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The Mirror Moon chapter 14 . 4/19/2018
That your updates will be sporadic? Fuck, but you're taking more than a decade. I have enjoyed these stories as you have no idea, reading them was like hearing a choir of angels, and yet, you stop at the best part u.u.
I hope and pray to God that one day you will finish it. You write precious.
Pfunkmalfunkshuning chapter 8 . 12/22/2015
Van Helsing 3: The Fallen Chapter 6: Still Fighting the Good Fight, a van helsing fanfic FanFiction

Disclaimer: The characters and concepts in this story pertaining to the movie Van Helsing are the property of Stephen Sommers. This is an amateur writing effort and no money was made off the writing and or posting of this story.

Warning: The first two paragraphs of this chapter involve a child's corpse. I tried to be vague, but I would like to warn anyone who might be disgusted by that sort of thing.

Chapter 6: Still Fighting the Good Fight
Elizabeth Bathory held the young girl's throat. Thirteen years old and already the sweet Italian child was flawlessly beautiful. She had long chestnut curls and large green eyes, ones that spoke of a wisdom unnatural to such an age. It was not the unspoken intelligence the girl possessed that Elizabeth was taken with, however. She was much more concerned with the gorgeous features, the smooth skin and wonderful complexion.

She dropped the body to the ground. The angelic child lay on the floor of her bedroom as if asleep, staring soundlessly into the corners of the room with widened eyes. Elizabeth looked over at the large bed she had taken the child from, watching her younger brother sleep peacefully, dreaming of secrets. She walked away quickly, not hungry for a man's blood after the feast at the Vatican. Too much testosterone made her sick.

She approached the window slowly, but stopped short. Something was wrong. She could no longer hear the heavy breathing of her thralls. The emptiness of her world consumed her suddenly. Just minutes ago she could no longer feel Dorotta, but now her mindless servants were missing, something that made her feel very disconnected.

There was a sudden crack as the window shattered. The small boy sat upright in bed as the grappling hook shot right past Elizabeth and into the wall. Within seconds, Gabriel Van Helsing was at the window sill, and he had already thrown a silver stake into Elizabeth's breast.

"I thought we determined that this didn't work," she said, unamused, fumbling with the stake helplessly. Her hands moved over it too quickly to get a good grip on it. She sniffed it. Gabriel had covered the surface of the stake in lamp oil. She looked up just as he pulled the trigger of one of his pistols. The glass bullet struck her breastbone and ignited the oil.

Elizabeth transformed so quickly it was a blur. The boy in the bed had already made a run for the door, but with one flap of her wings, Elizabeth had him in her arms. She grabbed hold of his head and wrapped her arm around his body, pinning him to her chest.

"Do you want more innocent blood on your hands tonight Gabriel?" she demanded, her fangs just hovering over the boy's throat. The child was hyperventilating, his eyes staring at the dark figure that had entered his bedroom from the window.

Gabriel kept the pistol trained on her, aiming at her face. Her jaw tightened.

"I want you to release them."

"Never!" She hissed. "The Knights of the Holy Order deserve what they have been given! As do you!"

"Than I'm willing to make a trade," he said loudly. "I'll come willingly; just release them and the boy."

Elizabeth was quiet, her bright red eyes staring menacingly at Gabriel. The boy was whimpering softly under her hands as her teeth moved over his throat, leaving stinging pink flesh in their wake. Gabriel wasn't sure what she was doing, but she was probably considering his offer. She hadn't bitten the boy, but she hadn't released him either.

"You'll come willingly?" she clarified, still threateningly close to the child's throat.

There was a beat. Gabriel nodded softly. "Yes."

"And you'll descend into darkness freely?"

Another beat. He nodded again. "Yes."

She was seriously considering it now, silently deliberating the cost and reward of their deal. They were frozen together, at an impasse with one another. The hunter had his gun aimed at her face. She felt her skin crawl at the thought of something striking her precious skin besides blood.

"Drop your weapon," she commanded.

"Release the child," he answered, just as demanding as she. Elizabeth loosened her grip but kept the boy within her grasp.

"I said drop your weapon, Gabriel." She opened her mouth over the boy's neck, unfolding her wings until they nearly surrounded her and the boy in a cocoon. Gabriel took a deep breath, watching as she bit down slowly on the boy's throat and closed her wings.

Defeated, he threw the gun to the ground.

Elizabeth laughed, opening her wings again. A small amount of blood trickled down the boy's chest. Tears moved down his cheeks slowly. Gabriel watched him, the guilt consuming him in thick, impenetrable waves that slowly suffocated him. The vampire kept her arms around the child.

"Now," she said, "Prove your loyalty to me." She pushed the child towards him. "Kill him."

