Reviews for The Presence of Absence
thedorkygirl chapter 1 . 10/7/2004
Your 'fuck a monkey' thing?

My sister and her best friend, when they were heading into freshman year, used to say "fuck a monkey, screw a duck," and "fuck me running naked." It was *such* a part of our lexicon. And you said it, and now I'm all nostalgic.

-She's out of his arms faster than he can try to hold her, which is maybe Luke's biggest fear of all. -

Oh my God! Don't make me fret! *frets* And it's so sad, and I can see that Lorelai - she just doesn't know how to let people in. :-

-"Well," she sighs, "I can tell you that dinner's ready."-

That scene? Beautiful and heartbreaking - and then? Then you give us Emily Gilmore, in all her drole ways, and it was brilliant.

Loved the story - loved it. And now, I'm going to go write something without a million dashes. *headdesk*
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