Reviews for D Frontier: Millenniumon Saga
miss Gina chapter 1 . 5/17/2013
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HevnoAngered chapter 24 . 9/18/2005
Favorite Top Five Male Characters:

Omega X. Angemon X. Burizalor. Magnamon. Taito Yagami

Favorite Top Three Female Characters:

Celestia X. Dorothy. Goddess Moinania

Top Five Canon Digimon:

WarGreymon. Magnamon. Imperialdramon Fighter Mode. MaloMyotismon. Susanoomon.

Top Five Fusion Characters:

Mystic Celestia. Angemon X. Omega X. Ultima X. WarDramon(? Fusion of Davis and TK).

Top Five Villains: Burizalor. Digimon Emperor. D-Reaper. Himo. Super Jax.

Top Couple: Taiora.

Top Five Battles:

Everyone vs. Burizalor.

Celestia X vs. Virus.

Ultima X vs. Super Jax.

Everyone vs. Himo.

BebiMetalla vs. Omega X

Top Five Sagas:

Taito's Destiny

Burizalor Saga

Virus Saga

Artificial Saga

Milleniumon Saga

Favorite 3 Seasons

Original. 02. D-Frontier

Top 3 Dramatic Moments

Saitou killing Tai.

Max and Dorothy being the only ones to face to Himo.

Kari's tears. (Death of TK)

Best Music Theme: Mortal Kombat

Final Thoughts: I usually just review under Tai Kamiya. But Hey its the grand finale. So ya know had to give it to you legit. Keep up the good work with the movies and everything. I'm curious ever notice how in season 1 of digimon the cat seems to act like a villian. It takes Kari's digivice and practically gives it to raremon. In the movie it was in front of the computer doing who knows what. And well there was one more but I forgot at this particular moment. Hahaha. You're a great writer. I tip my hat out to you.

Hastas Manana Tebayo. _
DarkWarrior chapter 24 . 6/25/2005
Great way to end the series man, and great for giving me some credit. Its an honor to read your stories.
Garrett Cooke chapter 24 . 6/23/2005
This was such a great ending to the series that I reread the whole series from the begining.
The Warrior Within chapter 24 . 5/2/2005
Great story! Some of the very best I've read. Looking foward to the movies fics. Scale from 1-10


(P.S. 9.7 cause of speeling kistakes and stuff like that)
max acorn chapter 23 . 4/20/2005
all the d3s and friend stand and clapp their hands.

ma: congrats to you my friend. you have written the perfect digimon/dbz fusion story. when i read it all i was impressed. more so with how you handle my beloved d3s. you captured what i wanted them to be. i am very proud. as for your poll...

favorite males; max and tai. who else

females: sora and keke.

digimon: pikkan and takuya

fused fighters: omega x and his maz kaou form

villian: only one. himo. i loved that saga of yyh and sensui was my favorite villian. you translated him well.

couples: sora and tai, max and keke, and pikkan and jeri

battles: the fight with d-reaper, novadramon, and the fight with himo

favorite seasons: the fourth

funniest moment: all of them. they were very well done.

dramtic/saddest moment: tai leaving to find his father

music: dont know.

final thought: perfect. all the way through. well i have to go. but i will go ahead and finisht the deamon saga. i hope you will ride it out with me. thanks for the memories and the sagas.

Belletiger chapter 24 . 4/20/2005
Awesome chapter.

I really enjoyed the final, especially with the releationship between Mukuromon and Matt. And also, I liked the scene between Athenamon and Kari. They really look great together . And also, I liked the scene where Sora finally meets Tai again, after 10 years. It was real cool chapter _ And I will look for your movie and

Now for the survey:

Favorite Top Five Male Characters:

Tai( Omega X), Matt (Metalla X), Davis, Max and TK

Favorite Top Five Female Characters:

Kari (Mystic Celesta), Sonja, Rika, Sora and Mimi

Favorite Top Five Canon Digimon:

Sakuyamon, Gallantmon, Agumon, Gabumon and Patamon.

Favorite Top Five Fusion Warriors:

Omega X (all forms), Metalla X (all forms), Mystic Celesta, Ultima X, Kaiser X

Favorite Top Five Villains:

Zeed, Himo Saitou, Virus, D-Reaper, and Bebimon

Favorite Top Five Couples:

Tai/Sora, TK/Kari, Davis/Sonja, Ken/Yolei and Max/Keke.

Favorite Top Five Battles:

Too many to mention

Favorite Top Five Sagas:

Too many to mention

Favorite Seasons

Tamers, 01,fronter and 02.

