Reviews for Midnight Guardian
Drag0nst0rm chapter 4 . 8/10
I loved Remus's "uh-oh" moment when he recognized the dog . . . And the fact that, true to canon, he decides no one REALLY needs to know.
StardustOwl chapter 20 . 8/7
I absolutely adore this story, definitely one of the best I've ever read!
Riya1112 chapter 20 . 7/26
This was very well written. The series of events fit perfectly. A loved it that Harry was smart and sensible. In fact all the characters were sensible which was refreshing. I loved the story. I am so happy that Harry got his family. Reading this story was a enjoyable, amazing and refreshing journey. I loved every bit of it. Thank you for this story.
ArcturusBlack chapter 20 . 7/14
Oh this was amazing
T0ny4 chapter 20 . 6/29
This was amazing! I loved it. I came across the third part and learn that it had 2 stories before, I started reading it and I got completely caugh. The way you write its perfect, I feel like reading the Harry Potter books all over again except that it has the exact things that I wanted; the descriptions are perfect, it's not boring, we get to see different points of view. You really deserve a congratulations, I'll start reading the second part right now. I'm so glad I decided to read this. Thanks for doing this!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 6 . 6/16
Why would he take Harry, only to give him back, and then take him again? Fools!
Guest chapter 20 . 5/14
Oh my god, this was fantastic! I absolutely loved this! :')
SarahOlivier chapter 4 . 3/10
Yes and if Harry did something that Molly didn't like she would kick him out very fast
gleefan2009 chapter 20 . 3/8
love it please write more
HayaoFire chapter 20 . 2/18
Oh wow ! I really liked this story ! It fits the books quite well too !
Yeah, Midnight just sounds better to me than Padfoot :P ! I never liked the names even in the French version of the books.
I'm really glad to see Harry having great guardians for once ! And Remus was well depicted ! I'm just slightly disappointed we don't see more of Snape. Now that both Remus and Sirius are together, he should be more pissed than this, no ? We'll see !
And how weird the more I read HP fan fictions, the more I despise Dumbledore's character. It never hit me as a kid how unbelievable it is he never checked on Harry before it was time to bring him to Hogwarts ! What a lame old man with an unbearable pleasant voice at all times. I was glad Siruis sent him the blue letter in front of everyone !

Well, I'll be off to read what's next !
I just hope your story won't follow the books on the death of Sirius. I don't need my heart broken once again xD !

Thank you for sharing your story !
Eve chapter 12 . 2/15
I know this is an old story, but: pretty good. I'm withholding "Excellent" because you seriously infantilized Harry. This kid's not 13-he acts and is treated like an 8 year old. A fragile one at that.

Otherwise-the plot's good, the writing's good, most of the characterization's good.

So thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 5 . 1/3
Oh gosh I love this. You've nailed it. I have PTSD, and honestly most of the portrayals of Harry with it are well-meaning but a little off. Kudos, friend.
BillBrink chapter 8 . 12/25/2016
How can Harry's father have had Trelawney as a teacher if she was in the process of being interviewed for the job shortly before Harry was born?
thebetawholived chapter 20 . 12/8/2016
This was an interesting and well-written story.

There was one main point of divergence from canon early on, and as the story progressed, it moved away slowly until there were significant differences, culminating with Harry's guardianship. In part because it was well-written and plausible, I found it frustrating to read. Over and over, the author brought us to the point where the adults were not trusting Harry, and it was exposed publicly for all to see. I kept waiting for Harry to blow up at his teachers and all the others, but when the blowup occurred, he had a much more appropriate target.

All-in-all, I enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to the sequel!
atymer chapter 20 . 12/4/2016
Enjoyable take on canon. I would have loved for Remus to do this in the books!
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