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x Euphoria chapter 81 . 1/16/2015
I have a feeling that Rinoa's dad found out about the Marriage somehow since Laguna submitted the papers orrr some one knows Squall is alive or something and Selphie called a billion times cause she knows this information too?

My mind is going nuts because who the heck "murdered" Squall and shot Zell. Like I can't even think of suspects. Lauren? But all she would gain is Commander which is good for her but I doubt she'd miss if she was a sniper. I forget where she was at the time. I'd say Zone so he can lock down Rinoa but he wouldn't do that too her plus they went to dinner at the time -_- i need to know who ahhhh.
x Euphoria chapter 80 . 1/15/2015
Oh god another incredible chapter. MORE TWISTS AND TURNS AHHH. I also died laughing when Zell said Lauren and Squall had a more emotional reunion that Sirtis finding out his "victim" was alive haha.
x Euphoria chapter 79 . 1/12/2015
Oh my god. What. what just happened wow. When I read that Eshtar is made in the shape of a spider I remembered it from the game and I'm just like. I don't have words my mind is so blown and I'm SO UPSET because I have to get ready for work. Wow. I'm saying it again I want to say like the last 20 chapters HAS to be some of your best work I'm just stunned on how incredible everything is adding up and not in the obvious way. You're amazing.
x Euphoria chapter 78 . 1/12/2015
You and you only I swear have made me into a big Zell fan. I'm so appreciative of how much of an amazing friend he is to Rinoa.

OKOKOK I KNEW He'd notice that Rinoa was married. I kept saying to myself last chapter take off your ring Rinoa someone please tell her to take it off before she goes in there! But geeze I got a chill down my spine when Sirtis said he was in line behind her in FH _.

I wasn't too thrown off that they sent Rinoa in there I honestly expected her or Squall to be put in there AND NOW I GET BOTH MUAHAHHAA. I shouldn't be this thrilled for the next chapter but you set everything up SO damn well I'm just so excited. I fell asleep halfway during this chapter last night _ stayed up way too late. OK OK I think I'm emotionally prepared now to read the next chapter.
x Euphoria chapter 77 . 1/12/2015
Not done with the chapter yet but just had to comment on some stuff before I forget! The way things Laguna says them and they just sound awful is always hilarious. Especially with Squall trying to ignore it as best as he can puts a smile on my face every time.

Alsooo it dawned on me when I was reading Cid will be there in two hours and Rinoa didn't want to hear Cid's input about their spur of the moment wedding. I feel like a spur of the moment wedding for Squall and Rinoa makes the most sense because it sort of suits him. Like for example him not being a awful dance partner, him jumping out into space to rescue Riona and then rescuing her again from being sealed away. Those were all things he just did because 1000% without a doubt he wanted to do them right then and there. So I think it just really fit them. :)

Squall as a two sided coin analogy was genius so perfect it fit shim so well.

But oh wow ok Finally finished this chapter. Crazy intense I'm so nervous like I'm so scared to read more but of course I will.
x Euphoria chapter 76 . 1/5/2015
Lol the Van from hell as a wedding present. Rinoa was right because there's still 13-14 chapters I haven't read for that to be easy :P
x Euphoria chapter 75 . 1/5/2015
UGHH The mission is starting I'm so nervous.
x Euphoria chapter 74 . 1/5/2015
I forgot to add this on my last review but Ellone thinking Rinoa was going to marry Laguna was by far my most favorite funny moment in any fanfiction ever. It was just so hilarious I can't believe I forgot to even comment on that.

Ok now on to review chapter 74. I honestly think these last like 10 or so chapters have been some of the best writing I've read from you or ever honestly. The exchange between Rinoa and Lauren was really good. I like picturing her as a female Squall that looks like Rinoa. I wish someone would have drawn a fanart of Rinoa and Lauren with their arms crossed at an oblivious Squall hehehe.

I also liked the little jab Squall had thrown in about her finding out he's married. OH and you just have to laugh at your chapter estimate of 80 ahaha :P
x Euphoria chapter 73 . 1/3/2015
Stop! No more beautifully written tear filled chapters. I can't handle it. I'm really glad that you wrote a wedding scene and it's not the -final- chapter makes it stand out from other stories :) But of course no one could really match this story hehe. The vows Squall had said were perfect actually every wedding detail was so fitting. :)
x Euphoria chapter 72 . 1/2/2015
So much awesomeness all in one chapter. I'm so happy that they are getting married you weren't kidding when you said things will be going pretty fast in these next chapters :) But I don't mind at all!
x Euphoria chapter 71 . 12/27/2014
AHHHH. I'm smiling so much right now. I feel like this could be a ending... you know if everyone didn't think Squall was dead and they had a murderer on the loose haha.
x Euphoria chapter 70 . 12/27/2014
I swear these chapters just get more beautiful each time. I need to re-read their night that Squall almost proposed to Rinoa. I remember the basics of what happened but it's been so long I want to remember everything!

These last few chapters surrounding the rings was pulled together really nicely. I'm just really happy that Laguna and Squall seem to be in a good place. How happy Squall was in this chapter made me think of when we saw him smile for the first time in the end of FF8. He seemed carefree and just at peace and that's all I could think of this chapter x).

I'm almost done! errr well caught up :P
x Euphoria chapter 68 . 12/21/2014
I was not ready for that chapter. The topic of Raine just makes me so sad. I'm just sooo happy that Squall asked about her though. I love Squall and Laguna moments and I think this is one of the best father son things I've read with them. It was really beautiful.

Also "Meeting her was one of those things you just don't plan but, after it happened, you can't imagine life any other way." :) this made me really happy to read that because it paralleled Raine/Laguna with Riona/Squall.

I'm excited about the zombies and how everything will turn out. But I have to get ready for work :[[[ wonderful chapters though!
x Euphoria chapter 67 . 12/21/2014
AHhh what a turn of events. I'm glad Zone was able to help out without realizing how much of a impact his knowledge made :)
x Euphoria chapter 66 . 12/19/2014
Geeze this chapter had EVERYTHING in it from the ring to a Kiros vs Squall spat and the awesome friendship between Riona and Zell. :)
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