Reviews for FF:TSW Convergent Paths
rigosantana3 chapter 1 . 7/25/2008
this is great so far. i like the opening and general plot. also how you introduced action early on. this has great potential and a talented author.
Ovo chapter 18 . 12/11/2006
E! *Flattened by surprise*

And here I was, I not expecting that. Neat!
count-lurkula chapter 18 . 9/27/2006
Wow! Finally, a new chapter is up! I look forward to reading it.
count-lurkula chapter 17 . 4/10/2006
This story introduced me to the awesome game series that is X-COM. I owe you a debt that I can't repay. Seriously.
Ovo chapter 17 . 2/25/2006
Noo! Lookout! :O

On the conversational note, I always considered it possible that baby could not exist in the same vicinity as phantom. So... er, actual reason noted. _

Back to being all reaction-y. Cheyenne. ;-;
weyland-yutani chapter 16 . 11/23/2005
Weyland_Yutani here...

It's been pointed out to that Aki's unborn child was the 8th sprit in the movie, and I neglected to mention what happened to Aki’s pregnancy. Well, after some thought, I decided to address this oversight: Aki was indeed pregnant, but after events at the Phantom Crater (for reasons that I will not go into at present), she lost the baby. This struck her quite hard, and is one reason she has immersed herself into her work, in order to try and get over the miscarriage. These things happen and they ain’t exactly pretty, but hey, that’s life. On the bright side, she does plan on marrying Gray and being a mother in the near future, there's the irritating little matter of defeating some alien invaders first...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! _
Penna Jones chapter 1 . 11/16/2005
I love this; I've always been a fan of this story, and of "Gaia's Gift", but there's one major plotline missing, and your dismissal of it leads me to believe that you didn't understand the end of the movie. Ready? Here we go:

Aki was pregnant. The eighth spirit was her baby.

That was why, when the phantom stuck its tentacles through her, the one through her abdomen was the one that turned blue first. That was where the baby was.

So... where's the kid?
Ovo chapter 16 . 9/22/2005
I like this one.

Action is fun, but hard, but rewarding, but such a pain, but... You get the idea.

But I like it. 'Cause... um, sneaking and fighting and alien critters. And stuff.
iczy chapter 16 . 9/2/2005
O.. another dream~ this is getting interesting

keep posting.
Ovo chapter 15 . 5/16/2005

Evil cults and LIVE! _

I like it!
LadyKayoss chapter 15 . 4/9/2005
Where *did* all your reviews go? How did you transfer this over? You didn't pull it down and reupload it, did you? That would cause you to lose all your reviews. Which is a shame, because you deserved all the reviews you got. I'm glad to see this is still ongoing, by the way. And this Cult of the Spirit sounds intriguing. And very, very sinister.
weyland-yutani chapter 1 . 4/5/2005
Where have all my reviews gone?

*scratches head*