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Altaria Artanis chapter 4 . 10/17/2004
Don't die don't die don't die, DON'T KILL HIM! Elrohir has to live, he has too! Three days? wo, that's a long time. I lOVE this story! UPDATE AGAIN SOON! VERY SOON! Or Elrohir will die, Elladan will fade, No one will rescue celebrian when she is kidnapped by orcs, no one will lead Aragon, Legolas, and Gimli through the paths of the dead, Elrond might very well sail over the sea over the loss of his children, no one will raise Aragorn, no one will heal Frodo,the world won't be saved, Holy crap! That's a very long, very nasty chain of events. please please update soon!

Namaarie, Lady Altaria
Altaria Artanis chapter 3 . 10/16/2004
I-I-*sniff*-Hang on a moment. (you hear someone sobbing and blowing thier nose loundly in the background. Eventually the crying slows and the person is only sniffling a little.) *sniff* Ok. I think I'm in control now. *sniff* maybe. Wonderful story Jay! I hardly ever cry but i have 3 stories that have made me cry today! And they are all Elladan and Elrohir fics. NOT SLASH! That would make me barf not cry. I don't know why but thier bond touches me beyond reason!I'm so glad Elrohir lived that I cried even harder when I realized he was alive! Elrohir can't die, because Elladan would fade. And if Elladan and Elrohir died I would be museless! (is that a word?) Elladan and Elrohir are my inspiration my muses. You wouldn't kill a girls muses would you? Would you? Please say you wouldn't! update soon! You can't wait long, Elrohir's condition may get worse...

Namaaire, Lady Altaria
moonshine4488 chapter 2 . 10/10/2004
Review for the third chapter.
Patty chapter 2 . 10/10/2004
No, no . . you mustn't go! Don't give up yet; fight the pain. Think of all those who love you!
Patty chapter 1 . 10/10/2004
Great start! Exciting and already angst filled. Just my kind of story.
Nimrodel chapter 3 . 10/9/2004
I adore your twins! I am completely impassioned by Elladan and I always seek new histories in your page. This as the other ones, is incredible.

I am with the poor a lot of feather El . Elrohir is always in the threshold. Fortunately it possesses your lover Elladan to take care of him.

I am anxious for the continuation.
JastaElf chapter 3 . 10/9/2004
Ai! Dead and yet not-dead... refusing Namo's call... oh GODS the angst-level is just wonderful... (grin) And very beautifully written. I loved the fact that he was concentrating so hard, he didn't even realize Elrohir was back among the living... and the level of humour was exactly what was needed in the aftermath.

I'm officially "dying" to know what happens next... will Elladan come give me mouth-to-mouth as well? (grin-Can't believe I said that...)
faceted-mind chapter 2 . 10/8/2004
no... *sniffle* you can't...
Sunn-Kissed chapter 2 . 10/7/2004
Nonononono...stay away from the light! And the hand. Avoid it all, Elrohir!

I can't imagine what it would be like for Elladan if Elrohir died...I bet El would die of a broken heart. At least, I'm hoping that I know you won't kill him, seeing as that would mess up your whole timeline.

I love the way you right the twins. It's so believable. And, of course, Legolas to.

Update fast!
Kia chapter 2 . 10/5/2004
ah *faints* this is the most evil cliffie I ever ocured *is wobbling around*

my poor 'Ro *snif* - I can't wait to read on :-)
dragonfly chapter 2 . 10/5/2004
WHAT? No, no, no!
Flashgriffin chapter 2 . 10/5/2004
NOO! You can't have Elrohir die!
aimless-37 chapter 1 . 10/5/2004
You have to be one of my favorite authors of stories about Elladan and Elrohir. This story has stong emotions and intense drama. I read both chapters and wow what a cliffhanger. I cannot wait to read more. Wonderful job!


Lynn-G chapter 2 . 10/5/2004

cant wait for the next chap.

JastaElf chapter 2 . 10/5/2004
*staring at the screen in shock*

Oh my ERU, she killed Elrohir!

Or wait, the spider did... but Jay wrote it, enabling the spider... oh my... I am so confused! (grin) Oh, what a good chapter. So many things going on... such wonderful angst... you didn't put a death warning on it, so I'm assuming Namo has some idea of something to do... Ep!

Oh Gods, poor Elladan is going to go through Heck... wow. The description of the Passing Over was wonderful!

And as always, it was nice to see Legolas, even in passing... (grin)

Oh I hope there's an update soon! But thanks for this one, it's very gripping and well done!
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