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x Euphoria chapter 65 . 12/14/2014
Ok before this story is over you have to have Rinoa Silence Zell that would be amazing. Also there is absolutely NO other way for Caraway to find out about Squall. It's your best option for him to not think it's Squall :)))))
x Euphoria chapter 64 . 12/14/2014
Awww Laguna truly is one of the best characters. When Laguna offered himself as bait I just internally screamed nonononono. I like that you mentioned Caraway I think the way you described his willingness to be bait was really true to his character. Especially since he didn't go to Squall's "funeral" to comfort Rinoa the explanation for that was also spot on for him.
x Euphoria chapter 63 . 12/8/2014
! They are getting so close to figuring this all out. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds.
x Euphoria chapter 62 . 12/7/2014
Hii! I've been gone because I went on a trip to the east coast to visit family and when I got back I just worked all the time _. Ok first things first I missed reading! Secondly this line - "Rinoa had grown more analytic, where Squall had focused on trying more to live in the moment. Ironically, both would be influenced by the other even when they were apart." I really love because I can see that happening for future Squall and Rinoa. Thirdlyyy the part where they were on the balcony and Squall was like Rinoa I don't expect you to say anything and she responds with something along the lines of sometimes she doesn't have to. Then Squall finishes with sometimes I do. I loved that whole part. So so so much because it shows how much they have grown. I'm so proud of them.
Summoner Luna chapter 90 . 11/27/2014
I'm so late in reviewing this and I'm so, so sorry for that, because there is a lot of thickness in this chapter, as far as pulling in all the various threads you've woven throughout this story and winding them together... But my absolute favorite part (and I'm sure this comes of no surprise) is the conversation between Lauren and Rinoa. In a way I feel like you've been building to -that- this entire story as well...that these two women, despite being polar opposites and having met through a circumstance that should make them hate each other, are both mature enough to see the other person as an individual, and this conversation is such a beautiful reflection of that. It's such a humanizing element, which you have always been so good at, and even though the conversation is brief it speaks volumes.

And I love the insertion of Calling the Wind. I glanced through your reviews to see if I had actually reviewed for this chapter yet or not, and saw someone suggest that you should write that, and I love that idea. I would love to help with that idea!
Optical Goddess chapter 90 . 11/26/2014
I was pretty scared there at what Kiros' news was going to be. but now what does this mean? Poor Lauren, I kinda feel for her. If only she knew of the cover up of that failed mission long ago, which drove Squall crazy.
valjean jin chapter 90 . 11/11/2014
kudos on the chapter. i've been busy with uni and haven't been able to catch up. i'm mixed on citrus dying hopefully he can find peace. keep it up!

Lina-chan chapter 90 . 10/30/2014
Squeeee only 5 more! Zone is going to get it. They can take Laren too Update! 3333
effect20 chapter 90 . 10/28/2014
The real scary thing is if they did that Dunkin they probably would do the same to zone
Rinounafan chapter 90 . 10/26/2014
Holy crap, where have I been all this time?! I've missed so many updates! I'm gonna spend the next few hours reading the last ten chapters that I've missed! Expect a really, really long review from me!
LaylaEvercrest chapter 90 . 10/16/2014
I feel like you need to really write this book calling the wind. Apparently its a best seller! Happy writerversary! (since we are going with the whole made up word thing today.) The star trek thing doesn't bother me but I guess thats because I don't know anything about star trek. Can't wait for next five chapters. When its done it will be an end of an era... thats for sure.
RavennaAngelline chapter 90 . 10/16/2014
This is the best damn story I've read over the last several years, and knowing it's coming to it's end is slightly heartbreaking. It has the best characterization I've ever read, all of it has been so spot on with how the characters would react to different situations and I freaking love it.

Cheers for our happiest of decade-iversary!
Cat chapter 89 . 10/15/2014
I have been following nearly five years and love how you bring the characters to life. You mentioned an update but I have been unable to read. I do not have an account so I'm unsure if I'm missing it or it's not showing. I have been refreshing for hours and there is a new profile picture. This is why I think it's not showing for those not subscribed? I also checked twitter & Facebook and the last post was 14-10. Please let me know or post a direct chapter link.
chrisVIII chapter 89 . 10/14/2014
I'm sorry to review the chapter this late, but it was forming such a dense and complete unit with the previous one that I wanted to read them both twice before commenting. In the end, I can only say that it's perfect :) You've done an amazing job and even if the last update has been months ago and the story has started years ago, it is all consistent and easy to read. The plot is coherent and stays in mind, that in itself is impressive over such a long period of time.
I know I've said it already, sorry for repeating, but you are an awesome writer and I can only dream to reach your level :) *clap*clap*clap*
Rosa Heartlily chapter 89 . 10/11/2014
Great chapter - filled in loads of blanks about what happened in Esthar and why Rinoa left Balamb. Love Laguna and even Lauren has a human side!
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