Reviews for Memory
Rose7 chapter 66 . 5/8
Love Dustil's voice, he sounds very much like a young man... who is also Sith. And of course Dustil and Mekel, they're like magnets in any 'verse! Their banter is so fresh and youthful compared to where they're at in RP, it's really fun to read.

Love all of Revan's bitchy inner monologue. She is running out of f*cks, I think. But aww, her and sick!Carth. Love the flirting, and the anger, and the forgiveness.

Loved seeing Polla and Revan interact, can't wait to see all three of them together!
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 66 . 4/29
Golly I love your Kreia. I still see the quirky and independent Vima from Tales of the Jedi. She was fun and wimsy so I completely agree with your in the frack did she become such a manipulated witch. Atton's words not mine, of course.

And Revan and Carth bickering. For a moment I thought they were going to be having reunion love making but then the reality sinks in that Carth has the flu and... that's probably not a wise idea. Heh

Back to Dromund Kaas and the poor mixed up chop suey mind of Sheris. Yeah I agree with Polly, she sounds crazy. But then that craziness is something I love playing with Revan in my own story.

Ironically enough, I never gave much thought about Canderous in a bar for so many years. A parody of that would be a drunken Canderous. Hah. Anyway can't wait for the next chapters.
Ether again chapter 66 . 4/29
Oh yeah favourite line "Here. That makes us here."
So stark and romantic, too, and coming from Dustil. I've read that scene a number of times and still adore that line.
ether-fanfic chapter 66 . 4/29
Great as always. Particularly liked seeing the relationships and reunions come together. Revan/Carth and Dustil/Mekk are very different reunions and eminently satisfying.
I said before but I'll repeat, I particularly like the way you have shown the boys emotions through tiny details, like wide eyes, or a slight hesitation etc, rather than describing their emotions. It's such a great yay moment. And the fresher scene is hilarious. I feel like this reunion will ground Dustil- but it also isn't enough to bring him back I think? We shall see, anyway.
I didn't expect Carth and Revan to argue but oh boy it makes sense, and it's a good reminder of just how screwed up everything was when they parted. And Revan now has to wade through identity issues (again!) over being compared to BOTH other Revan and Polla. I reckon she will come through, and come to see that it's herself doing the comparing. Bound to happen.
There's still a few players left in the game. And an interesting cliff hangar you've left on the Aleema... I am wondering where Carth is going, if he'll crash from too many fever downs, and just how Vima will end up manipulating Dessa (unless I am not giving Dessa enough credit.)
And then there's other Revan back on Kaas! Will it work? Can't wait to find out!

(P.s. enjoyed the reminder in your a/n re: Revan book parody. Bastila's fate irks me as much as the complete avoidance of Carth and emasculation of Canderous-sitting-in-a-bar waiting for Revan. Not that there's anything wrong with withdrawing from the Order to raise your child - of course not! - but it really, really seems OOC for her. In fact, if it wasn't for the Exile being credited with it, I could visualize a Bastila Shan being the one to re create the Jedi order after the purges. A Bastila that was married to Revan would have had her innate primness and stickler for the doctrines tempered by her own realization of the strength of personal attachment vs the dangers... I'm waffling, now, but I reckon a Bastila left behind while Revan saved the galaxy wouldn't hide in a hole. She'd damn well go out there and keep the Order strong, however she could. Build something that Revan is trying to save.)
Rose7 chapter 65 . 4/23
Love all the little alien cultural stuff, makes the world feel very rich and real.

No matter who writes them or how many times, the Ballad of Dustil and Carth is never not heart-wrenching. Dustil's not just grown up now (which is hard enough), but he's a grown up who kills people.

LOL Mekel's such an unapologetic/untortured whore in this universe, I love it.

Great to see Carth and Revan together again! And sweet too, he's sick on top of it.
ether-fanfic chapter 65 . 4/23
Great expansion of Tenebrae. Very Revan-ish to snap like that, to try and pull a Dustil- but of course Tenebrae would push back.
Kreia is brought in well. I snorted at the 'Corporal Malak'. You have a great voice for Kreia. And I'll say again how much I love that Davad had such an impact on Polla-Revan - because Davad made such a great anti-hero.
So good to have Revan and Carth back together - and almost Dustil and Mekel! Yay for reunions, even if things are going to get tough again soon. It's gotta be confusing for Carth, having just spent time around Polla. But they're not the same people, and perhaps a less war-hardened Carth would have suited Polla, but Polla-Revan and this Carth fit together so well. Even if they have a whole raft of stuff to work through!
I'm really curious about the holocron. Is it just an AI of young Tenebrae, or is there some sentience in it? What does it say about Tenebrae's youth? Will be interesting to see where you go with it.
And I'm dying for Jaq to make an appearance again. The photo-snap at the end is a chilling way to finish the chapter, because we just know where that photo-snap is going to go, and who will be tormented with it.
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 65 . 4/22
This chapter so seems like your own head Canon as well as part of the Revan novel. There are so many parts to this chapter I am not sure what to review. I guess review my favorite parts that shine out to me.

It took awhile to click but Vima/Kreia being there. So happy to see Carth and Revan together again. It makes me happy. And happy to see Carth free from Vitiate/Tenebrae.

I had forgotten about Mission and the brain dead Twi'leks that I now assume host a bit of Mission's essence.

And interesting about the holocron that is the young Vitiate/Tenebrae. I am not sure if he was always evil. I know canon makes him evil at childhood but you seem to make him not an evil being.

Yes, there are a few typos in this. A few words that end up meshed together in italics.
Rose7 chapter 64 . 4/9
If I haven't mentioned it before, I really like your take on Meetra/the Exile.

