Reviews for Neon Genesis Evangelion: Altered Destinies
Traitor of All Traitors chapter 43 . 9/29
Will what happened in their nightmares be what they aim to prevent from actually happening?
KeilynLocke chapter 42 . 6/28
I was never a fan of how this show played out, in the least. I am honestly really enamored with the changes you've made thus far. I hope you continue with this one.
Guest chapter 42 . 5/18
This is a very different continuity. It's also a very good one, really like how the characters develop, though I do wish we knew more of why Shinji hates Gendo, is it just abandonment issues or more? Good job and keep it up.
Blitzstrahl chapter 42 . 5/17
Well damn, Years in between updates and no Authors Note, letting us know your ok?
Traitor of All Traitors chapter 42 . 5/16
It's official. I'm lost here. My understanding of this story went downhill after awhile. Here's what I do understand:
1) Shinji's a girl in this.
2) Misato and Ritsuko are a couple.
3) Rei singed the opening song to Serial Experiments Lain.
4) Shinji saved Toji's sister during the Third Angel attack.
5) Shinji defeated the Fifth Angel with one shot.
6) Gendo decides not to seek a fourth pilot due to his understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Beyond these, I'm lost here.
BloodStasis chapter 42 . 5/16
Nice work. Can't wait for the next one
James Birdsong chapter 41 . 1/13
This is a good story
Traitor of All Traitors chapter 41 . 1/11
It’s been such a long time that I’ve lost understanding of the plot as far as Shinji being a girl and Ritsuko and Misato being a couple.
Traitor of All Traitors chapter 40 . 4/8/2019
It’s been too long since I last read this. I can’t make heads or tails of this, anymore, and I read this first on the Shoujo-ai site before it went down.
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