Reviews for Memory
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 63 . 2/20
I get the sense that things are slowly coming to an epic climax. And Mekel...tsk tsk tsk...thinking that way about your first cousin, shame shame shame. Plus the fact she's probably old enough to be your mother. I wanted to cry over the loss of Vrook. Yea, Vrook annoys me but him being dead and the way you portrayed him made his stodginess less and his old fuddy-duddy nature is really the care of an uncle for Revan.

And Sheris needs to admit she's *NOT* Revan and just holds her memories. Her Force power is not on par with the true Revan and that's why she failed trying to open the tomb in the first place.

Poor Carth, this probably really grates on him, he's the Republic loyalist and he's fighting for the Sith.
ether-fanfic chapter 63 . 2/16
Great to see Mekel and Revan have a chance to get to know each other, as such. I really like that they seem to get on okay - I wasn't sure they would.
Scourge is brilliant. His treachery is perfect, both a great nod to canon and well-realized. I wonder what further part he will have to play in events.
And Mission and the computers - I have no idea how you are going to spin that out, but Mission seems out of her depth here. Still, there's that secret entrance into the tomb now...
Carth... ahh, Carth. That his only saving grace is the potential for having the plague is fraught with danger considering what Tenebrae does to his infected voices. Can't wait for the space battle. Poor Dustil, too.
Polla is fantastic, as always. Love her spirit, stuck in circumstances well beyond her control. Love the way she treats Scourge (although I don't think it helped Sheris-Revan's case any.)
At the end of it all, I can't wait for Revan to turn up and kick some arse. And for Polla and Polla-Revan to meet. That'll be awesome.
The broadcast... the broadcast was ominously fantastic. War has been unfurled.
Can't wait for more, as always. We can't be too far away from some much-desired reunions :-)
Favourite line: "You.. ..named yourself after a whip." Hahaha.
Rose07 chapter 62 . 1/26
I don't want to only comment on the RP tie-ins, because I do continue to love the internal struggles and shifting sands of Revan and Polla and Polla!Revan and Revan!Polla. But!

OMG Mekel and Millifar, ROFL. I don't think he's ever been with someone who took less of his shit before (except maybe Lash.) Kind of suits him! Millifar didn't want to find him irritating, but he was being irritating. - Mekel's life in a nutshell.

Love what an ass Azen is, but he's such a cold calculating bastard that you can't help but respect him. Looooove all Zabrak culture stuff with the indentations and the pearls, I am stealing those if I ever find use for them!
QuestionsForSome chapter 1 . 1/23
My biggest problem reading this for a long time is the overly long descriptions of how nervous, terrible or messed up they feel

It feels like they can’t be decisive about anything and reads more like a cancer ridden-fever patient on LSD

The prose is stifling when people talk or think about the situation they’re in. It doesn’t make for a good reading experience and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. On top of that, the mistakes that Mission-Bot makes at times seems incomprehensible, or when a millennia old Sith is picking up Polla

I’m still reading but these are my major points you should hopefully look over
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 62 . 1/22
And ach...darn autocorrect. I meant Jasp not Jason. lol
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 62 . 1/22
Not good about the Biscayne sun going nova but it does make sense. All that energy from Nil and it has to release somehow. Makes me wonder if he's actually dead. Heh...the sun could go black hole and spit him back out.

Sheris is so wonderfully messed up in the head. I bet HK is going to be so confused when Polie Revan gets on Kaas.

Poor Polie Revan compelling every one and knowing it's wrong but doing it out of necessity. I wonder what will happen next with Jason.