Ooo, Kissandrix, nice strong entrance in an admittedly crowded field.

Valkorian! Awesome that you are bringing in more SWTOR stuff too!

I guess it changes from chapter to chapter, haha, but in this chapter, my favorite Revan is Polla. ;)

I continue to be amazed by your prolificness. I think all three parts of my fic wouldn't even equal half of the epic saga that is Memory!
ether-fanfic chapter 64 . 4/3
That's a really eerie description of Malachor V at the start. The visual description of hte sky, the mention of ghosts... really eerie.
Meetra and Oerin bracketing this chapter works well, given Kreia's agency here (I never know what to call her heh). But, damn, she escaped! And I'm waiting for Kreia-as-Atris to turn up too.
Valkorian is fantastic. Complete sociopathic indifference to the subjects he possesses, along with an absurd sense of amusement. You did a great job showing his reach by having him flick through all different sentients - and at the same time, move various parts of the plot along.
I hadn't picked that Cally was a possessed one (or I'd forgotten). Dustil and Inse were great - such a dark agency in hunting down and wiping out the possessed sents on their ship. Korrie - ahhh, I'm worried for him. Except he has Jaq in the shed. I'll keep my hopes pinned on that.
But as great as Valkorian was, the epic - EPIC - highlight was that space battle. So many threads. So much tension! Even though I knew you wouldn't kill Carth, I was still irrationally worried.
I also love how it was Rew in that third ship - I couldn't work out who that was!
For all of Milli's bravery, it seemed a lot more realistic that Rew's ship would overpower hers. Fortunately, she's just captured. For interrogation. Heh. Interrogating Mandalorians is always fun.
I wonder about Yuthura and Scourge, now. And HK. And Mission. Everyone on Kaas. Is it wrong that I snorted when Mydia ran saying "I have wonderful news!"
I think she was my favourite Blais at first. Then Phylus, who is undoubtedly the only one with some semblence of - honour or good or something. But I actually like Inse the best at the moment (although I hope she dies, cause she's dangerous and evil and stuff) - but she was very badass here. It's very good for Dustil that he is separated from her now.
"Hello, Tenebrae." - argh Polla-Revan and the emperor, at last.
Next chapter, at least - some reunions. Can't wait.
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 64 . 4/2
You had me worried for a moment that Revan, the real Revan was going to accidentally kill Carth in the process. Dustil is still playing a very dangerous game and is being an idiot admitting that he is more Dustil than Malak. However, since he's been so dark it's really hard to tell. Carth finally breaking free at last with the sickness and...the Emperor still powerful but I don't think he realizes that his power is slowly weakening some.
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 63 . 2/20
I get the sense that things are slowly coming to an epic climax. And Mekel...tsk tsk tsk...thinking that way about your first cousin, shame shame shame. Plus the fact she's probably old enough to be your mother. I wanted to cry over the loss of Vrook. Yea, Vrook annoys me but him being dead and the way you portrayed him made his stodginess less and his old fuddy-duddy nature is really the care of an uncle for Revan.

And Sheris needs to admit she's *NOT* Revan and just holds her memories. Her Force power is not on par with the true Revan and that's why she failed trying to open the tomb in the first place.

Poor Carth, this probably really grates on him, he's the Republic loyalist and he's fighting for the Sith.
ether-fanfic chapter 63 . 2/16
Great to see Mekel and Revan have a chance to get to know each other, as such. I really like that they seem to get on okay - I wasn't sure they would.
Scourge is brilliant. His treachery is perfect, both a great nod to canon and well-realized. I wonder what further part he will have to play in events.
And Mission and the computers - I have no idea how you are going to spin that out, but Mission seems out of her depth here. Still, there's that secret entrance into the tomb now...
Carth... ahh, Carth. That his only saving grace is the potential for having the plague is fraught with danger considering what Tenebrae does to his infected voices. Can't wait for the space battle. Poor Dustil, too.
Polla is fantastic, as always. Love her spirit, stuck in circumstances well beyond her control. Love the way she treats Scourge (although I don't think it helped Sheris-Revan's case any.)
At the end of it all, I can't wait for Revan to turn up and kick some arse. And for Polla and Polla-Revan to meet. That'll be awesome.
The broadcast... the broadcast was ominously fantastic. War has been unfurled.
Can't wait for more, as always. We can't be too far away from some much-desired reunions :-)
Favourite line: "You.. ..named yourself after a whip." Hahaha.
Rose07 chapter 62 . 1/26
I don't want to only comment on the RP tie-ins, because I do continue to love the internal struggles and shifting sands of Revan and Polla and Polla!Revan and Revan!Polla. But!

OMG Mekel and Millifar, ROFL. I don't think he's ever been with someone who took less of his shit before (except maybe Lash.) Kind of suits him! Millifar didn't want to find him irritating, but he was being irritating. - Mekel's life in a nutshell.

Love what an ass Azen is, but he's such a cold calculating bastard that you can't help but respect him. Looooove all Zabrak culture stuff with the indentations and the pearls, I am stealing those if I ever find use for them!
QuestionsForSome chapter 1 . 1/23
My biggest problem reading this for a long time is the overly long descriptions of how nervous, terrible or messed up they feel

It feels like they can’t be decisive about anything and reads more like a cancer ridden-fever patient on LSD

The prose is stifling when people talk or think about the situation they’re in. It doesn’t make for a good reading experience and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. On top of that, the mistakes that Mission-Bot makes at times seems incomprehensible, or when a millennia old Sith is picking up Polla

I’m still reading but these are my major points you should hopefully look over
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 62 . 1/22
And ach...darn autocorrect. I meant Jasp not Jason. lol
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