Reviews for Cold Blooded Murderer
Titania chapter 1 . 9/24/2004
ups.. Seems I overlook this story in the sea of non-Final fantasy 4 stories here...

This is a very good work about an important scene in the game no one ever writes about (at least not from Tellah's point of view). The story was nicely composed and you captured Tellah very well in my opinion. And the way Anna died was very intense, dark and sad. *sniff*

How about writing another story about Tellah's final and (fatal) meeting with Golbez? I'd like to read more about this old man who can curse like a teen!;)I really missed the "Spoony bard" comment, though. On the other hand, it has been used often enough by now, it think.

I'll say it again: Very nice work! I hope to read more from you, soon!

C. R. Carter chapter 1 . 9/18/2004
Damn. There's a bundle of reasons to why I love this, but I'll settle with the most obvious: TELLAH! Never have I seen before a story from Tellah's point of few (Bah! First person, no doubt!), and done so beautifully, might I add. I was almost waiting for him to say "You spoony Bard!", but oh well. ;) I think you told this brilliantly. I had tears in my eyes. Poor Tellah. But he finally gets the justice he deserves, in story form anyway (and we need more Tellah stories). I like that last line; Tellah most certainly will kick some booty. Great job.