And uhoh on Revan/Pollie with Tenebrae. And nice connection with Malak being fully possessed by Tenebrae on the Star Forge. It makes things so much darker and omnious in nature.
ether-fanfic chapter 62 . 1/22
So good to see Sheris-Revan waking up. Although, I really want to see some interaction between her and Dustil-pretending-to-be-Malak. Although it could be bad for both of them. Hilarious scene with Mydia and Inse.
The scenes with Beya, with Malak, and with Vrook were so very poignant. I'm very glad Vrook and Revan had a moment together, even if it was brief.
I enjoyed the brief resurgence of Sheris, too, even though it's still Revan in control at the end - as it needs to be.
Love the cameo of Mira and Hanharr. Also love the little details you've thrown in, like Atris(Kreia) now wearing her hair as Kreia did in the game.
Oh, the web of compulsion Polla-Revan finds herself in. She's so powerful, and with not enough control. I almost feel bad for the reporters!
I love the flashbacks of the Star Forge, dark as they were. Seeing the proof of Malak being so lost to Tenebrae - it's a fantastic spin on why he fell so far. I know this has already been made clear in your story, but Revan's realization that it wasn't just Malak on the Star Forge is very powerful.
And with that, and what led to Mission's death... so tragic.
I'm not entirely sure what Molla plans to do, my best guess is going after Jasp. I'm glad he seems to be okay... or at least, surviving for now.
As always, hanging out for more. Very much looking forward to seeing what Mekel and Polla-Revan have to say to each other, and all the reunions on Kass. Not sure if I'm looking forward more to Mekel/Dustil or Revan/Carth. Or even Polla-Revan/Sheris-Revan/Polla. Either way, it's going to be epic!
Rose7 chapter 61 . 11/16/2017
Aww, I love Jasp. He is so realistic and resigned. Too many awesome quotes of his to pull.

The flashbacks with Davad and Revan! They're so sweet and yet Sithy.

Mekel's clan! I am super excited because that is something I have never seen him become in all of the many universes he exists in, heh.

"Will Carth still love me if I have a monster eat his son? If he watches me destroy an empire? Her thoughts were half-hysterical. Revan wished she could blame that on nerves, and not reality." LOOOOOVE that. Such a Revan moment.

I'm sure I've said it a thousand times, but just to say it a thousand and one, love how you turned Polla into a real person in this fic, with her own life and personality and full backstory and jackass ex boyfriends.

Bao-Dur! "He had a rare smile. She remembered it because it happened so infrequently." That's him to a T. Or a B. :P

"Oh, I'll give you Malachor." HAH.

LMAO The Rappertunie Clinic!

"Mekel felt like a fracking knob-head on the bridge, but no one had told him to leave." As opposed to how he feels all the rest of the time? ;)

Apologies that these comments aren't particularly coherent or substantial, but I am always in such dizzied awe of your plot threads and how seamlessly you tie them all together that I feel unqualified to comment on them.
ether-fanfic chapter 61 . 11/13/2017
RIP Davad indeed. Wahhhhh.
As horrible as character death is, particularly awesome character death, we all knew this one had to happen - and you handled it with the grace, nostalgia, tragedy and even peace that Davad Arkan deserved. The slow building of the themes with the sun, falling, the blaster, and Malachor - especially Malachor - tying through the whole chapter made such a good build up.
"The only word Arkan had left." - Ahh, that line. And Revan, at the end, understanding.

There's a lot of other stuff in this chapter, but I think I'd better go have a moment to get over Davad.

Lol, okay, onto other stuff:
Love the Mandalorians. Milli's pragmatism dealing with her arm- or lack thereof. Canderous' reaction upon waking. Mekk the whole way through... I am expecting some grief to come from him soon in a snarky bratty way. Meetra re-appearing was a joy, surprisingly because she is a minor character so far, but she really worked. Bao-Dur sensing Nihilus' passing - for all that he's not open to the Force yet (...or is he? Thing with your fic, I'm not sure. That's a good thing). Very curious what Bao's part is going to be. Loved Kore betting on the Pinion, and seeing how he is growing up. Hope Revan doesn't miss too much more of him. Jasp... alive so far. The apple didn't fall far from the tree; this chapter is a great insight to his character. Loved that he pushed them to finish the Biscayne Hundred. And all the tech details superbly done, I could really see the race. Boy, Polla is going to deal with some fall-out once this hits the holo-news, I suspect she'll have some words with Revan (although it's Jasp's fault really, isn't it?)
Naming the ship... I've read that line countless times but it gets me every time - Call her Bastila. Call her Juhani. Call her Mission. The tragedy in those short words is a powerful foreshadowing for the rest of the chapter. For Revan may not remember him mostly, but Arkan was a bigger part of her past than the Hawk crew.

