Reviews for Latias' Journey
Parousia45 chapter 36 . 6/19
Wow, Wobbuffet finally left Team Cipher for good, Feebas already evolved, and Wobbuffet finally got reunited with his sister that I didn't expect that he had one. I like Wobbuffet and I don't like his grandfather (Preventing myself to use Spectral Swords of the Round Table on him and used it on the woman in Snowpoint City instead for trading my Medicham with a Haunter holding an Everstone). The chapter is lighter than the previous chapter and we get to learn more about Wobbuffet and his past, which is good though a bit cliche. Also, I wonder if having too much characters having abusive parents is good since I wonder that having too much characters with abusive parents can lose some potential to their character.

Leviathan, Grace, Samuel, Kunoichi, RhodoKnightmon, and Gankoomon: ACHOO!

That is one of the problems I've encountered in Wobbuffet's character: Not showing signs about his past of having a terrible childhood that his backstory just jumped out of the blue and the thing I've known about Wobbuffet is with his trainer, Benny, and just wanting to please someone even when she is abusive. Though there are signs that are vague, like finding a trainer who can love him and not being a burden. Wobbuffet still has points for his Character Development of not doing thing just to please someone and will do things he thinks is right (Him before is a bit like me since I'm too soft and hate getting other people upset so I do anything to please them, even when it hurts me, but I'm trying to be like him). Wobbuffet is one of the relatable characters like Charizard.

Speaking of that dragon, poor Charizard and his aquaphobia gag (Which is pretty mean on Charizard's part). A Charizard's tail is strong that a little bit of water can't extinguish his tail, but Charizard is believed to be the weakest Charizard in existence and his aquaphobia is understandable (Though played for laughs and exaggerated at times) since his tail's flame may be weaker than an average Charizard.
Parousia45 chapter 35 . 6/18
Dear God/Arcues/Yggdrasil/Minerva/Cosmos/Chaos/Materia/Spiritus/Rose Neo/Cier Qurecrone/Master Unit: Amateratsu. Suicune's death is the most brutal and disturbing scene so far of the story. Though I know there would be more brutal and disturbing scenes of the story since from the start and with those many scenes that aren't too graphic but violent (Like the massacre of the children) I know there will be more Nightmare Fuel in this story. Though while they are very horrifying, I can still take them since I've read some stories as violent as this and played some horror games. However, I wasn't prepared for that monster penis and that alone is more horrifying that I was reminded when I played Dante's Inferno where you fight demons with that kind of attack. I thought the way how I wanted to torture Colonel Hanson and how I killed a Bahamut were horrifying but this is even more horrifying. Well, it is Suicune's fault in the first place and, possibly, the other two did. She wanted power and beauty that she willingly betrayed her master (Even though she is a big jerk, but I prefer to serve a jerk than an evil jerk) for it. But, it will be inevitable since they will be tortured like that even when they declined or tried to fight to escape their corrupted companions. Well, I still have to keep reading since the story is good with great characters and I'm a guy who likes dark stories, and dark stories meant there were supposed to be brutal deaths and psychological elements in it (Like how I grew to love Puella Magi Madoka Magica). Hopefully, the funny moments of the story will lighten the mood, then become disturbing again and some Funny Aneurysm Moments.

Oh Ho-oh, she just thought the way how the three were killed was just a coincidence and slept in and ignored the dreams. They're already dead, though I liked the Legendary Beasts, well nobody is safe. I wonder how will she react when she finds out that they are dead.

Those Unknowns...I think I am lessening my hate for them since they know what is the best choice of action to guarantee a better future. Being observers, they are omnipotent beings who can't interfere the universe and can only interfere to guarantee a better ending. Though I still can't forgive them for what they did to Gardevoir and Mewtwo (I miss those two already). Poor Molly, having to experience this at a young age.
Parousia45 chapter 34 . 6/17
Damn it Crawdaunt, explaining anything about sex to a kid since you know he'll be old enough to understand it even though he is an annoying cinnamon roll (I don't find Phanpy annoying, he is just a kid so it is understandable). Though you guys did censor some parts by saying "Summon the Pelipper". Interesting way of how Pokemon mate. Also, Crawdaunt should be careful when he explains about sex to younger audience since the last time I remembered, a Swampert got angry when an Aggron, a Royal Knight, and a Moon Rabbit gave his adopted little brother and best friends pornographic videos to teach them about sex that frightened them (With the female taking 9999 damage that she entered Berserk Mode). The three are currently on the moon since the Swampert sent them there with a single uppercut. Also, those tapes were destroyed by being sliced 25 times before their remains were slammed. The slam is so strong that it can level a mountain.

