Reviews for Heart With No Companion
Guest chapter 17 . 6h
The story was exceptionally well-written, I loved every moment of it. I fell in love with your Snape and I couldn't get enough of Hermione.. Wonderful storytelling, amazing style, and yet...

Yet, I cannot separate it from the Epilogue, which put me in a horrible state of mind for days.

Such a cruel plot, combined with changing POV, the misleading labeling not mentioning that this story is, in fact, a TRAGEDY, and finally refusing to give the readers any kind of catharsis, locking us in the disgusting world of Lucius's parasite forever.. You masterfully crafted the biggest mind-raping I've experienced on ffnet. I love to hate your story.

Is this the perfect ending? I think some of the readers have already inhaled too much of the parasite's fumes..

Someone obliviate me please...
YasminMoidin chapter 20 . 16h
I cried. I wish there was a better way of complimenting you on the story/plot, but there isn't. This story made me cry in the end. And I suppose that will be the best compliment I could give you. Please write some more.
Hopeful-z chapter 20 . 11/28
I don't mind sad stories as long as they have happy endings, but stories with sad endings never make it to my Favourite list.
But as you said yourself, this story had a sad-happy ending and so I made an exception about it.
Nevertheless I feel the need to tell you that it was due to the course of your story and it's beautiful journey that I liked it. Because I didn't like your ending (neither of them). The first one seemed too rushed and inconsistent, and the second one too sad to be to my liking.

Thank you for a memorable trip
Venefica Riddle chapter 20 . 11/4
Breathtaking, heartbreaking and absolutely wonderful!
Simona Polle chapter 20 . 11/2
this ending is perfect, so t5ragic and so romantic, just like an epic novel. Thanks for writing :)
Lightningeye chapter 20 . 10/28
The hours flew by as irrelevant measurements as I immersed myself in this story. From "Nettie" to the Epilogue I read with such rapt attention that I had not realized I'd reached the end until I felt myself crying. So wonderful was this story: this soothing, wrenching, breathtaking story. Never have I seen this done in Fan Fiction, never I hope will it be seen again-in the very best way I say this as I am not sure I could handle such sweet heartbreak a second time.
The Severus you crafted was as wondrous as ever I've seen, so reticent yet so open: "that man wears his isolation as a shield, and no one seems to want to break through it," I have no words to convey how this resonated with me and stayed in the forefront of my thoughts as I finished this lovely writing.
Hermione...oh that dear silly girl. So heartrending was she in her love and isolation...I cannot hope to find another depiction of a romance between her and Severus that could cause me so much joy and pain.

Thank you for such a wonderful story.
the.interwebs chapter 20 . 10/27
God, I loved this story so much. It made me laugh and cry and it's absolutely perfect. You are an amazing author and this is an amazing story. Truly one of the best I've ever read. Thank you.
Beth chapter 20 . 10/21
This was wonderful. I a good chunk of my day on this. It's lovely. Thank you for taking me on this romantic, happy, marvelous and tragic adventure. You have made me very happy. This has been the best HP fanfic I've read yet. You're a treasure. Thank you.
chuji chapter 20 . 9/3
This is horrible and I cried. Lovely story
Amanthya chapter 2 . 8/19
I don't remember how far I got into this the first time it grabbed my attention. But I never forgot the scene of Severus re-growing Hermione's hair - repairing her dignity despite her unconsciousness. So when I saw the summary, it just seemed to grab me, so I clicked and yep! This is the fic I thought it might be. I'll have to continue with it. : )
Guest chapter 20 . 8/14
it is so sad I want to cry.
Beautiful writing though and lively characters. Please write an happy one next time!
GrinningCat chapter 20 . 8/11
Very well written, I loved your characterization of the protagonists and your OC. The ending made sense, although it was very very bittersweet.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
You write depressing crap. I hope your life is better now.
loving-reader-and-writer chapter 20 . 7/14
You are a terrible person.
I don't mean that of this is a beautiful story. I love it. The ending just makes me so sad I actually cried. Its so touching. I believe that opa amd oma are together too. :)
Guest chapter 20 . 7/11
This was a really really beautiful story, not just the way it was written but also the storyline was so well thought out and creative in an almost JK Rowling worthy way. I read it in one go, and I loved how you portrayed the characters. I was especially chilled by the Azkaban part in Hermione's mind with the tap, and the fact that Percy melted! That was so clever! And even though the ending was really sad, it suited the story well and I really liked how Nettie was speaking as if it was to us. That was hella cool. Thank you for sharing.
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