Reviews for The Return of the Father
Mad Mav chapter 6 . 8/24
Fucking hell bitch, you like your feminist mindset much? Typical story praising lily and Hermione while also making the men look weak and stupid. Fuck this shit, I’m out.
phngolovely chapter 43 . 7/20
any slim chance that this story will be updated?
Slavish chapter 43 . 7/13
Just to add fuel to the fire... will this ever come back? I know its not likely but just wanted to ask for the sake of asking. Great story though
ijen524 chapter 43 . 7/5
loved it ! shame the fic was never finished
peaceofme chapter 28 . 7/1
My face hurts from smiling. I love your Jameshe's a perfect balance of the arrogant charmer and the traumatized time traveller. The 'James meets the Weasleys' scene was so brilliant. I think this Dumbledore/Harry is one of the best written I've seen. Thank you
Guest chapter 20 . 5/19
Are you ever going to finish this storyyyyy?! I absolutely love it
nolapple chapter 42 . 4/20
Your Writing is great! Loved reading story! Although I like your storytelling especially this chapter made me laugh a lot! Thankskeep writing;)
potterhead182u chapter 43 . 3/30
Realmente são incertas após 10 anos de espera...
BellaK26 chapter 43 . 3/6
I can't wait to read more, I love the story's when James comes back.
mandalsampan53 chapter 40 . 2/29
For one sec I thought that you were going to let Sirius die..
Riley chapter 4 . 2/25
Riley chapter 3 . 2/25
Riley chapter 1 . 2/25
james is alive
Lollo chapter 42 . 2/16
I think it's simply hilarious how protective everyone is of each other
Lollo chapter 37 . 2/16
That asshole, why did he need to torture poor sweet Sirius for, huh?
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