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Legion-X chapter 63 . 10/25/2012
Lol. Looks like I spoke too soon about Squall and Rin's relationship. It always amazes me how something so small can snowball into such a huge deal. Completely mirrors real life. That's the problem with doubts. Overthinking tends to just compound them.

Also, Laguna having an epiphany and blundering through the explanation was awesome. Poor Laguna. Hehe
Legion-X chapter 62 . 10/25/2012
My God. I hate the term "bestie." Hate it. Hateithateithateit. Just... Rawr. I don't understand it. It boggles my mind that it even exists. Why?!

Anyway. Another wonderful chapter. I really loved everything with Squall and Rin. I feel that they have what most people should. Despite everything, and with a the little things they have yet to speak on, they've somehow managed to create this unbreakable trust. I find that most of the time people walk on eggshells with each other, afraid of saying something offensive, of assuming too much or too little, afraid of inadvertently causing a rift. And to me, that in and of itself causes a rift. In this, they've moved passed that. They speak without real fear of judgment, because they know they trust the other. And as evidenced by Rinoa in the beginning, she's not allowing herself to over analyze and worry about her actions. She realizes that she's not intruding. It's refreshing to see that. For them to know each other well enough to dismiss their doubts.
Legion-X chapter 61 . 10/24/2012
I had remembers Lauren, but I had completely forgotten everything with Zone. My reaction mirrored Squall's almost exactly, heh. I guess I had blocked out that whole episode from my memory. But I loved how both of them realized their fault in the matter (Rinoa admitting her part in it surprised me. From personal experience, that never happens lol.) and seamlessly apologized and settled back into each other.

I loved the bit with the over thinking towards the end. I'm very much like Squall in that regard. Unless I have something to focus on, I drown in my own thoughts.

"There's fruit on the wall," I died on that part. That's something I completely understand and would totally say. Loved that part. You always seem to find a way to insert these little touches and create such great moments.
Legion-X chapter 60 . 10/24/2012
I've always loved your stories. You always seem to make them into such grand and epic tales that take the characters much deeper than they have ever been before.

I'll be honest though, I haven't really had time for fanfiction in a long time. I kept up with your updates diligently until this chapter. (Ch 60) Life got in the way and I could never spare the time to properly enjoy the story. Like a good book, I really want to be able to read forward without much hindrance, especially since I'm so far behind. With that in mind, I've probably read this chapter half a dozen times as I try to find time to read. And reading this gives me a chance to re-familiarize myself with your story.

I recently got back into FF8 again. I began reading old favorites and even newer stuff with this recent writing challenge. But even as a read all of those, this story lingered like a haunting ghost beckoning me back in. I've put it off because of how daunting it has become in my mind. Memories of Crimson still gets to me with how much of an emotional ride that was, especially towards the end. And that wasn't even half as epic as this has become. So I'm strapping myself in for the home stretch. And I'm going to love every minute of it. Thank you in advance for not only this story, but all the time you spent crafting these tales. Giving us the proper sequels we deserve, heh.

I realized I rambled for quite a bit. Sorry. As for this chapter, I loved how, despite of things going relatively smoothly, there still seemed to be this huge awkward tension in the room. Between everyone lol. I especially loved the part where you described Rinoa mentally cataloging and dismissed every one of Squall's objections before he could voice them. *Loved* it.
Bebedora chapter 85 . 10/20/2012
Great chapter! Sorry it took me so long to review! Sick kid and hubby in the house this week.

I can't wait until they apprehend Zone, I'm really interested to hear what he has to say for himself...and how he will react to Squall being alive.

OMG, the "domestic partners" thing had me nearly in tears! Only Laguna could get so passionate about something and jack it up so bad! So funny. And Zell calling Zone a "dickbag" inner 12-year-old was howling. (Ok, and my actual 32-year-old self couldn't stop laughing either) :)

Can't wait for the next update!

Macmuffen chapter 85 . 10/18/2012
What? Is this an? Could it be? An update?
effect20 chapter 41 . 10/18/2012
So they finally have a small moment again. Squall contradicting himself almost seems like reverse psychology.

I can't wait to read your au. It's gonna be great. You shouldn't have anything to worry about you are a great writer.
effect20 chapter 40 . 10/16/2012
First off ...Camilla lmao. It's crazy if you find the right picture how close they look alike.

Great chapter. Rin calling Lauren will be awesome. Seeing squall and rinoa undressing each other with their eyes was hilarious only because zell caught on to it and was willing to leave. Gonna read next chapter on my break.

Ps squall said something about the will in passing. I so wanted it to blow up. But ill wait.
valjean jin chapter 85 . 10/14/2012
porfavor! i do hope it ends happy. i feel as if squall will die and it was all borrowed time. it was a terrific ride. i loved every minute of it! kudos again for your dedication. i'm looking forward to the new story. oh feliz cumpleaƱos happy birthday to your girl! thank you for the message and yes i did. :s

besos y abrazos - val
DragonGirl323 chapter 85 . 10/13/2012
Oh my goodness, I loved this! Zell is hilarious as always. That ending bit was perfect. I really can't wait until they go capture Zone. I know its going to be interesting. And Happy Birthday to your daughter as well! :]

effect20 chapter 39 . 10/12/2012
I think squall just started something bad. And zell was fabolous once angain . Playing jokester and somewhat mediator at the same time.

Sorry for one of my all time blunders. I didn't log in and smart type put thong instead of thing. Awesome.
Lina-Chan chapter 85 . 10/12/2012
LOL LMAO! Domestic partners Zone and Watts. Your family sounds so crazy. I loved this because of your Zell. I hart him so much!
Summoner Luna chapter 85 . 10/11/2012
I'm not sure what it says about my maturity level, but my favorite part of this was Zell calling Zone a "dickbag." I literally almost snorted coffee through my nose when I read that.


Back to being a grown-up, this is another wonderful chapter, and a wonderful display of your knack for dialogue. In all of the things you have written, my favorite chapters are so often the ones like this, where it's just storytelling through dialogue. You do a great job of balancing several characters in the same scene.
Ronin-ai chapter 85 . 10/11/2012
yup. that is SO Laguna, and a total scream. I was dying. seriously. good chap, and I love how Zell's always there to be the catalyst...for pretty much anything. some parts WERE a little tough to follow but not terribly so. Amazing that you've worked on it for this long and never gave up on it. Seriously, that's impressive. Maybe that's why I write so fast, so i can get it all out and done before i get tired of it or another idea takes its place. What i'm saying in my ass-backward way is that i have to admire your dedication in continuing to work on this story.

I also like how you've oh, so gradually worked squall into being a little more able and willing to express himself to rinoa without worrying about being overly demonstrative. he's sincerely trying with her, and committed to making their marriage work and that comes across beautifully. thank you for not giving up on this story.
Rinounafan chapter 85 . 10/11/2012
Glad to see an update! I'm sorry that I couldn't participate in the WIB challenge, but I loved all of the entries!

And to the review: I kinda felt like this chapter was all over the map. The side conversations (while hilarious) detract too much from the narrative. I felt like this chapter was more filler than anything else, and very little plot advancement took place. I'm sorry if this offends you, but it's just how this chapter came across to me.

Don't get me wrong, I still liked it but it wasn't as plot centered as the previous chapter.

Wow, three more chapters? I can't imagine how you must be feeling, especially since this story has been eight years in the making! I'm getting really excited for the finale!

Oh, and happy birthday to your daughter!
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