying I was angry and so sad I wanted to Kill Mrs . Kiddo so badly I wept my tears and I stayed at a hotel for the night that night as I slept I had a dream I was battling Mrs . Kiddo she was mocking me about my mother's death and I stabbed in the back and as she lay she said I was doing something wrong
Muhommad Harris chapter 6 . 12/24/2015
I couldn't,t wait for California I remember coming home from the kids in the school bus always threw paper plains and made noise I remember walking home I had a friend her name was Ariana a Hart we met when I was three But due dispeared when I was six to Paris . When I was seventeen I heard Ariana was engaged . Mrs Fletcher my teacher was very nice . She had brown eyes and long red hair I could visit my parents grave and I miss the Sweet air of California . Boy I couldn't,t wait to go back to my home state
Muhommad Harris chapter 6 . 12/24/2015
I missed California I couldn't,t wait to go back I remember getting of the school bus and and walking through the big brown door I missed my school everybody on the bus would make a lot of noise and threw paper plains my only friend at school was a girl named Ariana Hart we met when I was three . When I was 6 she left for Paris and I never heard from her again I only heard when I was sixteen that she had a boyfroend who was three years older than her and she would be getting married next year at the age of seventeen . My teacher Mrs . Fletcher who I have already mentioned was very kind . She had a soft voice she had brown eyes and long red hair boy I couldn't wait to get back to my home state
Guest chapter 6 . 12/24/2015
I was happy to do to California because it was where I was born I could pay a visit to my parents grave when I still smelled the sweet air I remember coming home from school with my bag the kids be were very naughty always throwing paper plains in the bus and making a lot of noise my teacher Mrs . Fletcher was kind she had beautiful brown eyes and Long Red hair and was about 23 years old Boy I couldn't,t wait to go back back to my home state
Muhommad Harris chapter 5 . 12/24/2015
I vowed never to work for cut class or work as an assasint . After dealing with Mrs . Kiddo I wanted to lead a normal life and forget my past I wanted to never kill anyone after Mrs . Kiddo I wanted to marrie normal man possibly Kenny I wanted to have a child or childeren and not to die a death like my mother I wanted not to kill anyone unless that someone try's to kill me and I wanted to die as an old lady
Guest chapter 5 . 12/24/2015
Angry of this I vowed never to work for cutclass or work as an assassins after I deal with Mrs . Kiddo . I wanted to lead a normal life after dealing with Mrs . Kiddo and forget my dark past and never reveal it I wanted to marry a normal man or maybe even Kenny I wanted to have son or a daughter and have clean life and not have a death like my mother I wanted to die as an old lady and ever kill anyone unless that anyone comes into my house and try to kill me
Muhommad Harris chapter 4 . 12/24/2015
I was disappointed and ashamed of my mother I can,t believe she was a robber and a murdurur I felt something inside me that was shocking I felt earlier that day I ran home and went upstairs to a my room while aunt deeded was sleeping as I rushed in my room and locked the door and banged my head and wept as I leaned against the door I fell down and began throwing my books but I knew I had to meet cut class to find what he knew that if my mother was jeane Lawrence bell n,eeCarter or if she was Vernita Lawrence Bell n,RE Green I changed my clothes and went yo Mamas soul food restraunt and I slammed the door hardly as I went out
Guest chapter 3 . 12/24/2015
When I reached home I found aunt deeded in the kitchen who was making chocolate sufflae for desert tonight man she was the best at cooking . I hurried upstairs to right in my journal about what today happened there were things written in it about Ken . He once took me out for pizza when I was seventeen and six months old he took me to eat cheese pizza at an Italian restraint there was music the pizza was so big it had about teen slices even though it cost fifty dollars Ken and I brought everything we had I had only twenty five and so did Ken so we ate things that were like even numbers and we shared its half . As Ken paid for the bill we walked out and Ken who walked me home my home was about thirty minuites away I loved Ken so much . The Hatro Hanzo sword Ken had I wanted to use it to battle Mrs . Kiddo
Muhommad Harris chapter 2 . 12/23/2015
As I came to aunt deedee who was in her wheelchair the doctor said it would take her six years to stand on her feet . She was like the queen of the house she told me to do everything when I was thiirteen I was sent to my mother's former Chinese marcialarts master by aunt deedee . His name was Hara Chang Maniro he lived in a tiny little cottage in the hills of the Great Wall China Chang was thirty three years old . He was kind . We shared a joke called Keys make the sound of Bells based on my name he taught me how to fight with a Hatro Hanzo sword he taught me marcilarts like kick down a lock door . He taught me how o chop wood each training took me three days . It was hard work and I almost lost my arm like Mrs . Fatale . I got a scar because of my training but I liked it because it made me look tough . Changes cottage had only three rooms . The first was a kitchen where there was a dining table too . The second was one clean bathroom and the third was a bedroom where me and Chang slept in different matresses life was hard . I had to water plans without water I had to carry water in my hands five times from the freezing cold pond in Changs garden I had to go to journeys without cars on foot . Chang made me do all thechores but he never yelled six days after my sixteenth birthday I had finished and travelled back to New York with joy
Muhommad Harris chapter 1 . 12/23/2015