Poor Charizard, he finds himself useless because of being the weakest Charizard of Charicific Valley while his mate is the most beautiful Charizard in the valley. I like his character for being a great companion to his friends and this chapter shows his vulnerable side underneath his hot-headed and arrogant exterior. He is pretty relatable and sympathetic that was one of the reasons why I didn't laugh that much during his failed attempts at using Blast Burn (I think it counts as a Funny Aneurysm Moment because it is meant to be funny but it later reveals a harsh truth about it). Come on Charizard, you are not worthless, you are awesome despite being weak and I believe you are skilled enough to defeat stronger foes with Ash's guidance! Wait, I shouldn't get to attached to the characters since I might spend my entire life eating ice cream out of depression if they die. Reason why I am too soft in video games.

*Somewhere, Sylvia and Samuel are dating*

Sylvia: ACHOO! *Covers her nose with a handkerchief* Pardon my impoliteness Sam.

Samuel: Are you cold?

Sylvia: No, it is just some anime cliche attacking me. (Sylvia is one of Parousia45's weakest OCs, but she is also one of the most skilled fighters as she was able to defeat some Legendaries by herself, not to mention she is a one-woman army like the rest of HOPE)

*Back to Parousia45*

I wonder how the team got those items for a few minutes for Ash and Misty's upcoming battle. Well I also wonder how Ash brings his stuff when brought a jar of Pokemon food (That is empty) that is big enough to fill his entire bag. Not to mention bringing several Poke Balls with him. Let me guess, the rule of anime?

Also, yippee! Misty's here! I really like it when she appeared and I nearly screamed. She's awesome as ever and she brought some of her weird Pokemon (Psyduck and Kasurin, I wonder how you got that name to name your Luvdisc OC) with her. The fight was intense and boy Crawdaunt is not only a womanizing butt-monkey but he is a fierce fighter too. Too bad he won't get Corsola's affection soon because of being too much of a showoff and womanizing though he's going to be a good father and didn't realize that Kasurin is his son and the explanation being his son is confusing that my mind is swirling...Must...Not...Become...Crazy...And...Destroy...Universe...*Alfred fell from the Exosphere and hit Parousia45 at the head with his spear, Heavenward*

Alfred: *Hops out of Parousia45's body* Feeling any better?

Yeah, thanks Alfred.

Alfred: Anytime. Just manage to calm your anger...Ironic coming from me. *Squats and jumps into the sky, disappearing from view*

Also, damn it Psyduck, the amazing fight between lovers went to a draw because of your interference. Somebody should restrain this guy for making madness. Misty's relationship with Ash is cute which leads me to rant the next person I hate.

Freaking Colonel HANSON! Dear God/Arceus/Yggdrasil/Minerva/Cosmos/Chaos/Materia/Spiritus/Rose Neo/Cier Qurecrone/Master Unit: Amateratsu. I hate this guy so much! I hated him in the anime for hurting the innocent Togepis and being a total jerk with an overpowered Shedninja (I hate Tobias more though, "powerful trainer" my ass! He has f*cking Legendaries on his team!) and now I hate him even more for doing that to Togetic and the way he tried to seduce Misty. Trying to seduce is one thing that raises my rage meter and I let it down (Since I though he was Ardan before his reveal) when it was revealed to be a test. Then this happened: Him seducing Misty was not really a test (Rage: 25%), tried to kill Misty by that (Rage: 50%), tried to kill Ash since he was in the way (Rage: 75%), was so crazy that he can't see Togetic who he thought he killed back then and making Togetic suffer more (Rage: 100%), locked Wallace up to get the Mirage Crown and Wallace happens to be one of my favorite Gym Leaders (Rage: 200%), an unsympathetic psycho who puts Hitler to shame (Rage: 300%), and wanted to seek immortality and characters like that are stupid that they don't know that immortality is the worst gift (Rage: 1000%). It is a good thing that I follow the Author's Oath of not interfering other author's stories or else I would give him the worst punishment possible!

Oh Team Cipher, you always make me laugh that you guys lower my rage meter. You sometimes save the day unintentionally when you try to steal Ash's Pokemon. Team Cipher saved the day and are blasting off again! More competent and sillier these guys as they got blasted off four times in a single day (Wonder if blasting off to space counts), though I feel sorry for Wobbuffet. Poor Wobbuffet.
Parousia45 chapter 32 . 6/13
Wow, pretty intense and great battle there. I've always liked Tate and Liza since they're one of the most interesting type of Gym Leaders and the only ones who uses Double Battle among the Hoenn Gym Leaders. The battle itself is cool and how they pretended to act like jerks just to test Ash's bond with his Pokemon. It is a good thing it isn't very long since they might getting end up like Dragon Ball where the intense battle becomes boring when it takes longer.

