Reviews for Project: Mermaid
LiMiYa chapter 3 . 9/23/2004
An interesting start to your story. Who is 'Leos'? And why was that other guy fighting him? I'll be watching for further chapters to your story.
Mhna chapter 3 . 9/17/2004
This chapter was ALOT better! I was actually trying to figure out WHAT WAS GOING ON, until you cliffhung me! ;_; you big MEANIE!

Twas a good chapter, UPDATE, BITCH! Jp jp!



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Mhna chapter 2 . 9/17/2004
O.O wow. Short.

Very short. And there were typos, things like capitalization was not done, periods, but I like the way the story is going. Think of this as constructive criticism, gray. It seemed as though it was hurried, and finished abruptly, but I am catching on to the plot! Do continue this story, and make sure you give the viewers a bit more to read.

Besides that, it's all gravy!


[[making my mark... one step at a time...]]
Mhna chapter 1 . 9/17/2004
la la la la!

Greetings, Gray! It is I! jp jp, let me pull down the trouncing act. Great fic so far, it has my attention, so that's a good thing, not a bad one! Your plot is well though out, and I think this story will go places. It was kind of short, BUT nothing the imagination won't fix. I am a matrix fan, so that's a plus for you! Keep it up, and good luck!

-[[making my mark... one step at a time...]]

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