Top Five Funniest moments:

In Omega/Saitou's fight, OmegaX fall in the lake and swim around

Top Five Dramatic/Saddest moments:

Tai's being killed by Saitou , Ken's death and Ryo's death were the best of them

Best Music themes:

Basically all of them
Supreme Light chapter 24 . 4/20/2005
Wow! SSJ4, I Loved it! even with teh LIfe Bomb growing bigger by EVERY Anime Hero! Good Luck With Your Zero Movies and hope to see them!
Ninetalesuk chapter 24 . 4/20/2005
Four years... four seasons... four teams of Digidestined and Tamers... and god knows how many enemies and sagas went though.


Good luck with your Fusion movies as well as the Pharaohmon saga.
Justice Gundam chapter 24 . 4/20/2005
Hello! I know I just sent you an e-mail to congratulate you over your story, but I just HAD to review your excellent work.

Everything I had to say, I said in my mail. Your work was awe-inspiring, memorable and worthy of a great author. I could never thank you enough for your efforts and I congratulate you for finally fulfilling your dream. As for the Top Five thing, since I have yet to read the whole Digital Fusion saga, it will have to wait for quite a bit of time... but I'll do it as soon as I can!

Excellent work, and I look forward to the movies and OVAs. Kudos to you and... DIGIMON/DBZ FOREVER!
Kanius chapter 24 . 4/19/2005
Yo, everyone! Thanks for the reviews and the support. I know there are more of you out there that have actually read my series. Don't be shy and leave a review. I want to see your thoughts and opinions. So anyway, time for me to fill out my own survey. ;)

Coral: I'M BACK! _

Well, if it isn't my favorite female Saiya-jin muse. How did it go in the tournament?

Coral: Made as far as the third round and I got knocked off by Pikkan, the DBZ one mind you.

Too bad. Hey, at least you made it pretty far.

Coral: Over 126 entries and I'm in the top fifteen! _

Cool! Let's hope you make it further next time. Now on with the survey!

Coral: O! Survey time!

Top Five Overall Characters: Tai/Omega X, Dimitri/Angemon X, Matt/Metalla X, Davis/Imperialdramon/Ultima X and Kari/Mystic Celesta.

-Honorable Mention: Taito Yagami, Takato/Gallantmon and Max Kamiya

Top Five Male Characters: Tai/Omega X, Dimitri/Angemon X, Matt/Metalla X, Pikkan and Davis/Imperialdramon/Ultima X.

-Honorable mentions: Taito Yagami (A WAR HERO!), Takato/Gallantmon, Novadramon, Max Kamiya, Toushinmon and TK/War Angemon

Top Five Female Characters: Dorothy Kaimodosu, Kari/Mystic Celesta, Sonja, Rika/Sakuyamon and Goddess Moinanea.

-Honorable mentions: Jeri, Mimi, Lady Moinanea, Sora, Mukuromon, Athenamon and Zoe.

Top Five Canon Digimon: War Greymon, Black War Greymon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and Leomon.

Top Five Fusion Characters: Omega X, Galactic X, Kaiser X, Metalla X and Mystic Celesta

-Honorable Mentions: Ultima X and Angemon X.

Top Five Villains: Virus, Himo Saitou, Zeed, Burizalor and D-Reaper.

-Honorable Mentions: Jax/Super Artificial Jax, Cyrus (TRAITOR TO HIS TEAM! I prefer Cyrus over his Shadramon form though), Myotismon, (I LOVE THIS GUY! UNDERAPPRECIATED!), Neo Devimon (ANOTHER UNDERAPPRECIATED VILLAIN!) and Piedmon.

Top Five Couples: Taiora, Rukato, Takari, Davis/Sonja and Max/Keke.

-Honorable Mention: Takumi, Dorothy/Henry, Shintomon/Lady Moinanea, Kenyako, Jeri/Pikkan and Taito/Sara.

Top Five Battles: Zeed vs. Galactic X, Omega X vs. Virus (I liked this a little better because it was so even), Himo Saitou vs. Omega X Round I, 'Amazing Grace' Celesta X vs. Virus and War Greymon vs Metal Garurumon (first MAJOR fight).

-Honorable Mentions: Final D-Reaper battle, Omega X vs Metalla X, Bebimon Metalla X vs Omega X, Cyberleomon vs Jax (Can't beleive no one mentioned this! Zero Two had some of the best fights), Novadramon vs Omega X, Saber Veemon/Ultima X vs Super Artificial Jax, Omega X vs Burizalor, Kaiser X vs Doomsdramon and Gallantmon vs Beelzebumon (You people are also forgetting this one too. For shame...)

