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XandyNZ chapter 16 . 9/20/2013
This story is so deliciously twisted... hoping there'll be another installment soon!
Yume Disney chapter 16 . 4/13/2012
YOU NEED TO UPDATE THIS QUICK! This is definitely a story you do not want to JUST LEAVE HANGING LIKE THAT! Start up again! Seriously, it's too good to not pay any attention to it. Seeing though how it's been so long... START UP AGAIN! Please
Krazy Kitsune13 chapter 16 . 3/19/2012
I went to eagerly click the next button.. And I couldn't find it. Then I noticed the last update was nearly 6 years ago. It's always sad when good stories simply stop.. And at such a good moment too.

I'll admit, I'm extremely curious as to what will happen next. I love the way this is done, the flow of the writing. I've check out some of your other work, and the way you write is incredible. It's hard to find good TB/X fics, especially being relatively new to an old fandom.

Poor poor Subaru. Both of them. I like the idea of them blending, per say. Although I keep thinking Sei-chan would enjoy the idea of two Subaru-kuns to cuddle up with. After he's done being horribly confused an put off by the fact one killed him and has all of his powers.

And Hokuto-chan... Poor dear. She's so lost through all of this. *hug hug* Dont worry, your twin is just a little confused and a tad stupid.

If this ever does continue, I will be here reading with excited eyes. Oh, delicious heartbreak! Now to check out the rest of your stuff.

rion chapter 16 . 12/9/2011
A long time since this has been last updated, and something interesting has occured. To have the older subaru revert back into his younger body, I wonder what will happen? There would be no way to really hide the similarities, not that he could easily before. Regardless if this is continued or not, I deeply respect and admire your writing style and talent. I will poke around for more later~.
rion chapter 5 . 12/8/2011
The last I have seen of a lunar eclipse, I believe the moon was red. However, I do clearly remember being immensely uncomfortable and afraid the second I stepped outside. I never stuck around long enough in case my fears were warranted. Anyways, so far I like this fic and will continue to read on to see where this will lead me.
ideletedmessagesbcihatehets chapter 16 . 11/7/2010
Please continue.

Seriously. PLEASE.
Lily escape chapter 16 . 9/24/2010
It's been three years since the last update. In no way is this to be read in a reprimanding tone, but I just wanted to say that despite the absence, it has been the only X fanfiction during these three years that has crossed my mind more than once. I honestly find it the only one worth rereading simply because it is just that amazing of a story to behold.

I have always loved your writing style, the character interaction, the plot ... Just everything about it. My sincere hope is that it isn't the end...

I hope that my review finds you well.
Phlogistics chapter 16 . 7/25/2010
Despite this fic being incomplete, I had a really great time reading this. Thank you for writing this fic!
Zuzanny chapter 16 . 4/7/2010
... I don't get the ending. Did they murge? I was really enjoying this fic, and the end seemed rather abrupt to me.
Bokmal14 chapter 16 . 3/6/2010
I think this is an amazing fanfiction and I am looking forward to read the next chapter very much. chapter 16 . 2/8/2010

barely anyone writes timeskip fics! and i love them so!

this was so well written and i love the characters. subaru is so.. subaru. and hokuto has all of the reservations about her that i expected to see in the manga but never did. [jealousy and possesiveness omg]

and sexy couple scenes with s/s, -flails- e.

please, please please continue.

imagine a very pitiful fangirl bowing in worship.

TheEndofTag chapter 16 . 1/23/2010
WOW!...a very beautiful and well written story! this is just love!...totally love the plot line and the way how you portray the characters in here...i just want to hug Subaru or should i say Kiyoshi...he suffers too much already...what kind of wish fulfillment it is to send him back into his past?...i think it is just too's like slow torture for gosh, the yearnings he has to be with Seishirou is so heartbreaking sad especially when he went to see seichirou at the vet...and the sad thing about this too is that the Subaru in the past could see what had's like i am being torn apart between these two's like i am happy for Suabaru to be with Seishirou and yet at the same time my heart broke for Kiyoshi...i mean for Kiysohi to realize that he never had a chance to be like that with Seishirou must have hurt...another heartbreaking thing about this is that Kiyoshi hated Subaru…I think Kiyoshi will kill Subaru in order to protect Seishirou from dying by his hands…or if not taking that drastic measure, I am sure Kiyoshi will do something to harm Subaru and Seishirou relationship…and the sad part is that I can’t really hate Kiyoshi for doing it…I guess that is because I know Kiyoshi has suffer too much but then again it could be the same thing with Subaru too…see? This is like just going in circles…somehow I keep imagining their priceless expression if and when they find out who Kiyoshi really is…I am sure that Subaru would have understand should Kiyoshi ever explains himself…I also adore Kanaye and Mashiro relationship…I think they are also an adorable couple…in the end, I just want everyone to be happy…although I doubt Kiyoshi can be happy, if not happy then I at least want him to be content…I really really want to know how all of their story will end…so please please have mercy and continue with this story! is such a shame to see a great work like yours to go to waste and never get completed… so plese update soon!
lawlingalltheway chapter 16 . 3/2/2009
:holds chest with quivering hands, and suddenly struggles to breathe:

I'm having a hard time... taking in the fact... that this isn't finished. I think I might actually cry. Please tell me that discontinuation is an impossibility...

I just can't begin to write out everything amazing about this fic. I enjoyed [and still am enjoying] it tremendously, and dearly, /dearly/ hope that another chapter followed by an ending will grace me soon.

I have my small, minuscule peeves, but they're barely worth mentioning... As in, older Subaru ultimately becoming this "Kiyoshi." I know that he no longer wanted to be himself... but I'm sitting here, dying for him to realize that he can never be anyone different. Or that from the reader's eye he still /is/ Subaru. Because sometimes I actually believe that "Kiyoshi" is another character...

But that is only one thing... I deeply adore, admire and /love/ the rest.

I'm quite envious at how perfectly and fluidly, like a gentle stream flowing on a sunny day, you write things. I've browsed through your other stories before, and have forgotten if I've left a review or not [soo sorry], but everything you write is grand.

I truly pray that 'Illusory Tandem' has not been abandoned, apologize for finding this at such a late time [almost 3 years... eep!], and hope that I will hear from you.

luv nk

PS. I am soo sorry for sounding like a desperate puppy! :bows:
Aria DC al Fine chapter 11 . 9/30/2008
Your fascination with glass is fascinating. And 'likening Kiyoshi to 'barbed wire cuts' is very, very apt. Twisted beyond relief. Death always comes upon people Subaru, or, should I say, Kiyoshi, loves.

I also love how the dreams in chapter 9 had been written. At first, I don't quite understand what they represent, but JJ had interpreted it quite well.
Aria DC al Fine chapter 4 . 9/30/2008
Wonderful story...It's been recommended by J.J. Blue and I'd say it deserves the recommendation. There are 2 things I'm confused about in this chapter...Subaru, bathing in the River? Is that possible, in a city such as Tokyo? And Wasn't Seishirou's spectacles lost in the fountain?
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