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damn it chapter 14 . 6/9/2013
I am going racist because of this story.

FUCKIN CATS AND DOGS (and Americans)!
anais dunsby chapter 8 . 4/12/2013
you mentioned at one point in chapter 8 that snape isnt good at charms,which is canonically wrong i have gone to the canon wikipedia site of harry potter and copied all of snapes magical skills displayed in the books.

Dark Arts: Severus had a passion for the Dark Arts from a young age, and was especially talented with curses. During his schooldays, he invented numerous spells. His love for the Dark Arts pushed him as far as requesting the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts since his first job application at Hogwarts, but did not occupy this post until 1996. When he did claim this post, he professed to his students about the Dark Arts in an "almost loving" manner. Snape was the only Death Eater who was able to perform a patronus.

Potioneer: Severus was incredibly adept at potion-making and worked as the Potions Master at Hogwarts for about 15 years. As with the Dark Arts, his prowess at potion-making extended beyond simple execution from recipes. When he was still only a student, he would alter official instructions with his own variations, which usually resulted in quicker and more efficient results. He was one of the few people capable of brewing highly complicated potions such as Veritaserum and the Wolfsbane Potion.

Occlumency and Legilimency: Snape's unerring ability to conceal his thoughts and feelings from external penetration proved to be crucial for him. For seventeen years, he managed to hide facts from Lord Voldemort such as his remorse for Lily Evans' death and his secret alliance with Albus Dumbledore; it was his mastery of hiding his mind that made both sides distrust him. Snape was also skilled at Legilimency; Harry Potter often felt as if Snape had the ability to read minds even before learning what the art was. Snape used Legilimency on Harry constantly while attempting to teach him Occlumency in their private lessons.

Transfiguration: Severus was highly skilled in Transfiguration, being able to conjure objects and animals, vanish potions and Transfigure elements into other objects with apparent ease.

Charms: Snape could use charms without fail, such as levitation, disarming, shields, the incredibly difficult Patronus Charm and he was able to write instructions on a black board with a single flick of his wand.

Snape in a duelling demonstration during the first meeting of the Duelling Club.
Duelling: Although he rarely appeared in any known duels Snape was shown to be an very capable duellist. He was able to block the spells being fired at him by the extremely powerful witch Minerva McGonagall during their brief duel, though was forced to flee by the arrival of the other Heads of House. He assisted in a duelling club in 1992 with Gilderoy Lockhart, defeating him with a single spell, though Lockhart seems to have been poor at magic meaning this was not such a great achievement. Snape also easily blocked all of Harry Potter's hexes during his escape from the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, using Legilimency to read Harry's attempted moves and countered them all before they could be executed. Severus participated in the Battle of the Seven Potters, joining the Death Eaters' side (though secretly attempted to protect the Order).
Spell creation: As a student at Hogwarts, Severus was very inventive with new spells. Some of the spells he created were Sectumsempra, healing spell Vulnera Sanentur, Langlock, Muffliato, the non-verbal Levicorpus and its counter-curse, Liberacorpus, the last two somehow became common knowledge around the school. It is unknown what thoughts and techniques Snape puts into the creations but it seems it did not need much besides knowing the meaning of Latin phrases and using them as the Incantation.

Flight: Severus could fly without the use of a broom or any help whatsoever. The only other known wizard that was able to do this was Lord Voldemort himself (who is likely to have passed down this skill to Snape personally).

Non-verbal and wandless magic: Snape was adept at using non-verbal spells, from the most basic uses (such as instruction-writing on blackboards and cleanups) to the most advanced (such as combat curses). Snape was also skilled at performing wandless magic, such as rope conjuring, counter-jinxing and memory extraction. (Although counter-jinxing does not require explicitly the use of a wand, relying instead on direct eye contact, conjuring and memory extraction are more often depicted to take place with the help of a wand.)
Furionknight chapter 38 . 4/30/2012
I look forward to more :)
Blouta chapter 3 . 3/19/2009
Hmm, its getting interesting. So im guessing the girl he talked to over ice cream was Ginny?
Blouta chapter 2 . 3/19/2009
Ok, i've decided that Im going to review everychapter, or most of them, to add to your reviews. :)

So who's the woman and her kid?
Wolvi chapter 38 . 3/22/2008
*sigh*... will you ever (please!) continue this?
ave chapter 38 . 7/11/2007
This story is wonderful. I really like it. I hope you update soon! Ave
wynnleaf chapter 37 . 6/12/2007
I've somehow missed reading the last few chapters and am catching up. Interesting to see Emmaline and Snape's relationship. I would think Snape's temperament would make it very difficult for him to deal with a person in depression, because he's not particularly good at curbing his comments. And he has this edge of anger or bitterness, such that even if he could watch his words, the underlying feeling would still be there and the other person would probably pick it up.

Andrew seems like the adolescent who wants to sort of "parent" his parent, and he's probably had to at times what with Emmaline's ongoing depression. But that's pretty problematic when it comes to interacting with the other adults in her life who are treating his mother like an adult.
cckeimig chapter 38 . 6/9/2007
Oh, man! What a night to catch up to you! Now I have to wait for the next chapter to be posted in order to see what happens next...Brilliant story so far, btw.
cckeimig chapter 34 . 6/9/2007
Grinning fit to split my face here. Loved it!
cckeimig chapter 32 . 6/9/2007
FINALLY! It's about time she confessed to having been raped. And I love that the boys overheard and are going to take it upon themselves to do the blood test...
cckeimig chapter 27 . 6/9/2007
I love how you're making Draco start to unfreeze.

And the blossoming jealousy of Sev for Kenneth is priceless there at the end...
Holly Ilex chapter 38 . 6/9/2007
I was told of this story just yesterday (6/8/07) and read it straight through.

Damn, it's good...and

Damn, where's the next chapter?

I don't know how often you post, but I'll keep checking everyday for chapter 39...40...41...etc.


FF system isn't sending out alerts very well these days; my buddy MD got notice of my 'latest' chapter 10 days AFTER it was posted, so I'll keep checking myself!
bugslife chapter 38 . 6/8/2007
I have a bad feeling about that meeting. hopefully their protective armor works.
cecelle chapter 38 . 6/8/2007
Very suspenseful - everyone getting ready in their own way for the show down, getting up their defenses, both mental and physical...

No, Severus would obviously be less than pleased to see Emmaline going and putting herself in harm's way!
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