The boy started to sob.

"Kill him and I'll release the Vatican," she said, pushing the boy closer to him. Gabriel stared at the small boy, barely eight years old, standing just a few feet away from his dead sister. He looked from the child to the Countess. Elizabeth's eyes were narrowed in anger, waiting for him to do something other than just stand there. "Do it." She commanded again. "Kill the child, save the church. Allow the child to live, destroy all of human kind. This one boy, the boy of two peasants who will amount to nothing no matter what the fairy tales say, is the balance between of life itself. And all you have to do is drink from him."

There was nothing he could say. The boy was sobbing, screaming out for someone to help him. Elizabeth could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She turned back to the door and with a sweeping motion of her hand, it slammed of its own accord, locking the parents out.

"Tick tock, Gabriel," she said quickly, transforming back into her human form. Blood still dripped from her face from her bath in the girl's blood. Gabriel took the boy by his shoulder. The child kicked and screamed as he was yanked forward to the hunter. Gabriel lowered, grabbing both the child's hands together and pulling his head to one side. There was frantic knocking on the door and Italian voices screaming for their son. But all Gabriel could hear was the throbbing of the boy's vein, the beating of his heart.

"I can read the character of a man by the sound of his heart beat," Dracula's voice echoed in his mind. Gabriel understood what the Count had meant as he stared longingly at the boy's throat. His throat felt dry and his stomach felt empty, as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. The heart beat was so rapid it sounded like a hum rather than a beating sound he was used to.

"Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock Gabriel. I'm losing patience. Just do it. Do it for me, Gabriel."

He felt his teeth sharpen, his eyes burning like flames as the blood colour swallowed them up, and suddenly he found his face moving closer and closer to the boy's neck.

Elizabeth was consumed with the sight as she wiped the blood off her face and into her mouth. She felt every pore fill with the beautiful liquid and suck it from her skin. She watched as her hungry thrall opened his mouth, his fangs just stubs in his mouth. They were hardly fit for adults, but the boy's soft skin they would pierce quite well.

In one swift movement, Gabriel pushed the boy behind his back and he grabbed his pistol out of his coat. Elizabeth screeched, jumping up and through the ceiling as a slew of Van Helsing's bullets flew to where she had once been standing. He ran to where she had taken flight and aimed upwards, looking off into the sky. There was nothing but stars above him, the blue moonlight cascading down on his face. Angrily, he turned and walked back to the window, picking up his pistol before turning back towards the child. The boy shrunk back to the bed from the sight of Van Helsing.

Gabriel never forgot the look in that boy's eyes. That shocked expression that he found only on the victims of vampires, the same expression his sister had, and the very same as Anna's face when she died.

"Have you ever killed anyone?" Shadow asked him, pulling the thick cigarette from her large lips. Gabriel shook his head, pulling his coat tighter around him as the chill of the desert passed over him again. During the day he was too hot, especially when he was out of the sun. However, when night fell, he was shivering even with his coat on. Shadow seemed oblivious to this though, having lived in and around the desert her whole life.

"Anyone or anything?" he replied, wanting her to clarify.

"Anyone," she said, "anyone innocent."

The question caught him off guard. He looked away from her and into the fire they had built outside the caravan for dinner. Silently, he thought about the question, wondering if that was true.

Shadow waited patiently, running her fingers through the sand. She took another drag on the cigarette and offered it to him. Gabriel shook his head.

"Those things will kill you," he said. Shadows shrugged and took another puff, blowing smoke rings in the air.

"You're avoiding the question," she said.

Gabriel smiled softly, looking away from the fire to the blanket of stars that moved overhead. He shook his head finally.

"No," he said. "I've never killed an innocent person."

Shadow sighed, blowing another cloud of smoke into the air. It moved upwards into the sky and vanished almost immediately, leaving behind the scent of burning herbs and leaves. She smiled softly.

"I don't think it's possible," she said finally. "I think everyone's guilty of something. Even those who can't remember what they're guilty of."

Gabriel turned back to face her, but Shadow had already gotten up and walked away.
Van Helsing 3: The Fallen Chapter 7: The Storm Breaks, a van helsing fanfic FanFiction

Disclaimer: The characters and concepts in this story pertaining to Van Helsing are the property of Stephen Sommers. This is an amateur writing effort.
Pyromania101 chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
Wanna know what's funny? Elizabeth was never officially arrested or tried. Thurzo wanted her lands, and knew that the Hungarian king would get them if Elizabeth was tried and found guilty, which she would be, given the amount of evidence. So instead, he put her servants on trial. All but one of them were executed, and Thurzo got her lands and divided them up among the other nobles and himself, deciding to simply leave Elizabeth to rot in her castle. She committed suicide a few years later.
angel de acuario chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
Actualisa pronto , tu Fic esta interesante .
bluedragon1836 chapter 14 . 8/15/2008
dude, I'm hooked! And you're not going to finish it? What? You can't leave me hanging like this! Please finish it! Please *falls on knees* Please!
Celtic Aurora chapter 14 . 12/6/2007
Wow...this story is amazing! I love it!

