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Your Mom chapter 3 . 6/30
Yo-Gi-Oh refrence,I like it.
Zero Lunar chapter 58 . 6/3
... What have you done to Latias... I shall be careful to not get hopeful just because the Mother is finally here. Even though all the chosen got power ups, my faith in them is minimal(which it wouldn't be if Deoxys did more than just kill, torture, kill torture, mind games, smile, smile, not care how this turns out, mind games, and torture. I do hope that it will be a somewhat even fight though(I do not count the evil guys getting beaten to a pulp several times while regenerating within a few seconds even). Although my reading will have to wait until tomorrow.
Zero Lunar chapter 57 . 6/3
An interesting chapter indeed(although it took me a while to read). I am very annoyed that all the evil beings seem to be invincible(or at least half of them), so my dislike for them has gone up. I have already picked out which Chosen I believe will die next chapter, so I hope that my guessing skills aren't completely worthless.
Zero Lunar chapter 56 . 6/1
... 10 years later, I finally finish this chapter. My expectations of a happy ending are non-existent, but I do not completely abandon hope. I've given up on Grovile seeing as how Bulbasaur will kill him in some way(which will probably lead to his and Bayleaf's deaths as well). I do hope that the Chosen can at least win some of their battles...
Zero Lunar chapter 53 . 5/29
... You know, I'd actually being crying right now about the deaths of all the characters that I liked(Steven, Drew, Lance, Drake, and Harison to make the most prominent ones), but I feel like their deaths were so insignificant that I can't bring myself to be anything but extremely ticked off and slightly depressed. I also believe that this isn't the worst to come, so that is also a bit irritating...but I no longer care for the happy ending I was expecting the first couple dozen chapters, and shall continue reading to see just who dies an insignificant death next(and maybe if I'm lucky see the evil one get a little bit of what I believe he deserves). Make no mistake, I love this story...but it's slowly been destroying my soul. I've read and seen all of this before, just not in one go to characters that I have known for years.
Zero Lunar chapter 49 . 5/27
... So, finally some emotion out of him(even if it was mixed with amusement...). I am honestly not sure how much help the three masters of the earth will be, but they're better than most I guess. I am unsure about what I'd like to happen to the infected, but since non of them really meant to much to me(that I know of), then they can all get destroyed I guess. I am glad that another one of my favorite Pokemon has made an appearance(even with a different name that I shall treat as a nickname).
Zero Lunar chapter 47 . 5/26
Although blood and guts doesn't really bother me, the sexual scenes do...but since they are few, far apart, and short, I can overlook then fairly easily. I'm getting annoyed with the evil ones mind games(even if they grudgingly make some sense), and the fact that it cannot express emotions worth a piece of spinach makes me annoyed beyond all fathomable predictions I had set(because I would so love for him to have a look of complete fear in his eyes...or anger at the very least), but I suppose that's where my own imagination comes in with him getting killed in many different gruesome ways(by my own original characters in my head since, despite reading this, I still want to keep the Pokemon characters that I love, or just Pokemon in general, somewhat innocent...). All-in-all, I am no longer awaiting the final showdown since the evil ones reactions will be mildly surprised at best it I shall instead read this to sait my curiosity while finding my own terrible ways to torture him. I have to say though, congratulations on making a character that I can honestly loath with every fiber of my being, even more than all the villains of any anime or book I've read combined(and some other non-villains in some cases).
Zero Lunar chapter 46 . 5/26
This was an immensely enjoyable chapter to read. I enjoyed Zoro's personality, and I am anxious to see if he'll make a reappearance. I do like Drew, so his character in this story is a bit...unsettling for me, but I'm still holding on to the hope that there's a reason for it, or maybe no reason and he'll just learn some lessons and return to something like his old self.
Zero Lunar chapter 45 . 5/26
... Since I already hate the bad guy as much as I could possibly hate him(unless he ended up slaughtering all my favorite anime characters from all the anime I watch, and then slaughtered all my friends in terrible ways), I can't say that I hate him any more now...I'm just hoping that I'll see him at least get gruesomely ravaged before the end of this.
Zero Lunar chapter 43 . 5/25
... Dark enough for me indeed... I'm wondering now how this is only tagged under "adventure" now. I am curious as to how this will end, because a happy ending seems no longer certain to me...although I hope that at the very least, the evil will get a few "pleasant" surprises before the end.
Zero Lunar chapter 39 . 5/24
... The last couple of chapters, were hilarious. I had to take several breaks to avoid choking on any food I happened to be eating. I was skeptical when Berry died, so I was not surprised when he came back from the dead. I was surprised that Giovanni returned though. Lots of humor and plot shifts happened, so I was not expecting that end. I know that this is actually a darker Fanfiction, regardless of the recent humor, so I'll try to keep that in mind. When Domino died, I was surprisingly...very sad. I didn't cry, but I actually, truly, hated that evil for the first time(Suicune's mutation was lessened by how you described her). I'm fairly certain that the Evil is Deoxys, so I'm fairly certain I can also blame the Pichu twins death on him. Basically, through good guy and bad guy deaths, you have quite possibly made the character that I hate the most out of any hatable characters I've ever seen or read about, and I consider that an accomplishment. Even though I'm certain more deaths await me, I'm sincerely hoping that Absol will live. I don't 100% agree with his characterization, but I believe it's reasonable...and I don't want to see a member of my favorite Pokemon species die(even though it would only be in my mind). I also hope that Latias lives...and I also hope that Lance isn't evil...and I am intrigued by Pika Pika. Since this review shall in no way affect the story after it's been completed, I shall not rant on about that other things I thought about ranting about. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it.
Zero Lunar chapter 32 . 5/21
... You had me seriously worried with Liza and Tate there for a while, the whole battle I was just thinking "... ... ...I don't remember them being such jerks... ... ...", but, oddly enough, when they took control of Latias' mind is when I started to think that it was an act.
Gabriel H. Sapphire chapter 1 . 5/19
So I'm Scrolling through Latias stories and I see this story. Im like 'Oh Kool this seems nice and When I see the word count I go like: slghbtr nju,zcvlbhjsbghfrvjd bfdpjvon vj ojiv;fd kjcxkodsnfkhbjfxckjbdn xcfubvkhmf x,bhn, All over the place.
Zero Lunar chapter 18 . 5/14
You have certainly chosen se interesting chosen. I don't know how you'll effectively be able to add them all in, and I know that some will be heavily favored and more written about than others...but perhaps I am just unfamiliar with your level of ability.
Zero Lunar chapter 17 . 5/14
I'll just say that I'm Glad that Absol is a chosen. I thought that the chosen would be humans, but I knew that I couldn't rule out Pokemon. I like how you mixed famous ones(like Charizard and Jirachi) with ones that I believe no one would expect(such as sneasel).
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