Reviews for Hugs and Kisses
Guest chapter 495 . 8/27
I love what is going to come next! I have to admit Seth is growing on me.. I love what Hunter has up his sleeve... I also have enjoyed watching Jericho on Tough Enough
Guest chapter 494 . 8/12
I love the compromise that Steph and Chris has made with Flynn! I love her and Kensy's passion for wrestling. I also love that Hunter and Britt are talking about starting a family.
linda chapter 493 . 7/25
Please tell me you watched "Sharknado"! Jericho was hilarious in his part as "Bruce",he actually had a pretty good sized part. Even tho he got got eaten, which pisssed me off, and as they were showing Tweets during the movie, he pretty much stole the show. Just a FYI only watched cos Chris was in it, latho the other cameos were funny. Oh oh also saw the HHH & Steph Snaple commercial! Very cute
Guest chapter 493 . 7/23
Such a sweet chapter with Chris, Steph and the kids.
linda chapter 493 . 7/22
Very, very sweet. Thank you for no Seth, Brock, Paul H., Bray.
I was sad about the Caddy tho, beautiful car. I am happy Steph is supporting & pushing her Divas, altho, I still think it should be called "the Women's Division or Women's Championship again. t/c linda
Guest chapter 492 . 7/1
I'm not a huge Seth fan but I'm a even lesser fan of Brock :( I love seeing Britt and Hunter together again and the kids are a chip off the Steph/Chris block..
linda chapter 492 . 6/30
Seth is sneaky. Like Dean better. Those kids are getting cuter all the time. Good work Nina.
Chermayne chapter 492 . 6/30
Great chapter!
Guest chapter 491 . 6/9
I love those Kids! Jericho has Stephanie's number# I hope that Seth does lose the title to Dean I'm not a big Seth fan!
linda chapter 490 . 5/27
Very good chapter. However did not see Mon"s RAW. I am getting tired of Seth, like Dean Ambrose. Would like to see Kane turn on the whole group & become the masked monster. He is kinda irrelevant in the corporate spot, this is a shitty prelude to possible retirement. I would like to see Hunter turn also. Against Seth. I feel baad for Daniel Byran.
Miss A.J a lot. Not sure about Dolph & Lana their 1st kiss was cute tho. Well, take care be safe!
Katie chapter 490 . 5/26
Love this story, always.
Chermayne chapter 490 . 5/26
Guest chapter 488 . 5/6
I also loved the podcast! those two have chemistry together and looks like they were having fun. I do hope Chris comes back and soon
Chermayne chapter 488 . 5/6
So funny! Loved it!
linda chapter 487 . 4/30
I love this chapter. Am gonna miss the Podcast. Bummer, but that's life. Love their interaction with the kids. Am tired of Seth & Co. Want Kane to turn on him. Take care.
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