And now we have Atris!Kreia. This might be messy.

I can't wait for Mekk and Revan to catch up, even if it's going to be a bit of a mournful, angsty meeting - but I do hope they manage to get along a bit, at least. I hope Revan doesn't take Vrook's demise too bad. And I hope they get to Kaas soon before more bad stuff happens, I am still very worried for Dustil!
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 61 . 11/13/2017
This will be a short review... perhaps I will write more later as my phone is on a measely 10% charge and needs juice. could say it's hungry. Any way loved the way you set the run from Arkan and the murmur of hungry and Malachor. So original Arkan was your exile...that's rather interesting actually. Poor Revan and Jasp I think they are both going to need some medical treatment.
Cute Gallifreyan chapter 60 . 10/5/2017
Your chapters are always so long and take me a couple of days to read plus like my writing always filled with such details. For a moment I thought Sion was going to die. Poor Mikel still void of the Force. And blah...I think you wrote a bit too much detail on Sion. I am so glad my stomach was empty. Jasp and Revan that was sooo sweet. I think Jasp doesn't care if Revan isn't Pollie and he sees her as another family member.
Ether again chapter 60 . 10/3/2017
A joy to read again.
I love how we've seen the first ploy of Kreia open. You did a good job of teasing the reader into thinking Brianna was going to somehow fall for Kreia's machinations.
Ah, Revan/Davad. Love this arc. Davad's incessant hunger, undercut by an even stronger need to have Revan understand Kae's involvement in everything. The moments when Revan is almost overcome, and the nostalgia of the past. Truly, Davad cuts a tragic story, while making a fearsome villain.
And the way his voice turns normal at the end... so creepy.
Lots of feels with Revan and Jasper. Love that lull in the chapter, much as I worry for Jasper's health.
Mekel is all kinds of reckless awesome here. Losing the Force has ended up being a good thing for him - not that he'd ever see that.
And Oerin. Oh man, Oerin. Too much focusing on one monster and dismissing the other. This final arc is so powerful.

Favourite lines:
Frack that game.
Davad only knew the war would not end-not as long as the Force survived.
It's all fun and games until the Sith Lord notices you're lobbing grenades at him and comes and kills you-
Brave and uselessss-
No. Thank you, said Arkan. (So ominous).
The Awesomely Extreme Ultimate Guy? (hahaha)
How the frack do you like them ysalimari now, Lin?
ether-fanfic chapter 60 . 10/1/2017
Penultimate series finale!

Like watching the close of GoT s7, but better yet, no ridiculously long wait until the last run opens.

It deserves the length.

Will write longer review later, when I have a chance to reread.
Rose7 chapter 60 . 10/1/2017
Oh, man, that WAS epic. Loved how Revan is literally stumbling through the entire chapter, struggling to figure out what’s going on and find a way to victory.

I do love RP!Mekel, who is generally pathetic, lol, but I have to say, badass looks good on him too. Glad he gets to do so much of that in your doc and particularly this chapter!

Canderous and his wives will never not amuse me. I am afraid for him! Poor Millifar...
Rose7 chapter 59 . 9/25/2017
Okay, I know that if I try to leave a review for all 33(!) chapters I have missed, I will never finish, so I apologize that I am covering them not-at-all-adequately in this single review. But I followed the story, so from here on out you shall have my full attention!

