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Dee chapter 86 . 12/20/2012
Woo hoo! Update! :) I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how the confrontation with Zone goes. Emotions will be everywhere when that happens!

Can't wait for an update for Meaning of Resistance too!

Merry Happy Holidays and all that jazz!
RavennaAngelline chapter 86 . 12/20/2012
YAY! *dances happily* This is the BEST Christmas present EVAH! I have been with this story from the start, only started reviewing recently in truth... but this has been a fantastic trip, I feel a little emotional myself knowing it's coming to an end.

I REALLY hope Rinoa punches Zone in the face.

Happy Holidays, and a Bright New Year!

Wintermoth chapter 86 . 12/20/2012
The look on my face when I saw this appear in my inbox. XD Mom was concerned.
x Euphoria chapter 51 . 12/8/2012
Things with the story are going along nicely :) Glad Squall is still the same 'him' but he is still himself but a mature version. So is Rinoa and I think that's really wonderful. It can relate to them and I like it :).

Also I think it's aweosme you used mandy beach. Like I remember that place from the game. All the renovations you made to the world like the rest stop and resorts. I think that was brilliant. I think a chapter or so ago you said 10 more chapters until this fic was done hehe. 30 chapters later and still going :P
effect20 chapter 49 . 12/2/2012
Squall is gone and rin is gonna have to go to work and face zone. She is gonna have a rough one. I doubt they will be away from each other for long. I just hope it doesn't take another another tragedy.

Still love this fic read it when I can. This has been a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions and I love every moment. Can't wait until I have the time to a few chapers

Also our teams play each other today you r going down.
x Euphoria chapter 6 . 11/21/2012
Soo I was reading this chapte rand I was listening to music as well. I found htis song that the lyrics seemed to fit... thought i'd share :) I love lyrics.

"When you walked away it was the
Saddest day the world has known
Shattered my heart and left me in
Pieces of a broken home"

then later on in the song

"You and I just can't say goodbye
Every time we do, well
It's just another lie
I know you're no good for me, but
Every time I'm with you there's
Nowhere I'd rather be"

i know not perfect song match, because come on squall and rinoa are amazing for each other x). But it set a good tone for me while i was reading hehe. off to read the next one _
x Euphoria chapter 4 . 11/21/2012
After reading this chapter I am for sure htis time that I did read part of this before. But I think i said I didn't get very far at least I remember that. Regardless I don't mind rereading.

but oh em gee when i read this
"Will you be here when I get back?" He wasn't sure why he asked, it was just his greatest fear.
my little heart ached a little because i pictured a young squall all lonely and sad at the orphanage aww. poor little babyyyy aahhh
effect20 chapter 48 . 11/20/2012
Just when they had a huge lead the killer flips the script. As soon as rin and squall get closer he has to leave. And still a lot of unanswered questions. A little over halfway and this one if the best I have read from you or anybody in this fandom for that matter. Love it.

Hope all went well in Milwaukee.
x Euphoria chapter 2 . 11/20/2012
! My emotions x]. You know I've been around a while and i think i've read this before like...years ago. At least I think I did, if not I know it's always been something I wanted to read. I know your writing is incredible but i was scared to committing myself to reading it lol. Sounds a little dumb I know but This is what 80 chapters with TONS of reviews. I was sort of waiting until you finished it so i can just go on a reading marathon. But i'd get these emails every now and then from you updating and i'd read your authors notes and see that you wanted to try to finish soon-ish so i figured I can start now and maybe by the time i'm caught up you were almost done too :)!

Plus since i'm caught up with MoR and I feel like reading I felt like this would be a good story to keep me preoccupied in the mean time :).

few things that i loved so far...

Squall and Rinoa are not together anymore which makes things interesting :).

"They already were at 'awkward moment number two' and had been back together less than fifteen seconds." I giggled :) loved it.

When Rinoa and Zell walked into the chapel and squall was just staring after her. When I think of Squall's facial expression at that moment I imagine his face when Rinoa left after their dance during the Seed ball. p_p poor Squall.

I need to go to bed i have work tomorrow or well later on today. But I know i'll be itching to read some more when I get home xD
effect20 chapter 47 . 11/13/2012
This chapter was beautiful. They finally put some sort of finality on their relationship. Of course squall seemed determined dispite the fact he spoke his mind about some things that pissed rin off. All in all he still got some action. I call that batting 1000.

Speaking of fantasy leagues I lost the number 1 spot in mine because of an app error. I try to switch Jeremy maclin for Ahmad Bradshaw but the app screwed me and I lost by one point by the way of heath miller on Monday night. Arrrgggg. (I call that my Charlie Brown( at least I think that's Charlie Brown.)) I would love to see colts vs Denver in the playoffs. And no offence but I would want manning to destroy them. Not about the money my ass. Sorry... I guess we have that in common. Once football is the subject know.

Crazy revelation. My wife wants to be pregnant by 27. I Keep trying to push her to 30 or not at all. Then she folds her arms, sighs really loud and pouts. She's 1 step away from holding her breath untill I say yes. YAY kids.

Chapter 5 here I come
effect20 chapter 46 . 11/12/2012
Argument to insight. Seen that coming. Squall is definetely not being his usual self. I guess he's trying real hard this time. It's funny rin hasn't noticed.

The whole tree thing was once again epic. Birch is a tree. And rin help him plant the damn thing. Talk about a revelation. Next chapter should hold alot of anwswers squall pretty much put it out there that he wants to know how she feels...n then cliffhanger. Next chapter on lunch break!
effect20 chapter 45 . 11/10/2012
Awww... They r going on a buddy mission. Who knew rinoa was gonna be this useful this quick. The tree thing. The connection of the rider thing. And she has access to da info they need. Well done rin.

Hope all is well. Tell ur son happy b-day. He's officially a half adult now. He will find about the other half when he's 21.
Optical Goddess chapter 85 . 11/7/2012
hahahahaa! This was pretty long and i had to read it over the last few days. There were so many funny parts I don't remember them all. And this last one, where Zell takes Rinoa and says thanks for the captain's quarters, is there an engine room for Squall maybe? LOLOLOL Ok, now I wish they could go straight to Zone's house and arrest him! Kick him in the face! hope Rinoa gets all her answers! And then kicks him in the face!
effect20 chapter 44 . 11/6/2012
Poor zone (lmao not really). This was an great set up for the next chapter. What was zells reaction. Did rin really give up hope? If squall knows this will he try to bring her back to his side? When zone got home did he say "I'm never washing these lips again" ? So many questions.

Btw did you get a chance to see Luck. He looked dangerous. He is definetly a weapon. Rookie of the year performence.

Ps with so many ashbears u should be able to update faster lol only kidding
effect20 chapter 43 . 11/5/2012
Great chapter. So much happened with just two little conversations. with words of wisdom. Zone with words of epifany. Rin doubting her future with squall. Zone is a mastermind
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