Damn it Charizard, you already have a mate but you get perverted dreams with several female Pokemon, that also includes Charla, dancing that it made everyone facefault. I think I should start a countdown of the number of times anyone saying something stupid that everyone facefaults. There's three in this chapter.

Oh Team Cipher and their ridiculous disguises, I wonder why Ash and friends cannot see through their obvious disguises. They manage to reflect Tate and Liza's spell back at them but didn't finish them off when they had the chance and had themselves flung away by Tate and Liza once they broke their spell. Those aliens are sure friendly, they're not those Clefairies since Deoxys killed them all, that they saved Team Cipher when they got sucked out to space. I agree with you Wobbuffet, it will end up badly.
Parousia45 chapter 31 . 6/13
Wow, that origin is pretty cool and this story is created when Arceus and Giratina haven't been introduced yet. Even with them not being introduced, the origin is creative. The designs of the two forces that can be described as Gods are pretty cool and the Mother looks like the combined form of Jirachi, Mew, and Celebi and seeing her for the first time makes me wonder why she looked like them and the revelation is cool. The origin of the three Legendaries is interesting.

This plague/virus thing is certainly terrifying and reminds me of Terumi from Blazblue, who gets power from hatred and being a major troll. This thing must be the villain of this story and it is pretty terrifying.

The origin of the Legendaries are really cool too as it is also one of my headcanons that Legendaries used to be regular Pokemon until they received some power that made them powerful. Also, I think we have made a bit of coincidence here. While I was thinking about making Sky, I made him a childish Salamence and a descendant of Rayquaza since he has a responsibility he should do. Though I think a lot of us already made Rayquaza being used to be a Salamence since they look a like, are powerful Dragon-types with same typing, and introduced at the same Generation.

Wow, I didn't realize that the Weather Trio is the Ghost King himself. Damn, that part was shocking and Ray is the dormant personality and he is suffering because of losing Queen Latias. Poor Ray.

Also, wow, that was a way to put Team Aqua and Team Magma out. Well, while I like these teams, I like Team Rocket more because of how threatening Giovanni is compared to Archie and Maxie (Gen 3 is my first Pokemon game). Damn it, I like how you parodied those cliches of summoning gods. Team Aqua used a willing beautiful virgin woman while Team Magma used a middle-aged man who is more unwilling. Also, the way how they died is funny that they pushed them in the pool first before finishing them off with their signature Pokemon, though I thought Archie's signature Pokemon is a Sharpedo. They did have a gruesome end by Regice and Regirock.

Speaking of those two, they seem like potential antagonists and threatening of how they single-handedly killed both teams with a few moves. Well, their intentions are good but they'll do it with force just to finish it so they're good villains.
Parousia45 chapter 29 . 6/12
Whew, this arc is intense and I'm loving Latias more that she's my favorite character. Damn, Lilycove City that was once a beautiful city became a war-torn city that anyone that lives there are all assholes and the only person who is kind is the current Nurse Joy but now she left. I feel sorry for that Nurse Joy as she lost hope for the city to be rebuilt after the deaths of young Pokemon and her Chansey's egg.

Oh Team Cipher, always the comic relief despite being more competent villains. They're too dumb to go to a Pokemon Contest while there is a war taking place in that same city. It already became a strip club run by a hermaphrodite (Not sure if "They" or "It" is the proper pronoun) that Jessie tried to pick a fight with. Damn Meowth being a total pervert wanting to stay...I'm still having PTSD over sexualized Pokemon.

...What in God's/Arcues'/Yggdrasil's/Minerva's/Cosmos'/Chaos'/Materia's/Spiritus'/Rose Neo's/Cier Qurecrone's/Master Unit: Amateratsu's name was that twist? I screamed a big "What!" of that reveal of the reason for the Soul Dew to exist is because of Latias' bitchy mother (Characters I hate are abusive parents, though there are some exceptions like Zero from Drakengard 3 since because of how messed up that game is (Drakengard is developed by Square Enix), Zero being abusive to Mikhail is justified as Zero herself had an abusive parent that she thinks abusing Mikhail is the right way to be a good parent and she is pretty protective of Mikhail. Try to harm or kill Mikhail, Zero will kill you) trying to get Latios and Latias back by using evil to attack Alto Mare. Then the realization that that their father Latios was their uncle and Latias Sr.'s brother and their true father was that male Ho-oh Wes has...Wow, great twist and caught me off guard. Also, screw male Ho-oh for making her a bitch.