You have truly created your own world here, in the best way. It's expanded and enhanced and enriched beyond the bounds of what an admittedly simplistic Star Wars RPG from 2003 could ever hope to be, and I honestly think that you could take this entire thing and file the serial numbers off and pull a serious Fifty Shades of Grey (except good.) But it also works amazingly on another level when I know the KotOR foundations, so who knows. TL;DR: You're an awesome writer. :)

I remain forever flattered that you thought enough of Lydie to make her stand here shoulder to shoulder among all your other creations. I really loved the bits you did about her very brief childhood on Iridonia too.

I think I have said many times before how much I love all the Mandies throughout here-Canderous and his wives, Oerin-but it is worth saying again!

Poor Carth, I love how long and hard he tries, though it just seems impossible from the outside looking in (or are we the inside looking out?)

OMG, the Jedi protest signs. I should not have laughed, but I did.

I love the reminder of how Yuthura went and perverted Mekel and Dustil's friendship-of course that is what the Sith would do, as opposed to the Jedi, who would just frown and be like, "Nobody make any friends ever!"

You do a mean Canderous! I feel like I knew that once, but I am reminded again. You do him really well! How did we never let you take a crack at him during RP?

Ooo, revived Oerin, yay! You do possession very well, so glad to see you are leaning on your strengths. :)

Carth's note was perfect.

I love all the shorter scenes you do, I need to do more of them. I think RP got me too much in the habit that every scene needs to be like 10 pages long, and they don't-they can be lovely and/or functional quick snippets and be just as effective.

Deeka! Deeka and Vrook! I can't speak coherently about how much loved that. Love love love that he justified it by trying to improve her mind.

Oh, I love the bit about how Lydie is comforted by having Marla nearby, since she's a relative (even if they aren't that close and she isn't supposed to have relatives.)

ROFL, love the meldrama of the Unofficial Coruscanti Underground Version!

I read Oblivion before this, and fell in love with Davad, so glad to see him taking a more active role in these more recent chapters.

Gah, poor Millifar. Revan's seemingly empty promises are of course no comfort.

Oooo, Thalia/Lydie! It totally worked.

Jopheena - Nayama! And the Temple falling down... you never even mentioned that you did it first, haha.

OMG Thalia's advice to Azen, perfection.

LOL I think you are the first person to think of Kreia as a mechanism to making sense. ;) But it works!

I love how you've built up Revan's family, both blood and extended and fake. It's very Star Wars-ian for one family to be this important/interconnected in the fate of the galaxy.

The Fragment is such a cool concept.

Oh, Malak, and Malachi, and Malak's new hope with Sheris.

Love how you're using Marla.

Oh my gosh, when Lydie woke up, and Azen told her, loved that. The ending, the bit about how she's always the one expected to stop Mekel, HAH.

Dustil's birth!

I am just stunned by your plottage. How you keep track of so many threads and make them all equally compelling and pay off in the end astounds me. I feel like my plottage is kindergarten crayon scribbles next to yours.

DUSTIL/MEKEL. As inevitable as the sunrise. 3

Loved how you handled Marla's death. I know you said you weren't sure about it, but I think chapter 44 was worth it.

Korrie remains one of the best written kids in fandom.

Oooo, I love ruthless Senator Azen Loanin. Hah, Lydie Loanin does sound ridiculous, or at least not as formidable... I love how you retain her sweetness, their age and knowledge differential. I could totally see her as a politician's wife. Reminds me a little of when she and evil Mekel were trying to play house for a while in Dussion.

The Blaises! I love how effortlessly you bring all these elements into your own fic, like they were always a part of it and we borrowed them instead.

Oh, man, Lydie, I don't know if you want to cheat on Senator Loanin, I don't think he will take it as well as he might in other universes...

The duels! I loved them.

You are bringing us up to KotOR2 so beautifully, I love that.

HAH, Azen sending Mekel to Hoth, of course. I love their plan to use everyone as bait. Also horrified. But mostly love.

Can't wait to see Katarr!
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