Reviews for Hugs and Kisses
Triple H Sucks chapter 501 . 7/29
very good! I just read all the chapters lol! :D

It took me like 5 months of reading it and nothing else!
Y2J chapter 503 . 7/5
Please never stop!
linda chapter 503 . 6/23
Had a thought, you have had it also. Since Shane cancelled "hightreal" for Dean to move in, Jericho & Stephanie should team up against him.

Other Bits: Stephanie is writing a book Should be very interesting.
linda chapter 503 . 4/29
Just wanted you to know this is sstill the Only wrestling story I read. Everyone who used to write seem to have dropped off the grid. So I thank you for keeping this going, even around your work schedule. I can be found on Facebook. Under my name & my pic is a white owl. I can't seem to get it to change. (damn laptop) Keep up the good work.
linda chapter 503 . 4/20
OYE. Chris did win. So that was cool. The rest not so much. Still sad about Daniel & Brie retiring, Don't care about Nikki & John. Happy as hell about WWE returning to the Womens Championship Belt, no more Diva crap. T/C
Levesque-Rollins823 chapter 503 . 4/20
I do feel bad for Steph she has worked so hard and Shane did abandon the company and Flynn is the mini me of Steph.. Can we get some Hunter and Britt please?
xBeautifuldisaster79 chapter 502 . 4/3
Amazing story! I finally just read it all :) You are a great writer hope to read more soon.
linda chapter 502 . 3/27
omg! I was so shocked at Shane's return. Interesting storyline & ouche I just burned my finger, damn that hurt. anyway storyline wise it is a doozy but I bet Linda is happy to have her son around again. Way too much fun with Grandkids! I don't blame Steph for being pissed off. Parting comment: Want Jericho to win at WM! Want Jericho to have storyline with Steph.
t/c linda btw: am on Facebook - Twitter still rejects my reality & uses its own.
Guest chapter 502 . 3/22
I feel bad for Steph she has worked so hard and it's not fair for Shane to come back and try and take it away.
Levesque-Rollins823 chapter 502 . 3/22
I agree I marked out when Shane returned!I love how you wrote it in this chapter! I have missed this story.. I can't wait for more.
Anon Reviewer chapter 501 . 2/26
Jericho & AJ Styles, Shane's return & WrestleMania season - SO much going on lately, so I hope you'll get to update again soon! Been following this story for a long time and I love it!
linda chapter 501 . 2/11
Congrats on hitting over 500 chapters! I think Everyone should give give YOU a Big "YES" chant! Sad about Daniel, just like Edge, they frakking better Hall of Fame him!
Good chapter sweetie, keep up the good work. t/c linda
Guest chapter 501 . 2/4
I'm so glad this is back, I freaked out when Chris came back to RAW! I loved seeing him and Steph together again.. I could do without seeing Vince so much though, I can see why Steph is so stressed out with him. Can we please have Hunter in the jeans again? Post more and soon
Guest chapter 501 . 2/2
I'm thrilled this is back baby! I loved seeing Chris with Steph again... I am so hoping for a Chris/AJ feud. I loved this chapter! Please don't wait so long to post again
linda chapter 500 . 1/15
I hate my laptop. I screamed when Chris appeared! I am excited. But not about Lesner or Owens. I dislike them both a lot. Steph looks happy these days
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