Reviews for Justice League: The Spider
Dante 101 chapter 28 . 11h
Interesting theory on how the Ultimen were engineered. It's entirely the Ultimen could have had DNA from various League members.

I wasn't sure about Long Shadow, but now, he could do in this story and maybe paired up with Wonder Girl.

It's really great that Spider-Man and Atom were able to save Long Shadow's life. An ingenious way to do it too.
Dante 101 chapter 27 . 12h
I really liked how Peter Clark about the talk he received from Aunt May. Must have been uncomfortable back then. It's good that Superman didn't kill Peter or maim him for life.

Peter being similar to Bruce isn't very far off. Peter bounces back from his pain and suffering whereas Bruce...I don't have to explain that.

Nice to see that Donna and Peter are getting along ok. Hope they'll continue to be friends.
Dante 101 chapter 26 . 13h
Clark spoke with Kara about Peter and Donna. Now, I think it's time for Spider-Man and Superman to have the talk.

It's bumming that Donna didn't get Peter, but it's good that she has no ill will towards both Peter and Kara over their relationship. Still... it would've made for a good plotline if a villain manipulated that.
Dante 101 chapter 25 . 13h
I would've love to see Superman's reaction to Donna's proposal.

"What the hell did I do to deserve the wrath of the gods in TWO universes?"

One of the all time greatest quotes.
Dante 101 chapter 24 . 14h
Peter chose Kara! Though I feel a little bad for Donna... she's going to be crushed when she finds out.

A good chapter.
Dante 101 chapter 23 . 14h
This chapter starts off with a flashback to the darkest day in Peter's life.

Doc. Oc and Lex teaming up. That is not good.
Dante 101 chapter 22 . 14h
It's about time that Kara stopped denying that she has feelings for Peter. Is naivety is the second weakness for Kryptonians'?

Peter's really smart but he's so dense about girls like Superman. Still... asking Batman for advice about relationships is like getting blood from a stone.
Dante 101 chapter 21 . 15h
I wish I saw Kara and Peter's faces when they heard Donna's proposal. It must have been quite funny.

Flash and Green Arrow are perverts you know that.

The thoughts of a pissed off six foot tall Amazon warrior out for blood was a sobering thought but Green Arrow considered it, “It would be so worth it.”

Yes it would.

Was the shape of the new inter-universe portal was taken from Stargate? Are you a fan of Stargate?

Otto's plan... how many villains from the Marvel universe will he bring?
Dante 101 chapter 20 . 15h
Ah, Spider-Man, The Negotiator. Quick thinking on his part.
Dante 101 chapter 19 . 15h
Donna and Kara may act nice to each other, but there will be tension where Peter is concerned.
Dante 101 chapter 18 . 16h
Neat fight with the Sisterhood, but Spidey got knocked out too easily. Also, yikes! Talk about a botched landing...
Dante 101 chapter 16 . 19h
Peter's relationship with Kara is progressing smoothly. As for Donna, she likes Peter too. The problem is that Peter might have to chose one of them in the end.

Doc. Octopus is working at STAR Labs making another chamber hopefully to create a permanent link between worlds. He's making new and improved harness and tentacles. Oh and he's playing smart with regards to Spider-Man and the JL.
Dante 101 chapter 15 . 19h
Oh jesus... Peter has two hot superheroes wanting him and they're fighting over him. Peter's the poor guy in the middle. Why can't he have them both? Actually... never mind...

Secretly, I bet Peter is disappointed that he was only dreaming... Peter wrote those letters, they tugged at my heartstrings. It was saddening. But it was necessary, Peter looks like he's finally able to move on with his life.
Dante 101 chapter 14 . 19h
Peter's emotional and mental recovery has gone pretty well so far. The relationships he makes with the various League members are enjoyable.

Peter will soon have to soon chose between two of the hottest superheroes. You get what I mean?

Nonono. Why did Otto had to chose the DC world. Peter is gonna get a nasty surprise for this.
Dante 101 chapter 13 . 20h
Looks like Donna has a thing for Peter. Kara girl, you have some competition here.
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