Reviews for Dream
Anthony W chapter 1 . 1/12/2012
Jeremy Suarez was perfect as Young Oscar!
Laura chapter 1 . 4/27/2010
r u going to finish this?
U can't leave us hooked here!
Laura chapter 1 . 4/10/2010
I don't know if u got any comments for this, but here's one:

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! That even I asked my friend to make up 2 more parts of this movie, I can't remember them much since we didn't write them down...

Keep up the great work, and I like how u choosed voices for the characters...but I see this is chapter 1, how do I get to chapter 2?

(if u have a youtube account u can reply to me at my account: lauramichelle1995)
Keri chapter 1 . 8/18/2007
very sweet story. it was very touching. a mom is also special, and always seems that way when it comes to a guy's mother. you didn't know what movie you got "is mommy sleeping" from. it was apparently from the movie, Independace Day. that's the only i can think of, and i thought of it rigiht when i read it.

very cool! i love shark tale, too. i know it wasn't the best to everybody, but it was great to me! and i know other friends who love it, too.
MartyCessna chapter 1 . 2/4/2006
This is a very cute story, it really reminded me that I do love Shark Tale. I haven't seen in in about a year, but it was my fave movie when it came out. Thank you so much!
golden-eyedwolf842 chapter 1 . 1/7/2006
Fabulous story! I really liked how you portrayed the characters. Was this a one-shot? If it is, hope you write more Shark Tale fics! :P
samus18 chapter 1 . 3/27/2005
Great story. )

You did a good job on the characters too, I could picture them doing the things they did. _

Don't pay any attention to people who hate this movie; this movie was GREAT! I know a lot of people say they're copying "Finding Nemo" or something, but tons of movies are made on land, so, they should make more underwater!

Anyway, love your story! )
WyldClaw chapter 1 . 10/18/2004
Great Shark Tale Fic.
Forever Young chapter 1 . 10/14/2004
Hey, I read your review of my story and I was like "Yay, another Shark Tale story on here!".

Aww, that was sad. I love that last line though, "What could to wrong in 5 days?" ) Are you going to continue or is this a one shot? and if it is a one shot, are you going to write more Shark Tale fics?