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tanithlipsky chapter 27 . 1/23/2013
Havelock Vetinari chapter 15 . 2/13/2010
This... white haired person has appeared three times. First, he appeares beside the high priest. Then, he rescues mokuba from the shadow realms. And now, as the thief kings accomplice.

Just one question? What is going on!
Havelock Vetinari chapter 13 . 2/13/2010
So... Kaiba gets the demon cards? But Yugi got the god cards and maintained both his dark magicians and his sanity.

Will Kaiba retriave his sanity and his blue-eyes? Or am I on the wrong track entirely?
Havelock Vetinari chapter 11 . 2/13/2010
Has Seto Kaiba gone insane? What has happenned to him...rejecting Blue-Eyes. Oh, BTW, will Blue Eyes Shining Dragon show up later? I know you're going by the manga, where Pegasus/Maximmilion(depending on which one you read) is dead, but I think that Blue-Eyes Shinig Dragon could still show up. It is, after all, the only card that can stand against any of the God/Demon/Sacred Beast/Sphinx cards.
Havelock Vetinari chapter 2 . 2/12/2010
I'm glad someone finally decided to write this... I wouldn't be able to, I've already tried. I've always thought that, well, look at what Kiaba has been able to achieve without a millenium Item. The only people he ha EVER lost to all had Millenium Items, allowing them to pretty much cheat, and yet he is still able to come so close to beating them, time and time again, and actually beat one once... with a small amount of the Rod's help. With an Item, Kiaba would be able to beat Yugi without a "Pyramid of Light". But, you're right, he wouldn'twant one, at first.
Darkwitch17 chapter 1 . 11/5/2005
I love it!

Please update soon1
Asj Johnson chapter 27 . 9/9/2005
You lost the story?

Um... That's why you should make copies. Duh...

I must have like 50 pages of junk from thinking up, copying, editing, and re-editing my chapters...

documents on two computers and a lot of printed out and hand-writen pages.

I know what you mean when you say you're not interested in the story anymore. That's what I always seem to do... I've found half-finished stories I've started from like 8 years ago and I wish I could read what happens next because I don't remember.

I just hope I CAN finish stories and that's why I'm writing my little Kaiba fic. If I can finish that story, then I can finish others, too.

Actually, I like the quick summaries. _

Some chapters sound really good and I'd like to read them with a lot more detail, but reading so many chapters in so little time is hard.

A lot easier when I find a new story...

I like the time thing you have. Three timelines in one? That's interesting and almost impossible to truly understand.

Time Travel and memories are two of my favorite things. Well, usually not the really old ancient type of memories, but... I don't know. I like to see emotion. Things like childhood memories. But also the dual memories thing is cool. The time thingy.
Asj Johnson chapter 26 . 9/9/2005
"I mean, why do I continue to write it? It’s not an original work; its use as a writing exercise is winding down; doesn’t appear to be any new readers; and honestly I thought I’d be done by now (at least written through all the scenes I had originally planned). I’m sorry for whining but I do fear my future: there’s not a lot of room in the business world for an aspiring fiction writer, especially in this day and age. I’m just scared and depressed. And reminded how lonely I am (Accused Valentine’s Day!). (I truly wonder how you readers actually 'see' this story? Does it really work, the fictional magic? It's hard to reverse engineer in my mind since I know what's going on but how do you see what I see? Perhaps you don't..)"


I'm a new reader. _

Hmm... I wonder a lot what readers really see in my stories.

I guess that I see a mystery here. Kaiba gets the rod and all the sudden he's all "Yep. I believe in magic now." that's so not like Kaiba. And then you have that Nadia girl and Serenity who seem to have something to do with Kisara. Then there's Bakura and his new friend... And they seem to have some type of control over Mokuba. And what happened to Yugi...? He lost to Mokuba and then Yami disappeared? How come no one notices Tea's absence and why in the world does Kaiba, or Sethos, want her anyway? What's up with those three new Monsters? Who's in the right, Sethos or the Pharaoh? And what happens in Egypt to make Sethos rebel against his friend?

That's my thoughts. The things that stand out and the things that interest me. I have a few thoughts about what could be happening, but nothing for sure yet.

And, there's always people that want to read - right? What's wrong with being a fiction writer?

I'm writing my Kaiba fanfiction to finally prove to myself that I can write something worth-while and to prove that I can finish a story. No idea when it'll be done, or even what will happen next, but hopefully no one can tell. _~
Asj Johnson chapter 25 . 9/9/2005
"And what happened to reality during these latest shows? I’m scratching my head wondering what kind of intuitive jump I need to make with my logic to watch what’s unfolding? (An entire airplane empty? Seto and Alastor dueling on top of a 747? How the heck did he get aboard, or remotely near, a KaibaCorp plane anyways? My head hurts.)"

Hee, hee, hee.

Dartz has powers. That's what happened there.

Hmm... This story is so interesting...

I can't tell who the bad guy is and who the good guy is...

Is Sethos actually Kaiba, or is he someone else?

what's up with all this fighting against the Pharaoh? If they were so close, then what's up?

In the present, Sethos is trying to take over the world! If he only wanted equality, then that has already been completed...

About the story, my favorite parts are the ones about Kaiba and Sethos.

The duels are somewhat boring. - Especially when you describe every single monster.
Asj Johnson chapter 19 . 9/8/2005
Well, now I'm confused.

Sethos has a heart, huh? How could be be nice some times and mean others?...
Asj Johnson chapter 18 . 9/8/2005
Grr... That Priest guy... He sounds so evil...

But maybe it's just me... It just seems like he won't tell the whole truth, and that's disturbing.

I'd like to know where the REAL Seto Kaiba ended up.

And looky here... A rematch between Bakura and Nadia?
Asj Johnson chapter 6 . 9/5/2005
Heh. I've been thinking about having a duel in my story, but not like that one... Such a good plot you've made...

Mine is more limited... Unless I invent something. But the timing would be bad.

I'm amazed at how clear I can see the images... I don't read much fanfiction where that happens. I'd like to know how you do it.
Asj Johnson chapter 5 . 9/5/2005
Wow... This story's so interesting...

Dead Memories... Heh. It's a familiar theme.

I wonder if I can make my own memory scenes so fascinating.
Aquawyrm chapter 12 . 8/23/2005
So I can come back to this later. It's half an hour past midnight here, and I can't be caught staying up late, unless I want to get in trouble, that is. . good fic! .
Green Phantom Queen chapter 27 . 8/9/2005
Alright, so I'm not really good at romance stories yet (it's my first one ever) so I'm trying my best. I still think that this is a really good story (so keep working on it.) UPdate soon so we can see the output on the vision.
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