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Dark Inu Fan chapter 12 . 12/10/2004
good chapter. my younger sibling is currently bothering me, so I can't think of a really good thing to say, so... I'll go by the standby: good chapter and keep up the good work, dark
Dark Inu Fan chapter 11 . 12/3/2004
this is such an interesting story so far. I thought that kurt's father was a count from the old world, not a demon. aside from that, keep up the good work and I will keep reading! dark
Gryphon124 chapter 11 . 12/3/2004
I beg you, don't beg for reviews. But I feel I should give you one anyway. I can't wait for another update (soon please?), this is one of the best stories I've read here. Interesting events happening at the end of this chapter, cliffhanger and what not. Yeah, I ain't good at reviews, so keep up the good work and write your heart out! (not literally) Oh, and has Logan ever called kurt a "blue squirell" other than in your story? Just curious.
anony chapter 11 . 12/2/2004
I like it! I review it! Continue it!
ldypebsaby chapter 10 . 11/8/2004
How could you stab Rouge? She did sound cool with wings though... Poor Kurt... Update soon
wickedshenanigans chapter 10 . 11/6/2004
Frightening, indeed. Azazel and Azrael, that's confusing, simply cos they look the same at first glance. I wouldn't have realised they were different if not for your AN. I realise that you mixing the verses means there's a lot I don't really get, having only seen evo myself, but I'll bear with ya :). Poor Roguey, more weirdness going down, but seems to be on the way to explaining itself a lil! Until next time.
wickedshenanigans chapter 9 . 10/24/2004
Missed another update, curses. I'm still confused a bit, were you sorta mixing the 'verses by accident or something? Pyro was funny as usual, him and Wanda make a slightly frightening pair. Are you going too show what happens to the BH? Oh well, see ya soon anyway.

UniAniGi chapter 9 . 10/22/2004
Wah! Short chapter! Grr... But considering the fact that you updated only after a short period of time, I'll let you get away with it. P

Haha... Rogue zoning out. Even with all those other psyches in her head, she can still manage to get lost in her own thoughts. Wow, that's quite a feat. XD Hey, when did Rogue absorb Logan anyway? Meh, I'll just assume it happened off screen somewhere.

Hehehe... air walkin' Kitty. She already knows how to walk on air, she did it in Dark Horizon I, and only fell 'cause she got startled by the freaky looking statue. Unless of course the event you mentioned took place beforehand, before she mastered that particular aspect of her powers.

Well, yeah... why would Rogue tell Kurt the whole truth? What is she gonna say? "Ah'm sorry 'bout ya killin' yoah girlfriend's brothah. Oh, and by th' way. Did ya know that yoah dad's th' devil incarnate?" I bet Kurt'd love that. XD Would it be too annoying if I wrote Rogue’s accent like that for an entire fic?

Whoo... some more Rogue/Remy interaction, even if it's of the tense, accusatory kind. Nice touch there with the exploding card, it's quite the contrast from her reaction in "Day of Reckoning". D Did Rogue see what cards Remy was looking at before he smashed it/blew it to bits? How far was Remy from the door where Rogue was? If it was about a dozen feet away, and she still saw the suit and the face of the cards, wow, she must have pretty good vision, or Remy has very large cards. XD Hmm... but either way, me thinks nothing good can come of Rogue seeing Remy making the deck of cards go boom.

Some of what Remy said to Rogue may have gotten cut off. More specifically, this line:

Chuckling slightly, the Cajun retorted “In N'Awlins when I was watchin', y' came to me, chere.&rdquo

I was wondering if it may have been something important to warrant Rogue stalking away. But if nothing's missing, well... isn't she ever the touchy person? XD

Whoo... As if that wasn’t long enough, now on to responding to the review response! _

You think I'm unbelievable? Aww, I'm so touched. *sniffle*

Why wouldn't Morph like Rogue? Is it 'cause he's jealous 'cause she can take powers while all he does is turn into people? Heh, or maybe it's something as obscure as her insulting his mother. XD And are we talking Exiles Morph, Age of Apocalypse Morph, or the Morph from X-men: TAS? Meh, mayhaps it doesn't matter. 0_o Heh, if Mystique were indeed put into a coma for more than a month, don't you think that Rogue would still have the Juggernaut's powers, considering how long she held on to him? Besides, who says that Rogue was still holding on to Mystique during the whole memory viewing process? Also, the way Rogue's powers work isn't always that consistent in the show, sometimes it takes a mere touch to knock someone unconscious, and at others, it takes quite a long time.

There's a chance I might visit my cousins during winter break, if my grandma decides to pay for the airfare. XD

You might want the site with the transcripts for future reference, just in case you want to include more comicverse stuff and not have it interfere with evo-verse continuity. Let's try it this way... 3 ws then a dot, followed by: mcskinsDOTcom/xme/indexDOThtml, with of course "." replacing "DOT". It's been the saving grace of quite a few XME writers, and I plan to use it for reference myself, when I finally start writing. XD

Now on to Pyro’s powers! I think it would take up too much space if I just copied and pasted a breakdown of his powers, so here’s the link: 3ws DOTmarveldirectoryDOTcom/individuals/p/pyroDOThtm It doesn’t say a thing about whether or not his fire is waterproof. *pouts* And if the links don’t work, I shall email it to you! Dun-dun-duun!

