Reviews for Parenting Class
JayRaniSaroja chapter 38 . 11/20
Maybe you could do a parenting class in the marauders' era? That would be fun. With James, Lily and maybe Snape? And Remus with his furry little problem, that would be hard to cope with. Poor traumatized little boy. And Sirius with his abusive home life. It would be so interesting. If you do it though, could you not make it a Remus/Sirius fic? I don't really like those. Best wishes! Saroja
annapsarudaki chapter 38 . 11/16
Wow! That was so funny and entertaining! Have you written a sequel?
Little Harry was my favourite!
annapsarudaki chapter 35 . 11/16
PoorHarry and Draco! Hermione really is a nasty piece of work!
Lolipop chapter 38 . 11/10
I hate you for finishing this surfing the web for the sequel right now.
annapsarudaki chapter 22 . 10/31
"Butterscotch the destroyer!"
annapsarudaki chapter 21 . 10/31
Oh my god, so funny!
Stacey's Universe chapter 35 . 10/27
Sorry to point this out and spoil the fun here

Tampons are in NO Way sticky...
The lady towels are
I hope this doesn't ruin things but I thought it should be pointed out..

Um, if you want to write me back
Stacey's universe is my pen name
Guest chapter 4 . 10/26
I love how I know everything that happens from this chapter to like around hermione’s child time simply because of how many times I’ve read and re-read this amazing story.
Stacey's Universe chapter 17 . 10/24
Hiya, just wondering if either it's another way of spelling it or if anyone pointed it out that I it's meant to be 'fairy' tale story?
Honestly I like the spelling you've used but I just wanted to ask anyway

Just asking, not intentionally trying to burn

Stacey's universe
Stacey's Universe chapter 10 . 10/24
Ooh I love to hate pansy, I really don't like her... I didn't like her in the books and this just makes it clear that she knows how to manipulate people and get her own way...
And yet she acts all innocent and sweet...
Oh I'm looking forward to reading onwards
Stacey's Universe chapter 7 . 10/23
Just wanted to say I'm loving the story... And loving that Ginny has confessed her love for Harry...
I still don't know what relationship pairs I like... But Harry and Ginny are among the ones I like :-)
Stacey's Universe chapter 3 . 10/22
Hiya um...
I'm assuming that this is an AR/AU?
Only asking cos in 6th year (hbp) Snape was the defence against the dark arts teacher... Not the potions teacher?
I just thought I'd bring it up... Not intentionally trying to burn

Pm me Stacey's universe
Guest chapter 38 . 10/22
Favorite child:
ShipQueen54321 chapter 38 . 10/20
A B and and C
Now if u excuse me I have to read this again
ShipQueen54321 chapter 35 . 10/20
Whhhhhhhhhya You guys need to watch her more
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