Reviews for Harry Potter and the Pandora's Box
Alexandria Jade Lily Potter chapter 5 . 1/25/2006
i love it what happens next
kurie-tibiti chapter 5 . 2/15/2005
dont quite know what you mean by lemon but none of it was rubish. i hope you update soon.
Shadows of the Forest chapter 4 . 2/11/2005
I'm sorry, we don't see any real story here and it's all just too happy. Please cut down on the cute.
Master-of-Wind chapter 4 . 12/31/2004
wow really good, and im interested to find out what your two OC's have to do with the story. But its good, really good. Update soon
theTigersFire chapter 4 . 12/19/2004
lol...that's awsome...please write more...thanks
casuconsulto42 chapter 1 . 12/19/2004
ah yes, save us from danger, save us from evil. lol great job! on to read more now...
kingsgates chapter 3 . 12/14/2004
Aw this is good! keep going!
The Unforgettable Sound chapter 1 . 10/2/2004
ooh ooh ooh! a cliffy-type thing! I find that if i listen to music that i haven't listened to in a REALLY long time, that it brings me into the imagination part that hasnt been opened in a long time (due to writers block). come on, craig, it cant be that hard! THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BETA! i am currently writing chapter five!