Missingno, that Pokemon being a glitch in the old games and being well-known in Pokemon history as somewhat a dangerous curse. He is a Duskull who got corrupted by a crystal and wants the world to be destroyed, that information alone is terrifying and his monstrous form is creepy. Then I thought getting trapped in the TV where your Shadow of your deep dark secrets that if you reject them that will become enraged and transforms into an Eldritch Abomination to kill you and have your dead body hang upside-down on an antennae. Hm...Sealed by Queen Latias and her husband is not a Latios and he's the Dragon King (No not you Bahamut, even though you're the coolest)...Could he be a Rayquaza?!

Leiru: *Appears out of a portal and manipulates water to create arrow signs pointing at Parousia45, the signs have the spaces say: PokeShipper, HoennShipper, OrbShipper, DracoShipper, ColorlessShipper, FerriswheelShipper, AmourShipper, RocketShipper, LifetimeShipper (DialgaXXerneas), Sered (SerenaXRed, don't know what ship name), DarksteelShipper, BeautyandtheBeastShipper, and PixieShipper* You like them in Pokemon. *Inside the portal, Yukari and Queen are watching My Little Pony while Sky and Jesmon are playing Digimon: Royal Souls since there's no school on that day*

...Damn it Leiru! T_T

Queen: Rarity and Spike...I don't know if I should ship a long-lived teenage dragon who looks like a baby or the other way around with an adult mare. It feels a bit...wrong but their relationship is sweet. Or should I ship Spike with Sweetie Belle?

Yukari: I dated an immortal being since I was a baby Youkai even though I only live long and a lot of stories involve couple with large age gaps these days. It is all up to you.

Jesmon: *Screaming in rage as the screen spins around the dead bodies of six Royal Knights as the screen shows "Game Over"* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! These Bonus Bosses are impossible!

Sky: I know right! How can we defeat them if one keeps killing RhodoKnightmon and she is our only healer with Revival? We should have brought Duftmon as our secondary healer and Alphamon can be a healer but doesn't have Revival. Even with Examon in the team, it doesn't make this fight any easier.

...Anyways, the battle is great and Latias became stronger that she kicked ass. The parts where the characters got nearly killed was shocking and I was worried that Charizard might die. Still, that tactic Latias Sr. has is dirty, faking the death and surprise the opponent when their guard is down. When Pikachu seemingly defeated the Aerodactyl, I was screaming to Pikachu that that Aerodactyl is still alive and don't let his guard down. I cheered when Latias saved him and Mewtwo making a grand entrance to save them. It also gave me relief when Charizard didn't have to die here now. Also, Latias is cool and badass that she gave her abusive mother a cruel mercy that she learned from Mewtwo is also heartwarming. I have a feeling this isn't the end of Missingno since he's some part of the evil sealed by Queen Latias.

Really Team Cipher? Trying to capture a very powerful Legendary with a simple net...Come on! Well, they're gone while Wobbuffet and Feebas are making out...HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

The talk of Ash and Latias is very sweet and nice. Yep, you don't need someone related by blood to be a family. A family can be someone who you care about you and love with all of their heart and will do everything to protect you and make you happy. This scene really shows the mature Ash even though he can be childish at times but it makes him likable.
Parousia45 chapter 26 . 6/10
Man, that was great. I really like this Valentine's Day (Er...Luvdisc Day) chapter. The story of Ash trying to get a present for Misty is very sweet and sad. I really want to kill Berry Stoo and his stupid sentences for doing this to Ash and Wes and for blinding me for his handsomeness that I find ugly and disgusting. Also for making my favorite Dragon-type a Marty Stu. I feel very bad when Ash lost but it is a good thing he has great friends with him to make his day better. Also, that was nice of James being nicer to Ash being enemies and looks like Wobbuffet is going to get a lover.

The scene with Latias seeing the projection of Latios is sweet and tearjerking. It is pretty nice for the Ghost King to do this to her and shows he does love her. Also, seeing Shedninja in trouble is just satisfying and hilarious.

This Wes guy is so cool, I can't wait to see more of him. His design is badass and I like him already.

