Reviews for Cowboy Bebop: The Funniest Sessions
Katers chapter 3 . 11/24/2004
Okay, going in order as I saw them, here are my favorite moments/quotes:

-"Nonsense," replied Andy. "We’ve been to Animal Planet, and there’s nothing on that planet but animals and more animals. I had to run screaming back to the Bebop after a monkey bit me on the bottom. But, uh... don’t tell anybody. I am Cowboy Andy, after all!"

-As a fan of yours, I love the inside jokes. And speaking of Kirsten, I really would like to see a sequel to Fantaisie Sign. That would be cute and I'm sure you'd do a fine job, Ry.

-"Ha!" shouted Cyrus, waving his plastic gun controller in the air. "I killed 46 innocent civilians, and winged a politician! How about you, huh?"

"47," said Andy Jr. "Including 22 shots to the groin!"

Hee, hee, little boys are so silly...

-But I must say the Princess Pretty Pony bit was hilarious: "A wonderful, happy, cute, magical, mystical... ORGY OF BLOODSHED!"

-I think the WTF? Moment of this Session was:

"Oh, you crazy kids... Mystery’s immune to anthrax, didn’t you guys know that?"

Andy Jr. and Cyrus looked back and forth between each other, while Mellie began to giggle.

"Yeah, dad told me a long time ago," said Mellie.

-And the HURRAH Moment of this Session was the preview saying Ed will be coming next! HURRAH! We love Edward! She must be such a wicked cool aunt! I missed her! I should go back and read Fantaisie Sign and the other installments of the Funny Sessions sometime...

Have a nice Turkey Day tomorrow. Eat pie, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and pass out on the couch while your numerous six-year-old and under cousins trash your room. That's what I'm planning...

Katers chapter 2 . 11/24/2004
"Hey... that lady has free balloons!"

Hee hee, didn't Faye have that problem with people in previous sessions? Ah, memories...

-"I’m just glad you gave him what he deserved," Andy replied. "Well, maybe he deserved sixteen kicks in the crotch instead of fifteen."

-"...Even the elderly have felt his wrongtious fury. Yes, I know that wrongtious isn’t a word. Screw you, I’m right, and you’re wrong. Here’s another scene of Andy’s violence against women."


-I also like how confident and independent Alice is (I'd say "you go girl!" here but that phrase is made, played, and chick filet-ed in the shade with a glass of lemonade, so I shall restrain myself). She doesn't take horse pucky from anybody! Aw, yeah!

Yet another whirlwind adventure with the Oniyate clan. I still can't get over the fact that there's seven of them. That's a lot of kids... _

Once again, this is Katers signing off, and you have a nice day.

Katers chapter 1 . 11/23/2004
Whoa! Been awhile! For me anyway...

Oh, how I missed your Funny Sessions series. And for old time's sake I decided to check up on Fanfiction and lo'! Here ye be with the newest installment! Oh Joy!

So here I go with just a scant few of my favorite parts:

-‘Angus the Wangus, Porn Star Extraordinare’

-Richard Simmons as the villain, oh wait, it was Sitchard Rimmanz wasn't it? Simmons' evil reciprocal...or would it be inverse?

-The fact that Andy and Faye have SEVEN KIDS! I mean, HOLY MONKEY!


-"I’m... having a heart attack..." said the man, collapsing to the floor, "but I... regret... nothing..."

-the part were Mellie lipsticked the tied-up babysitter's face while the radio played reminded me of that scene in Reservoir Dogs with Michael Madsen. Slightly different but reminiscent all the same. Thank you.

-"If you’re on a diet, you eat. If you eat, you’re on a diet. If you’re eating on a diet, you’re dieting while you eat. On the Angus Diet, what you eat is what you diet on, which is the Angus."

Ya know I could just say I loved the whole chapter, but that seems so...half-assed. And I care too much for ya to give any less than both cheeks. Hmm, that didn't come out the way I meant it to...

I promise to read and review the other chapters, but it's late and it's a school night so I'm signing off for now saying, thank you, Ry.

And have a nice day.

Psychogrl chapter 2 . 10/17/2004
Wow those fanfics are great! Keep up the humor, and I like how rebellious Faye is...Alice rocks! Maybe the next story could be about Mystery going with Alice on a bounty hunt, and Mystery saves the day! _