Reviews for Blood Pact
Guest chapter 1 . 1/10
Kurapika is 5'7" and Kuroro is 5'9"
KuraPika PhantomHive chapter 6 . 7/8/2015
Although I am a little disappointed with kurapika and kuroro's relationship...T_T
Keep up the good work!
And also,I have read arachnophobia...
And its a real RIOT!
Totally!infact,its the reason why I searched for your work..blitz magnus-san!
ElementalFoxGoddess chapter 6 . 5/28/2015
Update! This is great! Not to mention funny! Question, do you know why, as powerful as Kurapika is, Hisoka is not interested in him as a prey?
knightinred chapter 6 . 2/3/2015
So that was where the fic's title came from, eh? Interesting. It was kinda refreshing to see not only Kuroro who got on his partner's nerves, hahaha.

It's been nine years since your last update, and it was sad to see that you might even left FFn already -is that what adults do?

I don't really wait for updates (due to my guess above), but I'd be super glad if you choose to continue someday. Good luck out there! :D
BabyGhost123 chapter 6 . 11/24/2014
I love the story, I hope that u do update in the near future...
reeeeeeeeeeee chapter 6 . 6/12/2014
Mmmm… that's a nice description. *feeling pity for Kurapika and Kuroro* I like how you have Kurapika and Kuroro play these little mind games with each other. The swamp/ravine/hellhole is kinda disturbing for me… I can't imagine a place like that! I wish you'd update sometime before I die, just so you know. ;) 'Cause I'd like to live to see the ending to this. It's a good story, and I'd honestly be disappointed if you dropped it.
annie chapter 6 . 1/3/2014
Why aren't there any more chapters
The storey is sooooo good, plz if u read this can you try to make more chapters
MyLiloITAChIassasin chapter 6 . 12/12/2013
lol.. funny.
carole line chapter 6 . 2/6/2013
well hi Blitz Magnus i spent more then week reading ur story i want to tell u congratulation ur stroy was the reasonable i have readed so far the way u used the characters were magnificent u kept then as they were in the original story and i can't imagine an other continued 4 the original story better than ur story
i love it love it love i want u to continue it and i will be following u and ur story and i give u 6 stars keep going
Hasegawa chapter 6 . 2/13/2011
please take care, and yes, i think jap people are superhuman in term of their work attitude and perseverence. Hang in there, and they shouldnt overwork you like that!

That aside,

Please continue? I am waiting for a sweet, sweet scene between this two. You made me realize that this pairing has so much potential in it!

Good job, ganbatte kudasai.
Hasegawa chapter 1 . 2/12/2011
I like where this is going...

next chapter!
pirouette.skip chapter 5 . 12/4/2010
update pls...:P
SaturnXK chapter 2 . 9/30/2010
hahah. lol. when kurapika and nobunaga fight they're hilarious
nappo chapter 6 . 1/1/2010
is it too late for me to ask for an update? D:

anyway, great story! :D

I really hope you update..
Angelica Saya chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
Pls.. update...)
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