All-in-all, this chapter is great. It is hilarious, sweet, sad, and romantic that I need to get a girlfriend. So good job!
Parousia45 chapter 25 . 6/10
Are you trying to murder me by laughing too much? Because the way Team Cipher needed to deal with them is by using a device that transport them to an RPG virtual world and have them cosplay as Final Fantasy Jobs (Which by the way is awesome since I am a big Final Fantasy fan). Also, looks like I am the only one, and a friend of mine, liking to cross Pokemon and Final Fantasy.

Earwyn: *Locked inside a room depressed* ACHOO!

Alphamon: Parousia45 is a Final Fantasy fan? No wonder my Elemental Burst (Limit Break or most powerful attack) looks similar to Omnislash.

One thing I want to say is about Team Cipher being pathetic villains once again that you yourself also call them pathetic. Even in that RPG virtual reality, they are still pathetic. Jessie and James are thieves and thieves are only good for stealing stuff and terrible all in all. Meowth is a Spoony Bard and I've always known Bards are the worst Jobs in Final Fantasy history (Though Bards in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are great, while they made Thieves worse with others being good for increasing drop rates and Ninjas terrible). I think Meowth will get Edward's title of Spoony Bard since Edward became broken in the re-release of FFIV and has a badass scene in The After Years. They are so pathetic that they had trouble over an easy dungeon and were defeated by slimes. Also, their Boss is a pathetic excuse of an Optional Boss of having an impossible moveset and infinite lives that it is at cost for an incredibly stupid A.I. And then I thought putting Omega in a path that blocks your way and Shiryuu being inside a chest were stupid ideas to put in FFV as Optional Bosses.

Then the tower Ash and Co. went to...Oh my God/Arceus/Yggdrasil/Cosmos/Chaos/Minerva/Materia/Spiritus/Rose Neo/Cier Qurecrone/Master Unit: Amaterasu...That dungeon is impossible and totally unfair. The party is really good since we have a Fighter, a Swordsman (Eh, Swordsmouse), a Geomancer, and a White Mage but the dungeon is so cheap. Now I think most of the floors have Tonberries and a Marlboros. It is so difficult that if that RPGenerator exists, I'll just play some Shin Megami Tensei games. Also, that freaking Final Boss...He copied the Velvet Residents' cheapness and made a copy of Sephiroth's Supernova that I am listening to One-Winged Angel with a combination of Battle Hymn of the Soul.

Still, even though it is funny, it is still epic and the way it is transitioned to a Final Fantasy parody is great. It also has heartwarming and sad moments like Ash's love for Misty (I'm going to kill James for trying to steal her handkerchief, that moment in the anime when Ash, Misty, and Brock went their separate ways made me cry when I was a kid) and Wobbuffet asking himself of being pathetic and being regularly abused by Jessie (It is better making him this way instead of being a goth). The way the battles were handled are epic and Team Cipher getting their ass handled was hilarious. Those FMV scenes are great too with some being nostalgic and the best is Mewtwo's summoning FMV (It also reminds me of how Jesmon became sadden that his master, always stripping his clothes regularly that women mistake it as sexual harassment that leaves Gankoomon confused, is not as cool as Mewtwo and Sky became sadden when his foster brother was traumatized when Gankoomon approached him naked that they are eating pints of ice cream while watching MLP and blaming Gankoomon's stupidity and insensitivity). Also, the way you transitioned them to Summons is just fitting.
Charizard: Bahamut (Ah~ my favorite dragon who shall remain at top one forever)
Phanphy: Kujata
Corphish: Leviathan? (I thought I was the only one thinking Leviathan as a Butt-Monkey)
Mewtwo: Yojimbo? (Cherry Blossoms and Latias in ease reminds me of how Yuna looks when summoning him, and Mewtwo's outfit resembles a samurai and uses a sword but Yojimbo's dog is missing)
Dustox: Cindy (Like Corpish, I always thought the Magus Sisters are the Team Rocket of Final Fantasy but more competent and are neutral, though that doesn't stop from being blasted off by the heroes...Or getting blasted off when Alfred threw Leviathan's body at them)
Seviper: Titan?
Cacnea: Cactuar (Thousand Needles scares me)

Mewgle...A Moogle?


Bahamut (FFIX): It is better for Invidia to murder me than facing a Moogle.

...Yeah, every Bahamuts are allergic to Moogles. Though I understand them because this Mewgle means bad news and still can't get enough of Torchicobo that I am laughing so hard. Though I wonder about Fat Torchicobo. Anyways, about Mewgle being free from the RPGenerator, this means bad news and he is kind of a Reality Warper during the RPGenerator arc and Reality Warpers are bad news...Strange, Leiru and Yukari aren't coming here.