I never thought about it, but Elizabeth Bathory would definately make a perfect foe for Gabriel! I've heard a little bit about her...she definately could be a vampire!

Again, I really liked it! Please continue it!

night nurse chapter 14 . 12/5/2006
why didnt you finished the story?
Takeno no Hikari chapter 14 . 6/29/2006
You do realize balverines are essentialy werewolves right? or are you using them differently in this great storyZ?
Trinity Van Helsing chapter 13 . 3/25/2006
Hope you Get Back to wrighting soon I can't wate for the next chapter .
Trinity Van Helsing chapter 14 . 3/25/2006
Hay It's me I hope you haven't given up on this story it's the bome and I hope to read the next chapter soon
otakugal15 chapter 14 . 1/29/2006
Dude! I hope you update soon! I don't think I reviewed any in the last story. I was trying to catch up and I was done with it before I knew it. So I had started on this one. Both of your stories are freakin' awesome! AH! I so wanna see Mina kick Elizabeth's ass. But, what's Gabriel gonna do about Mina after what Michael said? Merg!

By the way, are you into manga? 'Cause there's a manga series out called Angel Sanctuary and it has all the hierarchy and such and craziness. You might like it...if you can look past an incestual relationship...oo;
Trinity Van Helsing chapter 14 . 7/19/2005
I Can't waite to read the next Chapiter it helps me stay in controle of my life.
xImmortalx chapter 14 . 6/7/2005
oh ok, i got it now. i get confused with all the angels and everything; i can never remember which one is which and all that junk.

o, smart job carl. i was almost proud of him for a minute, actually hitting what he was aiming for. lol.

keep writing, update soon!
Zerli chapter 7 . 6/2/2005
A few notes concerning travel and distances in 19th century Europe:

From Rome to San Marino is a distance of roughly 150 km in a straight line. However, the Apenine Mountains stand in the way and it would be an area lacking roads at this point of time. A man on horseback, travelling on known roads of the time and doing his best, would need a hard day of riding to make that distance.

From San Marino to the closest port on Croatian coast, probably Pula, is another 150 km. Sailing ships can cover this distance in half a day, provided wind is favorable and it is a fast ship.

From Pula on the coast to the nearest Transylvanian border is a journey of over 600 kilometers. Roads are bad throughout most of the area, although part of the trip can be quickened by using the rail. Assuming the traveler can manage to find trains covering half the needed distance (generous assumption!) it is still a good three days to destination.

If, however, our hero wanted to take the maritime route, his ship can sail from San Marino, down through the Adriatic Sea, into Mediterranean, past the south end of Greece, into Ionian Sea, past the Straits, and into the Black Sea. Reaching the Black Sea port of Varna, the traveler then has another day of riding on bad roads until he reaches the edges of Transylvania. This in addition to 4 days spent sailing on a VERY fast ship.

Anyway, there is no way a 19th century traveler could go from Rome, Italy, to Transylvania, Romania, in under 4 days.

As a side note, there were few if any Hungarian sailors in the Adriatic or anywhere else for that matter. The sailing ships in the Adriatic Sea had primarily Italian and Croatian crews. Hungary is a land-locked nation which never had a naval tradition. Individual exceptions are of course possible but an entire ship crewed by Hungarians is more of a historical fiction then anything else.

All that being said, I am just nitpicking. I like your story and I am looking forward to reading more.
Kmia chapter 14 . 4/25/2005

Hey its me again and I still believe that you should post your fictionpress account because some of us who like you work want to read edgetheo and I am one of them ... you should call me when you get this and I am head ten hours out of town tommorow and I have to work tonight... I LOVE VAN HELSING by the way and I do you love your work but I never really have time to read all of it and I am running for 200 reviews for you because we all know that you are just that good... anyone who hasn't read any of her stuff should RIGHT NOW!,, I mean it GET OFF YOUR FANNIES AND READ IT THIS VERY MINUITE I AM RIGHT NOW AND SO SHOULD YOU! AND IF YOU WISH TO DONATE TO THE I"VE LOST MY KIDNEY FOUNDATION which is part of the urban LEGEND society please donate to this address...6 thirteenth street Elm city postal code: h6el9p Ontario Canada ...Thank YOU... LUV YOU
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