Reviews for London
cip rochnaug chapter 1 . 6/22/2006
cool story, and you're right, that was seriously morbid! Go you!
Faith chapter 1 . 1/16/2005
Wow... that was an interesting read. I did picture Gordon as the victim, but I saw the survivor as Scott. Not sure why, but that's what came to mind.

As for some of the previous discussions about thieves wounding a victim before getting the valuables, I didn't find it entirely illogical. For one thing, it was two against one, so to ensure that he would get what he wanted and make sure that they couldn't chase him, I suppose it's a reasonable approach to stab one first to keep them occupied then and later. And really, more horrible and random things have happened where I live, so I don't think you can really rationalize what criminals do anyway.

But enough of my rambling. A very dark story, but I very much enjoyed the details of the survivor's thought process. Whether people think the plot was well thought out or not, I think you wrote it beautifully.
Agent Five chapter 1 . 11/24/2004
love it! and not revealing who the characters are is clever - i could read the story without seeing the faces and therefore dissolving into a blubbering wreck! You seem to have the same love of our city as I do. How cool would it be if one of them really did land next to 'the Eye'!
Hoo-ah chapter 1 . 9/30/2004
For some reason, I kept picturing Alan and Gordo. They just seemed the type to travel together and fascinate over British culture - including the spelling of certain words, like "hono(u)r" :P

And like Hobbeth said (or implied?), I don't think it was really that realistic in the sense that the killer would stab before robbing, then run away, because that would just be plain stupid. Leaving an eye witness like that would basically guarentee being caught... though, no doubt, there are insanely stupid murderers lurking about out there. But I don't agree with her in the sense that this ficlet wasn't thought through thoroughly enough (try saying that 3 times fast.) I thought it was brilliant, very unique(ly morbid) from the heap of ~*love!~* stories we've been having lately. Anyhoo, it was a nice change, and ... I've got nothing else to say. G'day!
zeilfanaat chapter 1 . 9/30/2004
I'm usually no good at giving useful feedback, but I can give you my reaction: WOW! Magnificent!
Assena chapter 1 . 9/29/2004

*stares in morbid fascination* Oh woah. You wrote that so well. I just knew it was Gordon, so cheery and happy and... woaah. I nearly want to cry. Poor John. Good job! Not your average TB fic by a long shot! *deep breath* Okay, I think I can go along with my life again now... *hugs them all* The worst (or best) bit was that I can just imagine this happening. And the most tragic thing is that he didn't die on a rescue or anything like that, bravely giving his life for someone else. It was just a stupid guy on holiday. And that makes it sad. He just wanted to have a bit of fun! Excuse me, I'm gonna go sit over there and contemplate everything for a while.

Hobbeth chapter 1 . 9/29/2004
It was an interesting little story, but could have benefitted from a beta.

Very cheerless. And senseless, like the killing. Do crooks in London kill before they get the goods often? They sure don't here, especially if they want to rob you.

I suggest the next time you get this kind of idea, you put it aside until you have time to really think about it.
white rose01 chapter 1 . 9/29/2004
great story, i loved the way you didnt get to find out who it was until the story had ended. once i found out who it was, i went back and reread it all! i lked it just as much the second time, if not more!
Claudette chapter 1 . 9/29/2004
I shouldn't have done it. I knew I shouldn't have done it. Done what you ask? WEll I'll tell you. Not 36 hours ago I was totting up in my head how many times, and who, had been 'killed' on this fandom.

All of the boys - once, together.

Scott - now once (Thanks BeeinYour Bonnet - cheers)

John - Numerous

Jeff - once, no twice

Alan - twice (thankfully)

Virgil? - couldn't remember one (apart from the multi-killing of course)

Gordon - same.

Well, I guessed, Virgil will probably get it eventually - too good looking for his own good - Gordon? Gordon might just survive, the joker of the pack, too popular to kill off.

Ah well! 50% right I guess.

What a tragic & wasteful end. At the very least a death while pulling someone from a collapsing building would have some meaning to it. But this!

You're not a follower of Nietche are you?
Wacky Walnut chapter 1 . 9/29/2004
Wow - hey that was well done. Definatly like it _

I was guessing the the survivor was John sounded so like him. I was caught between Alan and Gordon for a few minuets but the last bit when he was scared something just told me that it was Gordon.

John and Gordon for me...don't know if you want to continue this but if you do you can garentee that I'll review