Speaking of Reality Warpers, screw those Unknowns! How dare they stop Mewtwo and Gardevoir from meeting each other! Them saying that it being a disturbance to his studies as an excuse? Damn them! *Feels a universe getting removed from existence* ...Wow, I think Leiru removed an entire universe full of jerks from existence with his most powerful attack...It is a good thing Leiru always stay away from things most of the time and made a promise to me not to disturbed other author's stories.

Wow, Ash should never cook but he is better than other terrible cooks I know. He is a great boyfriend, he knows every detail about Misty that he knows how to distinguish a Misty lookalike from the real one. It is a good thing I can distinguish Grace from other Gardevoirs because she has blue eyes and has notoriously flat breasts that is smaller than other female Gardevoirs with invisible breasts. *Shadows loom his surroundings* I made her angry that she stopped time and did this. *Swords made from psychic energy cover Parousia45's surroundings* Though I deserve it and I might be annoying some people... *The swords slowly move and skewer Parousia45 from all directions...Thankfully, they won't kill him but will feel them* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Somewhere, inside Sky, Jesmon, and Queen's co-ed dormitory room. The three are huddled together watching My Little Pony, crying a lot)

Sky: WAAHH! Poor Rainbow Dash!

Jesmon: Goodbye, Tank...Sniff.

Queen: *Removing her glasses and wiping her tears* This was supposed to be a show for little girls. Why is this scene so sad? I need to watch from the very first episode and I shouldn't have scolded Sky and Jesmon for watching this. *Crying more*

Yukari: *Watching from the portal and crying* Letting go someone you love...

Leiru: *Appears in her dimension* Hey, I just got back from destroying a universe full of Mary Sues and rewriting Parousia45's dreadful past writing skills. *Notices Yukari crying* Yukari, are you alright?

Yukari: Yes Leiru, though I think I heard your creator screaming but I was busy watching those three teenagers watching cartoons, is he alright?

Leiru: Hey, I'm the only person who can kill him so yeah.

Yukari: Of course...*Feels Leiru's embrace*

Leiru: Don't worry, I'll be with you.

Yukari: Thank you...For being with me.
Parousia45 chapter 19 . 6/6
Damn, this is getting interesting and those moments are intense. There are a lot of disturbing things about Shadow Pokemon (Not to mention Colosseum and XD are one of the darkest games, but I haven't played it yet) that sent a shiver down my spine.

Wow, so there are lots of Chosens here. Nearly thirty...Wow, that's a lot and pretty impressive. Also, here are my thoughts about them.

Oh Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokemon anime and will be ten forever. I like him but I hate him in the Unova region and Alola region (Because he is immature during those seasons). I like how you portrayed Ash here and he's more matured and smarter than how the anime handled it. He also grew up now. I ship him with Misty when I started watching the anime but then Serena was introduced and I love her just like how I love Misty...I think I ship them both with Ash.

Pikachu is indeed cute and that's why he is the mascot of the franchise. Though I still prefer Eevee, not hating here since I still like Pikachu because of its good speed and being weak but skilled types. Damn, he nearly died there but he was saved just in time during his death and was revived before his soul left his body...I wonder if making a Pokemon fanfic without Pikachu is a disgrace to Pokemon fanfic...I need to improvise. *Kidnaps Sky and Jesmon by stealing an OCs powers and makes them wear something*

Sky: *Wearing a Pikachu costume* It itches~ *Crying a river*

Jesmon: *Wearing a second Pikachu costume* I want my armor back~ *Crying a river*

Sadic looks like an interesting character. Though I still need to learn more about her.

Mama Tyranitar! Yipee! Well, among Ash's Pokemon, Larvitar is one of the most interesting characters of the anime and I grew so attach to him that I was sadden when they left him. Though he is happy now so it is good but I still want to see him again. Mama Tyranitar returning is cool.

There is one thing I wonder about and that is why people hate Togepi because she ruined Misty's personality. I mean, Togepi is still a baby and she shows how Misty can act like a mother to her but still retains her tomboyish and fiery attitude. I like Togepi and her leaving Misty made me sad. Togetic got nearly killed and her short episode will hunt me in my sleep.

Jirachi the Wish Maker...That movie was one of the Pokemon movies that made me cry a river when I was a kid. Him returning is great and Absol joining is great. He is pretty silly and...Dear Arceus Absol, I thought Celica Mercury (Got lost even with a map, a guide, a GPS, a communicator, and some friends helping her in a distance) was terrible in direction but I didn't realize you're worse, or just as bad, than her.

