Reviews for NotSoMuch Fate
Nelarun chapter 4 . 2/21/2010
There is something hilariously brilliant in this story! I love it! I almost feel sorry for Qui-gon having her destroy his faith in flying, and the poor Count. Brilliant!

Dancing-Pinky-Flower chapter 1 . 5/21/2006
I love this thing. I read it 3 times now and I cant get over you're character. quite like me in the inside. Luvs
Fawks and Naurin chapter 4 . 3/30/2006
"I squeaked. It was an interesting noise." Ha! nice. That pretty much sums up a Marry Sue, eh? Well done, old chap, wot wot!
Fawks and Naurin chapter 3 . 3/30/2006
Oh man. I can't even imagine being Qui-Gon in that situation. Don't you just want to kick Charm in the butt and give her an award at the same time? Thanks for the up date on this story. It really is quite amusing. Keep up the snazzy humor. snazzy like a type of music. ha.
Fernpelt of PlainsClan chapter 4 . 3/27/2006
LOVE this story. I loved the whole dooku and charm fight!
Scribe of Anadril chapter 2 . 2/5/2006
I love Mary-Sue bashing. And the stupid thing is when most people do Mary-Sues it's actually themselves. Now all you need to add in are the really stupid getto talk and the !1!11 and your Mary Sue will be compltle.
spirithp chapter 2 . 10/22/2005
love it!laughed way to much!Hurry up with next chapter!
Mouse chapter 2 . 10/6/2005
Love it! 'absolutely oozing normalacy' lol. This story is awesome. More please!
villainous chapter 2 . 6/27/2005
Love it, please update!
wheee chapter 2 . 5/31/2005
please,please please update, i'm begging you. it's so funny . i've read all of your other stories but this one is one of the best. hee hee pepperspray! . Well instead of repeating myself, i'll just end with a prayer for another update.
AgentPadawanMax chapter 2 . 4/24/2005
Yayayay. Excelent!
Elixir Phoenix chapter 2 . 4/24/2005
This was a good chapter. I liked the part where you (the author) played with the blaster. A little 'idiot plot' but nothing really bad.
Cael Fenton chapter 2 . 4/24/2005
So sweet it's giving me a toothache. Qui-Gon's reaction to pepper spraying effectively establishes his future relations with ya self-insert. Superbly parodied Suefics, no Jess, I don't think you needed to apologise to them...ack, i'm getting off the subject before I start ranting...yes, anyways, cool dialogue. Rock on. Cool, unpolished yet neat and witty dialogue, much like a Dadaist painting. Ah, I can see this story going in such an entertaining direction if yr narrator had poured out her poor scarred heart and soul to Padawan Jinn, but fortunately for her she didn't. 'He looked almost bemused and I could see that glazed 'love for pathetic life-form' look beginning to flicker in his eyes...I wanted to hit him' i do love that line, one of the points where Qui-Gon is truly and fully developed as he is character-wise in this story. and puking onto Qui-Gon would really nicely top off the pathetic life-form thing eh? Quite horrific when you think about it properly though.

i want more!
Cael Fenton chapter 1 . 4/24/2005
Well when I first read this a few months ago, I didn't know what to make of it, to be honest. So I decided to keep my mouth shut until I could get a handle on whatever was going on.

But this is seriously cool. I'm pretty sure all of us, have at one point or another, written a Mary-Sue, usually years ago, when 'Fairy Princess' was still a viable career choice. Myself, I wrote a 7-chapter sci-fi Mary Sue aged 6. I shudder at it now, but *shrug* it seemed a good idea nine years ago. You've cleverly used a gently incisive, self-depracating wit here to create lots of dry humour. Great chapter all round.

The description of Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn was rather underplayed though. Could have been keyed up a bit to add the MS factor, though I suppose this being an introductory chapter, that'll come later. Well done.
AgentPadawanMax chapter 1 . 4/22/2005
Oh, Miss Jess! Where art thou? No update! I probaly bug the pants off you by "reminding" you every time I "see" you. Heh. Sorry about that. But, you see, I like this. And I don't like when I find a story that I like and then, BAM! the author doesn't continue.
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