Reviews for Tumultuous
slightlyxjaded chapter 6 . 12/4/2014
Awwww I loved it! It captured the angst, pain, and most importantly the vulnerability in their indeed tumultuous relationship! It was just perfect in so many ways! The characters were so real! I could almost feel their pain as they tried to figure each other out. Gahhh I just loved it so much! Thank you for writing such a perfect story!
Sugahroc57 chapter 6 . 12/13/2011
Short but very fulfilling.

You couldn't help but feel for them. It was an emotional tug of war those two went through though they still have more to overcome. But it's Romy, they were never perfect.

It was raw, painful, heartfelt, bittersweet.

I'm glad that they have come to understanding and that Remy came back..

Loved it, and the vusual piece Ludi did on this fic...
Warrior-princess1980 chapter 6 . 10/5/2011
Wow that was intense but damn good!
Jun-ji2 chapter 6 . 4/13/2011

Very well written!
Allleila chapter 6 . 11/13/2009
That was differnt.

It was really good.

I know it's a short review but my mind is tsill trying to get it's head around it. It was really well written and I have a feeling it will stay with me for a while.
crazysmile15 chapter 1 . 7/27/2009
SilverWolf77 chapter 6 . 7/23/2009
Oh my God.

You wrote them perfectly!

I love it!

You described their relationship perfectly!

Great Job!


Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 6 . 6/9/2009
I think you made everything come full circle so perfectly. Remy left Rogue. Then he came back. She wanted to hurt him for hurting her. And he fell into their game. Their tug of war between love and hate. And then Rogue took a step in the right direction by really forcing the issue. By forcing him to talk about their past. And she let him go. And he left. But he came back for her. For him. For them. She gave the all important push and he responded by taking hold of her and giving them a chance. Absolutely perfect in their crazy, mixed-up, imperfect way. ] Makes you believe in hope.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 5 . 6/9/2009
Oh man. Rogue is a strong woman. Because if that had been me, I wouldn't have been able to tell him that I expected him to leave. That I didn't expect anything more from him. I wouldn't have been able to pretend that I was asleep, especially when he whispered he loved her. Raw.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 4 . 6/9/2009
I like that she took the first step. She's trying to mend the broken bits and pieces that is their relationship. Rogue is refusing to let him talk his way out of this with all the spiteful and hurtful things he says. I think I feel both their pain. Though Remy's is strong. I can feel it. So good.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 3 . 6/9/2009
They butt heads and want to hurt each other. And then you have the beautiful moments like that ending. And it just makes you believe that maybe forgiveness and love is possible.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 2 . 6/9/2009
Rogue went at him with a knife, as if she really was going to kill him. And yet their verbal fights always hurt more than their physical. Tell me they aren't so screwed up? Wow. This takes the word intensity to a whole new level.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 1 . 6/9/2009
Oh boy. What has that Cajun gotten himself into. He says he can't go back for fear of what he may face, and yet he hates himself for what he has allowed himself to become. So he finally goes back. But his cherie doesn't seem too thrilled to see him. Time to go on...

tfobmv18 chapter 6 . 9/13/2008
I like it. Go happy endings. I like how you have them understand each other and realize that they aren't that different. Keep up the good work.
RoGambit chapter 6 . 12/22/2007
That was really intense. I don't normally like all angst (some fluff is good too), but this is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the Romy!
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