After my mother's death I was half orphaned . But I was trained by an armless girl that came to my house named Sofie Fatale . When was had both her arms she was worked for a half Japeneese half Chineese former American army soldier 29 year old girl named O Ren Ishi . Mrs Ishi was also a woman who Mrs Kiddo killed less than a week before she arrived to my residence to kill my mother . Mrs Fatale trained me marticalarts for three years but when I was seven I had already finished my training with Mrs . Fatale that year my father died to car crash
Muhomad Harris chapter 3 . 12/21/2015
One week since I was in China I was collecting money go back to New York Kenny an American sixteen year old boy named Kenny he was also from New York and is my ex boyfriend when I went to the park walking So sad about my mother's death . I cried until Kenny sat next to me on a bench . He offered me a cup of tea . The smell was do soothing on our first date we went to the beach in the morning when there was none we sat on the sand and looked at the sunset . We ate three hotdogs on our second date we went to a restraunt . I told him I was on a mission to find the woman who killed my innocent mother . Kenny did not break up he revealed he is a half Smerican half Chinese boy he was born in New York to an American father but was sent to China to live with his Chinese mother because his parents had a divorce . He said I hope you find that woman who killed your mother she deserves death . You know Kenny I said she has a daughter . Kenny saidwhat will you do with the daughter and her mother I don,t know I lied . I have a khatana sword that once belonged to my maternal grandfather now I inherited it . You can borrow it . My old mistresses Mrs . Fatale told me my mother had another name she told me to tease arch on Willy Hudson and Vernita Green . And that's what I,m gonna do today I have an American I pad . Bye Kenny I have a khatana sword you can borrow but that woman has one of those too you know . Well prove which one is better by Kenny see you soon
Guest chapter 2 . 12/21/2015
After my trainer Mrs . fatale to my karate I finished when a I was six . A year later my dad died and I was sent to live with my 23 year old aunt deeded she was strong but she had knee surgery and the doctor said she would be able to walk in eight years . She had her known guardian named a fifteen year old girl named Ariana Dawson . Three months later I was sent to my aunts former marcialarts master in China he was named Chang Manarua . He was kind and was about forty three years old . He taught me marcialarts . But I,d have to do all the cooking and cleaning in the cottage but Chang never yelled at me . The cottage had only three rooms and their was no upstairs . The first was a clean bathroom the second was one tiny bedroom where I and Chang slept on different mattresses . And the third was a kitchen where there was a dining table too . Life was hard I had to pant plant with no water cans but I had to fetch water from the pond in Chamgs garden man it was freezing . I had to go to journeys with .chamg on foot . I was so exhausted . Chang and I shared a joke called Key have the sound of Bells based on my name Chang taught me good marcilarts . Six days after my thirteenth birthday I had finished my training
Guest chapter 2 . 12/21/2015
I never knew why my Mrs . Kiddo killed Mrs . Ishii and my mother but Mrs . Kiddo had cut of Mrs . Fatale a arm . Growing up wasn,t easy I was raised by my dads cousin deeded a strong woman after my dad died when I was seven . Three months later Aunt deeded took me to her former master who was named Chang in China . He was very kind he taught me marcialarts he was like a second father but I did all the cleaning and cooking I worked myself to the one but Chang never yelled we shared called keys make the sound of Bells . I beat myself every single time once I had to come to a journey with him without a car I planted plants without water and but take water from the pond in the garden . I had to cook food . I came to bed at 11:30 pm exhausted finally once Chang to clean my room since there was no upstairs there were only three rooms in the cottage a kitchen a bathroom that was always clean and a drawing room in which me and Chang slept
Guest chapter 1 . 12/21/2015
My name is Nikkia . Vernita . Bell . Daughter to Vernita Lawrence Bell n,ee Green also known as Jiene Bell occupation Baseball coach and Lawrence Bell occupation doctor . I was born in 2000 at the age of four I witnessed the death of my mother by a woman named Beatrix . Michelle . Kiddo she was born in 1976 daughter to Marc Kiddo . She was born in 1976 . After the death of her parents she joined the deadly viper assassination squad her code name was Blackmamba did I say was oh funny story she was also the girlfriend of their leader of the squad who was named Bill his code name was Snake Charmer . When I said was She is a former member at the age of twenty four she was sent to assassinate a woman named LisaWong but Mrs . Wong had sent an assassins of her own named Karen Kim . But Mrs . Kiddo told Mrs . Kim that before she shot the door she Mrs . Kiddo had found out she had been pregnant with Bills child . Mrs Kim refused to believe her but the box of directions proved it to her so they both aboarded their missions . At the age of twenty eight she walked into my fathers house and she and my mother got into a sword fight but I interrupted them . A few minuites later I was Standing in the corridor and I saw my mother's blood splattered body . I heard Beatrix say to me when I would grow up and If I would feel raw about it she would be waiting for me . I fell down And I screamed . I called my father he felt so bad he cried very much . I was trained by an armless former female lawyer named Sofie Fatale . Mr Fatale had been the lawyer of a half Japenese half Chineese 29 year old girl whom Mrs Kiddo killed before my mother her name was O Ren Ishii .
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