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TooLazyToLogIn chapter 3 . 3/14/2014
DID YOU ABANDON THIS FICLET JUST FOR FMA! Shame...I really wanted to see what you were going to do with it...
I Heart Edward Cullen chapter 3 . 1/27/2006
Well. Since I've never been in band, I can't say what that would be like, but I have been on the reciveing end of the "domino effect" (this was called out by the perpretrator as the crime was commited). An unfortunate incident where the older sister shoved the younger sister who fell into me, who caught herself on the sidewalk with her face. I still have a scar on my nose... *grimaces* But once again, I digress. Pretty cool. I like the WolfwoodxMillie, and all the cameo's by minor charecters. I always like when author's do that. How 'bout a date? I settle for either couple. I like them both. But yeah. Hopefully I have modivated you to go write some more. Or I shall sick my satan-possessed cat *winces* after Kuroneko-Sama! And then you will have no one to threaten readers to review with! Mwhahahaha! *chokes on soda* Cough, cough...
I Heart Edward Cullen chapter 2 . 1/27/2006
Aw. It is good when one is right. Question: What is a mellowphone? Millie seems to own one, and while I listen to music quite a bit, any instrument would probably spontaneously combust if I attempted to play it. However, I still do not know of a "mellowphone". Somehow I can see Wolfwood hunched over Lord of The Rings. And Vash with the doritos... that'll probably become an inside joke with my fellow Trigun addict. Just like Legato's cookie monster boxers... (they match his hair!)
I Heart Edward Cullen chapter 1 . 1/27/2006
I'm going to take a cue from one of my own reviewers, and review on every single chapter on your story. Maybe that will make you update better than just one. But hey, this is 3 chapters as opposed to 8-something (gee. I can't even remember how many chapters are in my own fanfiction. It's only been a week since I updated last...) But I digress. I have hope for this one. Really I do. I've only found one other high school story, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON was in a gang, I kid you not, and so this must be an improvement. Sounds good so far. Is the explosion, *pretends to think for a moment*...Vash? That would certainly explain why his hair's stuck that way... But I guess I'll find out, won't I...
Wolf-of-Hope chapter 3 . 4/10/2005
YOU HAVE TO UPDATE! I COMMANDETH YOU! Geez, Michael 'Midvalley' is somewhat of a jerk in this...darn. He's one of my loverlies. I hope Knives and Legato get the limelight, soon, too. Obviously, I liked this story a ton. I think this is the most descriptive Trigun highschool fic I've ever read. The band stuff was slightly confusing for me, mostly because I'm in orchestra instead, but I eventually got it. Cool. Update soon, or else! Oh, and here's my quarter for Kuroneko-sama. I know I'm late, but it's deserved.
Tongari0104721 chapter 3 . 1/19/2005

Awesome chapter! Man, you're just like me, except you have more patience to actually work something like this out. Wait, I don't think that came out right . . . Anyways, it's really good! I also need a refresher course, but I think I'll watch it in Japanese this time 'round. I keep trying to do that, but never make it past episode 14. Little Arcadia. It's been so long since my last attempt I think I have to start over again instead of just continuing from Demons Eye. . Crap. Oh well. You're doing great, and though I don't know what it's like to be in collage, (I'm 12, but I'm in 8th grade.) I do know it's hard to balance school, story writing and personal crap. I myself am trying to get over a major crisis, but this always makes me happier. Wait, totally off subject, huh? Well, I guess I am the godess of chaos, if you think that randomness is the source of all chaos. Well, I gotta go, so I'll see you when you update again. (Stupid curfew.)

Bye .
Tsunade-chan chapter 3 . 1/14/2005
this is narutogirl, i did a name change...

lol... OMG that was funny! the whole chaos before the preformance sounds like the Choir i was in back in high school! we were a mess, actually i was the one that sturred most of it up, it was chaotic to the point it caused alot of strict measures to be put in effect... well enough about me all the characters in the story were hilarious and i have to say good job! can't wait till the next update! .
Aine of Knockaine chapter 3 . 1/12/2005
At the high school I went too (A VERY long time ago) Band was very big (Still is)... competitions, marching at Disney, etc. It was cool to be a 'band geek.'

Also, Living in Columbus, Ohio I have the 'Best Damn Band in the Land' right around the corner! There's a point to what I'm writing... I think oh' yeah' I can relate to this because of all of my friends who were in Band (I even played the clarinet myself for a spell)

Any who... Update soon! ;o)
Mighty Pidgey chapter 3 . 1/11/2005
w00t! Update! :D Loved this chapter. This is everybody's nightmare, ne? Being stuck in a bus in a heat wave? That would be awful.

Anyway, awesome chapter! And thank you, Kuroneko-sama! _
hope-is-4ever chapter 3 . 1/10/2005
As long as you keep putting up chapters I'll review them! Glad to hear it won't take as long for the next chapter. Can't wait for it! And Kuroneko is such a good kitty _
Calumongal chapter 2 . 12/8/2004
YAY! You wrote another fic! Normally I don't read high-school anime fics, but yours I will read...and I like it too. Did I mention A LOT?

Hahaha, I just caught your 'Maryanne' reference. That was clever. I probably wouldn't have noticed it except Maryanne is my fav. BOE(Babe of the Episode) because she actually recognizes Vash's better qualities, and echoes the thoughts of fangirls everywhere. And it was Vash who caused the explosion? Figures, I doubted that anyone else could have done that. Oh, and I caught the apple reference too, that one was nice. And I liked the addition of Rem as their drama teacher, somehow that suits her. I was thinking either drama or art, and hey, I was right!

I gotta say, you keep improving as a writer, so keep it up! *Gives a quarter to the Kuroneko* Updateness soon please.

My Kuroneko says hi!
Rachael chapter 2 . 11/8/2004
i'd give u three quarters if you update in the next month! .
Tsunade-chan chapter 2 . 10/14/2004
Yipees! Hooray! this is a awsome fic! it's so cute and something that all the characters would do... hehe *evil laugh* great job! update soon!
Mighty Pidgey chapter 2 . 10/13/2004
Hahaha, I heart your Vash. Thought it was him blowing stuff up. XD You've got a cool twist on things, too. Very nifty. And powah to Wolfwood and Milly to join the orphanage! _ Love and peace, mellon-nin. Hope to see an update soon. ::pets Kuroneko-sama:: There's your quarter, neko.
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