Reviews for Mending Dreams
Liem chapter 1 . 9/16/2004
As a personal rule, I don't like to nitpick that much, so I'll get the bad stuff over with first. It really isn't anything, but maybe you should have gone in a little more detail about the modern-day Oniwabanshuu. It's a little confusing for your readers to finally understand-maybe that's just poor, slow me-that this is an AU. Or...did it say that in your summary? o_0 Well then, let's just ignore that.

I think your writing is good, and flows along well. I enjoyed waiting in suspense until Aoshi finally explained WHY he was kissing that woman in the first place. Well, maybe not SUSPENSE. But it was fun to find out what he meant when he said: "She is dead." I was going: Um...dead? From personal experience, writing on whims is both a good and bad idea. So if you read over the things you write on a whim, and they soung good, go ahead! Oftentimes the stories that are written like that are usually really good. Sometimes though, not all ideas are GOOD ideas. Even now I must ramble. -_- Ja,

riot-o-curls chapter 1 . 9/16/2004
haha! what a lovely fic. don't worry, the characters don't seem ooc. in fact, i feel sorry for the ice boy now though. i'm thinking he's regretting his confession. it's a great start for your first fic, full of humor. i can't wait for more!
InfinityFinality chapter 1 . 9/15/2004
Hehe The ending was amusing. I love the way you presented this. The beginning was VERY sad, but through the story the mood changed and it was really cool! For being written on a whim this is awesome! Keep up the good work!