Reviews for The Doorway to Many Worlds
fred chapter 1 . 9/28/2014
Love it so far, but I'm anticipating finding out what's wrong with Harry.
sammy chapter 22 . 10/23/2013
This story made me cry so many times it is really good though and u are a fab writer it is a great story and i enjoyed reading it even if I did well up at times ;)
avid reader chapter 22 . 10/8/2013
I don't know if you come back this way, but if you ever change your mind... You have me interested in a sequel. I really loved your premise. The plot line was amazingly well done. The characterization true to character. I am glad you allowed Ron to grow and mature
EmeraldEmbrace chapter 22 . 7/26/2013
I really loved this story, the ending for the other world almost killed me but I did really enjoy the story, especially how it was Ron who got to have the big adventure
I know it's been really long since you've posted anything on here, and I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you do then I want you to know that I love this story, and if you wanted to write a sequel about how they tried to change Hogwarts, then I'm sure I'd love that too ;)
avid reader chapter 22 . 6/11/2013
Perfect story. Perfect ending. Usually, I don't care for ambiguity. Here, it seems necessary for the story to make sense. A sequel would be nice.
lovemya2000 chapter 22 . 4/23/2013
Other Than The Disappointing and conclusionless endings to both The Alternative And Real worlds it was an enjoyable story . I do wish you'd make A Sequel With A more Satisfying Ending ,Though .
steve chapter 1 . 9/16/2009
The day I read hermione reffering to her mother as "mom" in JKRs books is the day i accept it in fan fiction.
Bluerain22 chapter 22 . 9/10/2008
Very well done story! I'm happy someone reced it on Checkmated. It was sad but at the same time I'm glad Harry and Hermione didn't survive. I think it would have been horrible if Ron went back to his world and they had to deal with the horror by themselves. Poor Weasley family!

Thanks for sharing. I know you said there wouldn't be a sequel but I'd love to read one! Especially to see Draco go to right side!
LaughSpazm chapter 22 . 1/12/2008
Okay, so I just came across this story and I absolutely loved it! You had me scared there those last few chapters. I was like "No, Ron has to get back!" and then it was all happy and I was like "YOU ROCK!" So yeah, you rock, and thank you for writing this story so I could read it and be all happy (albeit tired from staying up late reading it). Thanks again, I really really liked the concept of this story, and it was written very well. Keep writing!
Born-Slippy chapter 22 . 4/18/2006
Awesome, very cleverly used the multi-dimension concept. Just a shame most of the story was so damn depressing; i know Evil had to win in the other dimension but coudnt those still loyal have made some spectacular if futile last stand rather than waiting to just die. It wouda been cool but anyway thats not really point. A really well put-together and thought out story with good charecterisation and an excellent conclusion, just one or two very minor niggles to point out. Just struck me as strange that Harry didnt carry a wand with him at the end. Sorry not a great review but im having trouble organising my thoughts. Really excellent stuff 9/10
Born-Slippy chapter 19 . 4/18/2006
I havent yet mentioned how cool and depressing story this is and some insperation it has given me for a few scenes of my own story. I really like the way youve portrayed Snape, even though hes only been in a few scenes. I cant wait to write my "rise up and fight" speech now. This has gotten me very motivated now cheers. Oh and an excellent if sad story .
manitcse2005 chapter 22 . 12/29/2005
Terrific story. I finished it in one sitting. The Harry and Hermione in the other world, where things went wrong - I feel so sorry for them. Specially for Hermione to have lost Ron. Her character was so wonderfully written, her grief so wonderfully portrayed... it would make anyone shed tears for her . You sure are a genius.

I just can't stop praising to think that I would have never come across this wonderful story if I had not read the list of recommended stories in the checkmated forum.

Hope to see more wonderful stories from you.

In case , you ever are in need of a beta, you can contact me at I would love to beta your stories.
evilbeckles chapter 22 . 6/19/2005
wow that was brilliant. readly well done.

i think thats the longest story ive ever read.
evilbeckles chapter 6 . 6/16/2005
wow thi is brilliant so far. not enuf time for me to fiinish it thogh si will come back but el dont :D
Sir Gawain of Camelot chapter 22 . 6/11/2005
i loved this story so much! i cried when harry and hermonie died. i really did. you wrote all different types of scenes so well and put the together so nicely. this is going on my favorite stories list. you wrote ron so well, you gave him a personallity that he really didn't have in the books. i don't mean that he was out of charactor, i mean you really built on the personality that JKR give him.
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