Onix and Geodude...Wow, you tried to meet your trainer and tried to wake him up because you think he is faking it. Then you got a nurse fired from her job. Nice job breaking it rockheads!

Poor Charizard, he received a child from his mate but lost it when he got teleported away...I don't know whether to cry or not because it is very funny but on the other hand it is tragic. That scene was just messed up and I think that was black comedy. Now he'll be killed if he returns home.

Oh Jigglypuff always drawing on people's faces when they fall asleep from her singing. The joke character of the anime becoming one of the heroes (?) of the world.

Wobbuffet becoming a goth was hilarious. You don't how much I was laughing so hard when he talked and him being a goth takes it to the top. Never realized that and, wow, he's one of the Chosens to save the world.

Corsola and Gyarados, two of my favorite Pokemon from Misty's team. I find them relatable of how they take care of Psyduck. Psyduck is so stupid that he gets himself nearly killed and they're also stuck with a angsty Luvdisc with a missing lover. Being there reminds me of your Alphamon.

Our favorite lesbian couple, kind dinosaur, and the little but bulb are back and old man Scyther is with them...Pokeporn...Damn it Scyther, you should just keep away from Pokeporn you dirty old man! I had PTSD when surfing the net and boom! Pictures of Gardevoir, Lopunny, Lucario, and Greninja...For Digimon, Renamon and Guilmon...I cannot find a good Digimon fanfic involving Renaguil (There are few Gallakuya or Sakuduke) because of this! Seeing Pokeporn again triggered my PTSD T_T

Phanphy is just the cutest and Corphish is hilarious. Though they do become one of the Chosens. Still, pretty much a big responsibility for a kid...Well, we all know there should be a kid in the team for someone to embody innocence in a dark story.

Crap, Shedninja is here and he is a Chosen...This means bad news.

Lugia is here! Yay! I like this Pokemon more than Ho-oh. By the way, while I like Lugia better, I chose HeartGold because Kyogre is there and Lugia can still be caught in the version.

Damn it, that phoenix bitch is here. Not liking her God Complex.

No...No, NOT HIM! Seriously, this guy is sadistic and evil and he'll be one of the Chosens? He can destroy worlds and loves it that he scares me.

I love Mew and Celebi and seeing their friendship might make me think they may be more than just friends. I think my Yuri fanboyism is coming.

I knew Latias and Mewtwo will be among them since they're some of the main characters. While the rest are unsuspecting, these two are predictable. Also, Gardevoir is with them and I find her sympathetic. A shy woman who was separated from her lover and is separated with him again with their mission. Not only that, she is abused and has tons of trust issues because of her experience...Damn, and then I thought I was extremely cruel to Grace.

There is one thing I learned from my OCs and characters from different franchises: Never trust Reality Warpers.

Leiru: Really?

Yukari: How rude~ Teeheehee

I know this is because they're trolls and will do something that will make your wish come true but with a price. Not to mention that they transported the Chosens coincidentally or just in time. Because of this, I don't trust those guys.

By the way, there are lots of characters and knowing from experience that writing stories with several characters is difficult...Wait a minute...Several characters in a dark story...*Remembers Akame Ga Kill, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Blazblue, Mass Effect, Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Neo Genesis Evangelion, and some fanfics of friends and my own* That means anyone can die. So that means I should not get too attached to the characters.

Well, this is getting interesting and Team Rocket (Or Team Cipher, wonder why Ash mistakes it as Team Scyther) is still hilarious even though they're more threatening (Is that a Final Fantasy reference for Meowth's Payday?). Though...James stripping naked...

Gankoomon: Hahaha, he lacks some portions that he requires to be a man.

No Gankoomon, don't!

Gankoomon: Hahaha, Parousia45, you should go on a diet so that you can be a better man like me! *Grabs his suit* BEHOLD! *Stips his clothes and his underwear with a flash hiding his nether regions* THE BODY OF A TRUE MAN!



Jesmon: SENSEI!

Queen (Final Fantasy Type-0): ...Disgusting, does he need to strip?

Gankoomon: Just look at James, he has no muscles and a tiny Phanpy! He also has a pretty face but needs a handsome face like mine! He needs to grow so that he can be a true man like me! Jesmon!

Jesmon: *In fear* Y-yes sensei...

Gankoomon: When we return home, we'll do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km dash to loosen the weight you gained from eating too much brainpower cookies! Bring Sky with you and you'll soon be a man like me and won't be wearing that Pikachu costume anymore! *His flash shining brightly*

Jesmon: AAAHHHHH! *Falls on his back* Yggdrasil...Is that you? I'm not turning into Data, will I die permanently.