Your fire season is worse? How so? Last year’s was the absolute worse. Fires in the hills on three sides, the closest being within two to three miles. And the smoke, ugh… it was absolutely terrible. The stuff was everywhere, even inside the house, and at school. They even had to close down the school for a day or two, it was so bad. But at least it turned the sky, clouds, and the sun pretty colors. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of it. This year there weren’t that many fires, but floods. 0_o

You leave clothes outside? *Gasp* I guess your Redbacks are sorta like our own Black Widows. Haha, but ours has a cooler name than yours. P

Yes, yes! Draw that picture of Pyro in his traditional Aussie garb! And yes, although red is an effective term for Wanda’s hair, scarlet is even more so. XD

Don’t we all just love the unexplained? Sometimes explaining things just takes too much out of you. ~_

Ah, that got me thinking, it would be hilarious if Kitty just came out and told everyone that she’s a lesbian. Hah, imagining the shocked looked on all their faces would be priceless. Kitty’s probably the person they’d least expected it from.

And one little nitpick. Please decide whether or not you want Rogue to say “Ah
Ziggeh Mantranoodle chapter 8 . 10/21/2004
As much as I like St. John, could ya please bring on some Rogue/Remy fluff or even bickering? lol Great story, by the way.
UniAniGi chapter 8 . 10/20/2004
Yay for random insanity that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot! It's even better that it's Pyro causing the insanity. Ah, I wuv the Evo writers for making him into a mentally deranged pyromaniac. _

*Gasp* The heaps of Aussie lingo are overwhelming! Waah! Must like, totally retaliate with tons of stereotypical SoCal slang, like, whatever! Or not, I tend to avoid it when I can. Heh, and I'm not particularly good at writing it either. XD Hmm... perhaps it would be a good idea to consult you on how to write proper Aussie lingo whenever I write Pyro. Meh, it sure as heck beats racking up the phone bill by calling my cousins who live in Toowoomba. XD

Alrighty then, back to the fic!

*Gasp* A flaming rabbit that can sustain itself even in rain! Man, waterproof fire, what will they think of next? That'd be one heck of a pain during fire season over here. Yes, we have a lovely fire season in which the hills all spontaneously burst into flames. Umm, I may be overexageratting that just a teeny tiny bit. XD Darn you, now I have to go and look up whatever the heck Pyro's wearing to see what it looks like. Grr... And I thought you guys only checked your shoes for spiders. Guess I was wrong! Oh, by the way, Wanda's hair is black, she dyes the bottom part red. P

When does your melancholic psyche return from vacation anyway? I wouldn't be surprised if it was on a permanent vacation. Ah, how I love making something out of nothing. Which I happened to do plenty of in my last review. _ I am not a sick puppy, I am a prude! It's not my fault you construe "all his glory" to mean that he's nude. XP

Ah, twitchy fingers. Do you have the qwerty keyboard or a different one? Meh, even if it is, I'll assume that the shift and the return/enter key are in the same position, which means you hit the shift key with your right hand. Me, I use the one on the left side with my left pinky, 'cause I'm cool like that. Nah, it's 'cause I'm left-handed. XD

Lesee, lesee... now how to fix this? Hrmm... It appears that Kurt never lived with the circus in Evo, and the Szardos/Seftons never lived in Germany. How 'bout... Stefan is Amanda's older brother, but was elsewhere during the episode "The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". He finds out about Kurt's true form from his parents and is disgusted by him, confronts Amanda about it, then threatens Kurt by saying something along the lines of "If I see you with my sister again, I'll kill you." Perhaps you can have Stefan not tell Kurt who his sister is to set up for how Kurt recognizes Stefan, but doesn't know that Amanda does too. Later, when he realizes that Amanda is still dating Kurt even when his parents forbade it; he, being the overprotective older brother he is, decides to take matters into his own hands and attacks Kurt to get him away from his sister, and winds up getting killed in the process. And then Kurt realizes that Stefan is Amanda's brother from the shocked look on Amanda's face.

Umm... yeah... other than that, I've got nothing.

And who is this Lane person you are talking about? Haha, I know you meant Lance.

You're wrong about Mystique never wanting to kill Rogue, unless of course that boulder that she shoved off the cliff in "Turn of the Rogue" was supposed to magically miss Rogue and hit Scott instead. XD

Hey, save yourself the trouble of seeing the episode and just go to this site: What is it? Transcripts for all the episodes. Oo-oo-ooh. Note: If the link doesn't work, it may be because of the stupid thing in which doesn't allow you to input three of the same letter in a row. So, if there's only one w, add in two more.

