Reviews for A Little Faith
ReganX chapter 1 . 9/20/2004
Anya as the mother? Poor Faith, she's going to be traumatised for life.

This has the potential to be really funny.
silvi-hc chapter 2 . 9/19/2004
whua, I love it Love IT! I have tried to find some Angel/Anya for ages but alass. Anyway I am so happy that Angel is the father. But isnt anyone asking where faith is? or has she been dumped in another dimension? How about the curse? has it been nullified? not that that is really important. I love the fact that within Faith is still so faith - and poor her with all the pink stuff. Whats her name anyway - the baby? Do they know that its faith inside? Cant wait to read more, update soon! ::cheers::
PassionateDarkness chapter 2 . 9/19/2004
So unexpected but so wonderful! I love this!
Angels9thFantasy chapter 1 . 9/19/2004
I am loving it. Oh, and thanks a ton for the shout out. Never got one of those before. Anyway update soon, because I want to read people's reviews after they discover who the father is. That is always half the fun! I like the part with the pencil. It reminded me of that one BTVS episode. Really glad you did Angel Investigations. I could imagine Faith losing her mind because of all the is just me, though.

Please, update soon must read more! -_-
PassionateDarkness chapter 1 . 9/19/2004
Does Anya know that it's Faith? Does anyone know? IS SPIKE THE FATHER? Omg I love this! If you hadnt taken it i would have and we all know how bad me taking up seventeen stories is and wow im babbling! I'll stop now and just tell you to update asap!
silvi-hc chapter 1 . 9/19/2004
Love it please continue. I hope the Father isnt Xander and that you keep Angel in it. Well I would like Angel to be the father considering the type of relationship he use to have with her (Faith I mean) but I dont know if that would actually fit with the be fun though: to read about him and Anya driving him up the walls worse then Spike - all depends on what you got plans for this fic. The whole Angel angle is because he is my nr 1 character whom I love and adore and really the only fics I read are the onse with him in them, but even if he isnt the one I will continue to read this also I think this is really interesting. So far what youve got is writen well and so though I dont have enough to comment on the whole thing only that please continue with this and soon! ::cheers::
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