Top Five Sagas: Millenniummon Saga(7 monsters, Saitou and Zeed! Oh my!), Virus Saga (featured two awesome fights: Jax vs Leomon and Omega X vs Virus, a kicks ass villain, plus the ascension of an unexpected hero- Hikari), D-Reaper Saga (Some awesome fights, Kaiser X, a great final battle and a weird twist on the D-Reaper's character!), Taito's Destiny (A great prelude to the D-Fusion series, an kick ass war hero and an unforgiving traitor) and Digital Invaders (Original! War Greymon vs Metal Garurumon, enough said!)

-Honorable mentions: Burizalor Saga (Longest saga, features a ruthless villain and the first Digital Fusion is born!), Artificial Saga (Dimitri's debut saga! The mini-series should be out soon based on his future), Bebimon Saga and Super Artificial Saga.

Favorite Seasons: D-Frontier, Zero Two, D-Tamers and Original. D-Frontier featured a great finale battle and epilogue, Saitou is kick ass and Galactic X OWNS! Zero Two featured the best combat fighting: Virus vs Omega X, Leomon vs Jax, Celesta X vs Virus and Angemon X vs Virus!

Top Five Funniest Moments: Any wacky moment involving Tai and Matt, Kaiser X playing a prank on Doomsdramon, any funny moment with War Dramon, Omega X's crotch chop towards Omegamon X, Sora and Mimi knocking out Mummymon

-Honorable Mention: Anytime Mummymon makes a fool out of himself, Virus bitchslapping Mummymon out of the ring, Tai bribing Gosenzomon for letting the geezer touch Mimi's boobs

Top Five Dramatic/Saddest Moments: Energy donation for Life Bomb and Galactic X's birth, Tai giving up his life against Saitou, Matt giving up his lfe against the D-Reaper, Matt admitting to Tai that he is number one, Takato's forgiveness to Guilmon.

-Honorable mentions: D-Reaper destroying Earth, Zeed killing the cast, Sora losing her life to Burizalor, Matt losing his life to Burizalor, TK giving up his life to save Kari, Davis and Tai confronting Sonja over the loss of her brother, Max attempting to reach out to his father after turning to a beast, Davis attempting to save Ken from Lichidramon.

Best Music Themes: Wow, too many to name. I'll admit it.

Final Thoughts: Check out my comments for this series through the epilogue to this very saga. I shall reveal all!

Coral: Whew! That's a heavy load and you took the time to put effort into it! I commend you for writing this great work! *bows to Kanius*

Haha, thank you. Now, for those of you being shy, don't be. I want to hear your final thoughts and opinions. Keep the reviews coming! I'd like this to reach over 200 reviews if possible. Get your friends and pen pals to check out my series! This story isn't going anywhere! Reviews are welcome anytime! This is the finale series we're talking about here!

Until then, be on the look out for my first upcoming D-Fusion movie fic entitled 'Hope and Light Captured! Daimaomon's Conquest for Power!' The first chapter should be up this week.

Coral: Looking forward to that. _

All I've got left to say is: Peace my friends!
fett chapter 24 . 4/19/2005
This was a great story and you gave it a great ending. Showing what their lives were like ten years later was definitely the best way to end this series.
Crimson G chapter 24 . 4/19/2005
It comes to an end I see. SSJ4Takeru, this has been one of the greatest series I've read. You done a marvelous job in making digimon series and putting DBZ in the mix. Also by adding cameos made the series exciting. I'm glad I supported you through reviews and stuff


Christina: We all did jughead.

Yeah, I once started writing in script format also. My first story I guess was a FF7 story, that was crappy. It was called the search for Yuffie. My next story was digimon and story based on some original characters. Also I made a Kingdom Hearts story too. All those got lost or I deleted due to them being bad. So now Power Elements what I'm focusing on right now.

Ryu: You got that right!

Jake: Ryu.

Jack: Just let be idiot.

I'm thinking of writing a Sonic story and a digimon story. Of course my digimon story will have a series of weird events and be a comedy.

Anyway, I'll keep a look out for the movies and chapters of the wrath of Pharoahmon. Catch ya later.
Youkai Youko chapter 24 . 4/19/2005
That was an awesome ending.

I really enjoyed. _

I really liked the releationship between Kari/Athenamon and Mukuromon/Matt. I can't wait to see for the ovas and the movie fics _

Anyway, Congratulations for your D-fusion series:) I really enjoyed the series _
Digi fan chapter 24 . 4/18/2005
Wow! 4 years. Has it really been that long? What a great ending to a great seris.
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