Reviews for Latias' Journey
Kefka's Minion chapter 1 . 10/30
Zero Lunar chapter 67 . 10/8
... I finally got around to reading this chapter, and I wish I had read it sooner. I was actually in a pretty terrible state about 2 hours ago, and I read this thinking you were going to screw with me more and make everyone horribly die or I'm glad that I found myself laughing and enjoying this chapter. I'll be sure to read Brave New World eventually, but since it's so long I'll be trying to finish up some other fanfictions I'm reading. I think that you brought the story to an amazing, and much needed(for me at this moment in time), joyful end. Great work.
Zero Lunar chapter 66 . 7/23
... They've made it to the end, but it's really just the beginning... I was surprised that you made Arceus The One(or at least used his/her/its appearance). Everything that has happened up until now...has been amazing. I'm not a fan of open-endings, but I think that this time, it fits(even if it is the worst open-ending I've ever a good way). There's still one more chapter...although I'll leave that for another time.
Zero Lunar chapter 65 . 7/23
... If the next chapter is the epilogue, I'm not sure what the next next chapter is(some sort of notice?). I have gotten my hopes up, although I shall keep close tabs on them.
Zero Lunar chapter 64 . 7/23
... So, Rayquaza succeeded...although I'm not sure how much that means. 2-3 years ago, the mind games that the characters continuously play would have annoyed me to the extreme, but thank goodness I've matured enough to be able to keep up with them(not entirely, but enough). I have nothing else to say this time, but I can't wait to see how things will progress from here.
Zero Lunar chapter 63 . 7/18
... This is the first chapter I consider a humor chapter that I've seen in this Fanfiction in a long time. Although it was heartbreaking for all of about 6 seconds, I immediately began to love what you did to Mewtwo(don't get me wrong, I still want the old one back...but the current one is hilarious in this particular situation). I'm not sure if Rayquaza will succeed, fail, or if something will screw the whole trial over...but I guess that's what chapter 64 is for.
Zero Lunar chapter 62 . 7/17
... It took me a while to read this chapter. While I do believe that describing things is important fur imagery, I shall admit that it tested my patience this chapter. I'm amazed at how you can seem to remember what I consider "side" characters(such as Absol) so well. There are several characters I was almost certain would just fall off the infinite plane that is existence(or beyond since I'm not even sure that is enough in this story), but you've kept up with them quite nicely. I'm wondering if all the God-like characters just act surprised, because I remember several times when they've "been surprised", then just thought "all according to plan", or is it that the end result was according to plan, and the way it was carried out a surprise? I am also wondering what's going to happen to all of the characters that have died(or, you know, have had their souls been corrupted to insane proportions like Dark Latios). I'm guessing that at least some of my questions shall be answered within the next 5 chapters(meaning all since then but being answered is actually an answer itself).
Zero Lunar chapter 61 . 7/9
... This chapter really did a number on my brain...but I eventually got a hold of it. I'm actually a bit impressed that you can kill off all these "main" characters so nonchalantly. I'm still not sure what to think of Deoxys being some being that infinitely stronger than infinitely strong brings...but oh well. Both the Unknown and Deoxys are getting on my nerves(at least more noticeably), and I don't think that any plot-twist I'm sure I'll probably see will make me look upon them to differently.
Zero Lunar chapter 60 . 7/9
... Still 7 chapters left...makes me wonder who met their end. I do have things to say about May...but instead I'll say things about Dark Latios. Despite all the deaths this chapter(which really wasn't a lot I guess), I was filled with happy thoughts. Just the idea of Dark Latios losing his cool for even a millisecond seems like an amazing victory to me. I am curious as to how these next 7 chapters will go(more death and destruction, or a sort of victory celebration?), but I guess I'll have to wait and find out(even though the chapters are already posted, it's hard finding 2-3 hours to read a chapter without getting interrupted multiple times).
Zero Lunar chapter 59 . 7/8
... Well, it's been a while(I'll admit that I just lost interest for a while). This is certainly one of the happier chapters in a while. Lots of the strong evil...things, got defeated, and barely any of the chosen. I keep thinking of Deoxys as a very evil troll now. I can actually say that I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter(despite my previous comments). Will it be a happy chapter, or...the other kind? I guess I'll find out.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/5
Absolute shit story their wasn't a single drop of hope through this story,then again that's just my opinion
Your Mom chapter 3 . 6/30
Yo-Gi-Oh refrence,I like it.
Zero Lunar chapter 58 . 6/3
... What have you done to Latias... I shall be careful to not get hopeful just because the Mother is finally here. Even though all the chosen got power ups, my faith in them is minimal(which it wouldn't be if Deoxys did more than just kill, torture, kill torture, mind games, smile, smile, not care how this turns out, mind games, and torture. I do hope that it will be a somewhat even fight though(I do not count the evil guys getting beaten to a pulp several times while regenerating within a few seconds even). Although my reading will have to wait until tomorrow.
Zero Lunar chapter 57 . 6/3
An interesting chapter indeed(although it took me a while to read). I am very annoyed that all the evil beings seem to be invincible(or at least half of them), so my dislike for them has gone up. I have already picked out which Chosen I believe will die next chapter, so I hope that my guessing skills aren't completely worthless.
Zero Lunar chapter 56 . 6/1
... 10 years later, I finally finish this chapter. My expectations of a happy ending are non-existent, but I do not completely abandon hope. I've given up on Grovile seeing as how Bulbasaur will kill him in some way(which will probably lead to his and Bayleaf's deaths as well). I do hope that the Chosen can at least win some of their battles...
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