Sky: *Flies to Jesmon and holds his body with his forelegs* Jesmon, stay with me! Don't die, there are still more episodes of My Little Pony we need to finish! *Cries more*

Queen: *Folds arms on her chest and facepalms* You guys are overdramatic.

Leiru: ...

Yukari: ...

Leiru: ...Parousia45, you need to return writing your own story. *Materializes a hand made of water out of his portal* You don't want OCs and characters from different franchises to barge in your reviews and comments. *Uses the hand to grab Parousia45 while Yukari makes Sky, Jesmon, Queen, and Gankoomon fall in a portal* I had enough seeing Gankoomon strip and we should find Examon a girlfriend. *Everyone starts to vanish*

Well, that's all for now and I find it great all in all. I think it is one of the best Pokemon fanfic there is and I am not being biased here since I like dark stories. Take care and stay safe! *Disappears into Leiru's portal*
Parousia45 chapter 10 . 6/4
There is one word I can describe the first part of this story: Damn. Just reading the first parts really crushed my heart and what poor Latias has to go through. First Alto Mare got destroyed, then she was thrown away from Oak's estate when Porygon2 removed her data from Omnian (Cool fanmade Pokemon and its design is cool), then witnessed several deaths that includes Ash's Pidgeot that she lost control and accidentally killed everything in rage (Even though it is cliche, it is still one of the most painful cliches), and then got captured by Mary Sue all in a span of a one-shot and eight chapters. Even though she is now free by the ninth chapter, she still met the Ghost King and I knew she'll suffer way worse for the next chapters onward.

Speaking of the Ghost King, he is pretty enigmatic since no one knows what he is and who he is, not even himself. He is a pretty good villain (Judging from your replies to reviews in the Author's Notes, he may be not) and I'm not sure whether to sympathize him or not, just like how Latias screamed at him and he knows it too. He is truthful enough to confess his sins to Latias that shows he does trully love her. And damn, he has a servant that is a huge jerk and I hate Shedninja from his appearance in the one-shot and now I hate him more.

Bayleef is really nice and I didn't realize she'll be Latias' best friend after Alto Mare was destroyed. She accepted about not being able to love Ash because of being a Pokemon and she accepts it and accepted Latias to be her friend. Also, yes, Yuri action for Umbreon and Misdreavus.

Isaac: Oy wawndah whoy ya loike those. Nawt t' maention yah loike Touhou because ih' is full of guhls and shiiep maowst of thaem weeth aych uhthah.

Stop breaking the fourth wall Isaac and you know I'm a Yuri fan. I became one after watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I find Mary Sue boooooring. Can capture any Legendaries with a Master Ball and has unlimited supply of them and she only knows brute force and stupid of having no tactics to fight. Well Mary Sues are really boring and I think it is intentional you named her that because of being boring and can do anything. Still, it is good for Mewtwo to spare her because he did show some Character Development from his movie and a special.

It is nice to see Mewtwo again and he is one of my favorite Pokemon. He is very cool and so far the best character of the story. He did show Ho-oh her place and kicks butt. Also, an ugly Gardevoir for a love interest is cool and I like characters that are ugly in the outside but beautiful in the inside (Not to mention that Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon for Psychic types).

Despite knowing her for one chapter, I dislike Ho-oh already. She thinks she is above all else and has a God Complex. Though even though her past is sad, she doesn't need to be a jerk. Like what from a great manga meant that I'll paraphrased what she said, "Even though life treats you bad, doesn't give you an excuse to do bad things to others". Her God Complex really made her unlikable.

Also, those anime parodies are hilarious. Especially Lu-Gi-Oh. Also, those original cities and states are interesting and Professor Oak doesn't seem that idiotic like how most fans interprete him (Though he show some idiotic qualities but not that much).

There is too much feels trip in this story but I'll finish it to the very end. Also, I make reviews for each part, arc, or when the story is finish.
ivanganev1992 chapter 10 . 8/16/2017
CH 10 that Shaken me much . Time back to the better ALTERNATIVE universe .
ivanganev1992 chapter 8 . 8/16/2017
HERE I'M worried.
ivanganev1992 chapter 6 . 8/16/2017
CH 6 The dark mystery is solved. Now to continue to research .
ivanganev1992 chapter 5 . 8/16/2017
CH 5 PIDGEOT ... YOU ... HER ... AND THIS ...
ivanganev1992 chapter 4 . 8/15/2017
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