And yes, I always write long reviews, whenever I bother to review. One paragraph is never enough!

Alright then, I think I've written more than enough here, don't you? So I hope ya find a way to fix everything, so until next time, buh-bai! _
Gryphon124 chapter 7 . 10/18/2004
This is a great story and I can't wait for more chapters! I wish you hadn't killed stefon though. I know that he actually does in the comics, but he's an adult at that point and he still has trouble dealing with it. As a teenager,(and with the changes you are putting him through), I can't imagine how he will handle it. Enough complaining, this story is good and I want to read more so update soon!
wickedshenanigans chapter 7 . 10/15/2004
As usual, tres bon. But, since when have Mystique and Rogue been able to be within a mile of each other without one trying to kill the other? And Kurt seems to be becoming more demonic with every chapter, though, again, wings AND tails are cool. What's going on with him, I wonder(and Rogue's sorta freaky, weird, deer-killingness)? I was so confused by that whole Stefan thing too. Ok, he's Kurt's foster brother, I get that. But how can he be Amanda's brother too? Is this a different Amanda? Or is this an AU where Amanda is also his sister? I'm really lost...

But, anyway, V. cool. See you soon!

UniAniGi chapter 7 . 10/12/2004
Hrmm... you lost me on the Stefan thing... In Evo, the Szardos ARE the Seftons (in "The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", Amanda's mom is referred to as Margali by Amanda's dad), and the Wagners are completely different people. So therefore, Stefan cannot be both Kurt's foster-brother and Amanda's brother. Unless of course Amanda is actually the Wagner's daughter and not the Sefton's, or Kurt was raised by the Seftons and not the Wagners, and now I am just horribly confused. XP

Canon can be a wonderful thing, but if it messes with facts already established in the show, then well... things can get a bit mixed up. Ah, forget that, really mixed up.

Okay, okay, I'll give Kurt's furry bat wings a chance. I'm guessing he now looks like a furry blue gargoyle with a long tail. Ah, I remember that show, Gargoyles... So Kurt's walking around sans image inducer in all his furred, horned, tailed, and winged glory? And not everyone is running away screaming in panic? Wow, most of the people have become aquainted with the whole mutant thing quite quickly. P

Hrmm... I'm surprised no crowd gathered to see the two outcasts duking it out on the lawn. At my high school, a crowd would gather almost instantly whenever a fight broke out on campus, but then again, I live in LA County... ;; Hrmm... and where was Fury? Mystique was a lot more diligent in maintaining order and discipling students for misbehaving when she was principal. Mr. big, bad, head of SHIELD had been outdone by a shapeshifting, blue, mutants' rights activist/terrorist. Tsk, tsk. And oh, the irony. XD

Are Amanda's powers going to be mutant or sorcery related? And would that make Margali a sorceress too? Kinda like pot calling the kettle black, when they don't let Kurt date Amanda. Then again, it's probably because he tore up their home while fighting Toad. XD

Oh boy, Kurt's really going to be angsting after this one. Especially so when he finds out who daddy dearest is. If Amanda is held up by Rogue, I guess it's up to Kitty to comfort him. And I don't know what I think about that. Even when Kurt's going out with Amanda, and Kitty's going out with Lance, people still manage to put them together somehow. It boggles the mind. Hey wait, just 'cause Kitty comforts him doesn't mean that they like each other, right? Those two are only good friends. But then, there was that whole bit with the stroking...

How was I supposed to know that you wanted me to take a shot at translating the title into French, I don't have the power of telepathy over the net, ya know, just the power to annoy random people. P I sure as heck didn't catch on to that, and I'm sure a lot of people haven't either. Maybe they haven't even given it a second thought. Hrmm... as for putting the title in French, can I be postively infuriating and say, it's your choice? I think I will. Mwahahaha, and neener, neener neener! Meh, maybe I'll be a tad bit nicer, and say, if it's fine with you, it's fine with me. Is that better? P

Ooh, you gave in to putting the couplings in the summary. I knew you would. XD And true, having Dani around does make things more interesting, to say the least. I wonder whose head she'll mess with next... Dun-dun-duun!

You want to read whatever I have to write? Wow, I'm touched. I guess that means I'll have to actually start writing, huh? *gasp*

I'm having a wonderful time reading your fic, as well as your review responses. I can't wait to see what happens next, so until next time, buh-bai! _
Tsugath chapter 7 . 10/11/2004
Oh, it's good! I like it, so write some more please:)
wickedshenanigans chapter 6 . 10/7/2004
Woah, it's all, like, updated and stuff! Sorry I haven't reviewed, you update too fast for me to keep up! Lol, I'm such a slow updater so maybe it just seems fast...Coolness anyway, kinda freaky how Rogue killed the deer and how Kurt tried to cut off his tail(But tails are so cool!) Sigh...I wonder what's going on with Roguey? Something weird, anyway! Update super-fast again!

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