Reviews for A Second Beginning?
Legendary Biologist chapter 1 . 10/2/2016
I'm pretty sure that this is a game-verse fic? But either way, it's fine.

I enjoy Brandon's/Grave's pondering about peace. For sure, Grave needs a break, and through the portrayal here, he sure yearns for peace. Unfortunately, he still has Mika to protect. Meaning that his job isn't (or perhaps, will never be) over yet, although Harry has been overthrown and their desire for revenge has been quenched.

And how Mika influences his life is a sweet one. In the series, it's Mika who always makes him think more about life.

[to shoulder the weight of the coffin?] - I really like this one. It highlights that his coffin weapon platform is a heavy thing.

[Right, Wrong. / Good, Evil.] - Along with the following line, this is what that defines the grey side of Grave's morality. He does everything to protect his family, including killing.

I think you've captured Grave's voice very well here. Slow and a bit philosophical/metaphorical. The metaphor of the Cerberus pistols is fitting for his voice. However, I do think that [caresses of a lover's hand] seems to be out of place for Grave. He doesn't think much about a lover; instead, he thinks a lot about the people he protects/his family. I mean, replacing the word [lover's] with something more fitting for a family will work better for Grave's voice.

Another thing I notice is the usage of [befall]. It's to indicate something bad happening to someone, so here, you can simply replace it with [suffer].

Also, [stoically] is redundant here. Grave's stoic nature can be conveyed simply by not giving him any speech.

That aside, this is nice, short fic!

Since Gungrave fandom is pretty dead, I thought you'd be interested in joining this forum. The forum is called "The Plight of the Little-Known Fandom", a support group for authors for small/dead fandoms. Here's the link:

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Shell Presto chapter 1 . 2/22/2005
Your fic is short, and I'm not sure that it's exactly in Grave's tone, (I couldn't see him saying his jacket is like the caress of a lover's hand, although it is a good comparison), but I do think it brings up a lot of the questions he would ask himself. nice job.
DEATH BEYOND THE GRAVE chapter 1 . 11/5/2004
Nothing like some stories about good ol Grave. You really nailed that tragic stoic character of his. I hope you continue this.
Beckster chapter 1 . 10/28/2004
Short, sweet, and simple, yet still says alot. I feel as if Brandon was cheated out of living his life as he saw fit. He put everyone first before he even allowed himself to live & love & be free like just about everyone else. Harry got to love, was able to marry that person he loved, and in some ways, had that freedom even if it was power brought on by his greed. I feel that with having to look after Mika, has made Brandon/Grave open his eyes up a bit more than what he did while alive.

Anyways, nice fic!