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iolah chapter 2 . 10/26/2004
oo im exited!

please please please update soon!
Moon Comix chapter 2 . 10/26/2004
YAY! good chapter!

and i was just wondering, will all of the suggested charactors be real people or will some already be agents?

update soon!


Moon Comix chapter 1 . 10/25/2004
hey, good start y'all! and ok, i'll go for the OC thing, y'all don't have to put him in if y'all don't want to.

Name: Shawn Rodgers

Appearance: short Brown hair, green eyes, tall, black t-shirt, black body warmer(a woolen jacket with no sleeves and it can zip up), black baggy pants, white trainers

Age: 12

Numbah: 4, i know that Wally is Numbah 4 but he could be Numbah 4 of a different secter, that or 7

Location: Australia but does not have strong accent

React to becoming cartoon: would be confused for about five seconds then yell 'COOL!' alot for a while, then just act naturally which is laid back, a bit of a combo of Numbahs 4 and 5

Conversation: S:Hey Wally

W: Hey shawn, whats happenin'

S: nothing much, so how are y'all and Kuki doing... hehehe

W: WHAT ARE YA TALKING ABOUT? There is nothing happening with me and Kuki! Whop told ya that? she just owes me a quarter!

S: Chill man! i was kidding (to himself) not

W: anyway, what did ya think of that last mission?

S: oh, changing the subject i see


Fan of couples: MAJOR WALLY/KUKI! and some Nigel/Abby

Extra info: Shawn is a nice guy who always makes jokes but they are actually good, and he is good friends with Wally, they could know each other or something. He gets along with everyone and likes to tease Wally about his crush on Kuki.

ok, enough about Shawn, to the chapter.

good writing and i think it will be a good story!

update soon!



p.s. i have a couple of KND stories, could y'all please read them? its just that they need reviews! THANX!
dream0fmirrors chapter 1 . 10/24/2004
I love your story,please can I be in it?


Appearance:Long curly brown hair with blond in the middle,dark dressed in blue jeans and black sleeveless shirt.

Age:12(I'm actually 14,but I wanna be a KND)

Which numbuh desired:13


How would you react to becoming a cartoon?:I'd start worrying for my sanity.

Shortly describe the conversation with 1-5 and you:

Sue:What the heck...where am I?

Numbuh 1:We're asking the questions here, are you?

Sue:Numbuh..*gulps*The Kids Next door?But...but...

Numbuh 3:*whispering*Do you think she's ok?

Numbuh 4:No..

Sue:I must be dreaming.*turns to Numbuh 4*You!Hit me!

Numbuh 4:Eh?

Sue:Hit me now!*pushes Numbuh 4 down*

Numbuh 5:*grabs her from behind*

Sue:I don't understand...lemme go,I wanna go home!

Numbuh 1:You're not going anywhere until you tell us who you are and what you're doing all we know you might be a spy.

Sue:Look,I don't know how I got here...I was in my room,I fell asleep watching TV and the next thing I know I'm here,looking like a badly drawn comic character!

Numbuh 1:Oh please!Do you actually think we're buying any of this?


Numbuh 1:You're not going anywhere until we check your story 4,you stay guard and don't let her escape.

Numbuh 4:Got it Numbuh 1.

Sue:Fine!*corsses arms and sits on couch*

And the rest is left to you:)

Pls,pick me!And my e-mail is darkravenwhite I'd love it if you'd write to !
woogum10 chapter 1 . 10/20/2004
Name: Alex Ikeuchi

Appearance:Spiky hair,Blue T-shirt,Tan pants,White shoes


Numbuh 7

I live In Hawai'i, Big island, Honoka'a

How I would react:"oow... What happened... AAH! How did I become a cartoon?" And after that, I would drop a piano on my head and make that accordian sound for fun.(just kidding)

I would not listen (maybe I have ADD) , Hate it if #4 starts to use that attitude on me and if anyone gets me angry I'd be like #3 in operation lice

I like 3 and 4 pairing
Numbuh 373 chapter 1 . 10/19/2004
Ooh! Ooh! (raises hand) Pick me! I'm only kidding!

Name:Vina Cristobal

Appearance: black thick shoulder-length hair, blue shirt, dark blue jeans and sneakers


Which Numbuh desired:373 (duh)

Location:Hawaii! YEAH!

Reaction:Totally awesome!

Describing conversation with Numbuhs One-Five and me:Well, it would be like being annoying to Numbuhs One-Five (mostly Numbuh One)

Do you happen to be a major fan of or any other pairing?:Yes! It's my #2 fave, next to my Numbuh 1 pairing, 2/5! Yeah!

I love this story! This is so cool! Continue, please.
Jessiejames chapter 1 . 10/19/2004
Name: Sonia

Apperance: 5'0, Midlength curly black hair, tan. Favorite outfit: Black Jeans, Purple short sleeved short with New York in white on the front, and black tennis shoes. Hair in a ponytail with a white scrunchie.

Age: 10 (not really but you know)

Numbuh: 3415 (Intel)

Location: Florida

I'd be happy to become a cartoon. I would be pretty calm about it.

No. 3: There's a stranger outside the Treehouse . Hi, stranger! *waves*

No. 2 (over speakers): Hey you down there. Who are you?

*All get into elevator to come downstairs with weapons in hand.*

Me: I'm Sonia and let me guess you're *points to each as she names them* You're Nigel Uno, you're Hoagie Gilligan, you're Kuki Sanban, you're Wally Beatles, and you're Abigail Lincoln.

No. 1: How'd you know that?

Me: Truthfully? Its...

All: Its...

Me: Its a...

No. 4 (getting annoyed):Its a what? Cruddy sheila!

Me (grinning): Its a secret.

No. 3 and I giggle and No. 1, 2, and 4 shake their heads and No. 5 rolls her eyes.

No. 1: All right. We'll trust you..for now.

Me: Okay!


I am a major 3/4 supporter. I also like 1/5, hence my Numbuh. Hope I get picked. Bye!
Chief34 chapter 1 . 10/18/2004
Name: Joey

Apperarance: blond hair, white skin, orange t-shirt, black shorts.

age: 12

numbuh 43

location: Georgia

reaction: normal

Conversation: If they talk to me i'll often just say Sounds good - What's in the fridge

I'm a major fan of 3/4.

Great chapter. Update soon.
iolah chapter 1 . 10/18/2004

Appearance (not only hair, etc. but clothing as well):Black hair, dark blue eyes,pale skin, black hat w/ flames, black shirt w/ a clown that says " normal people scare me" jeans, mismatched socks, black shoes

Age:12(its the only thing that would work that is remotely close to my name:))

Which Numbuh desired:numbuh 9

Location (if in USA please tell state):Alaska

How you would react to becoming a cartoon:cool!

Shortly describe the conversation w/ 1-5 and you: me and her get along well although she thinks im a little too optimistic

Do you happen to be a major fan of or any other pairing? Please specify: 3/4 is the best! i also like 1/5 although im not opposed to 1/lizzie ext

this is a great idea, i love your storys please update soon!
bucksfan3401 chapter 1 . 10/18/2004
great story so 's a great gives the reviewers a chance to get involved in the we go:


Appearance-blond,shoulder length hair,A.J. Hawk's jersey(buckeye jersey, #47, red w/white stripes on sleeves)baggy blue jeans


numbah-47(the fanatic one)


reaction-i'd be a bit freaked out at first, but after reality set in, it'd be pretty cool

conversation-lots of 'um's and 'so's.i'd ask if they're OSU or michigan any of them were, it'd be 2.i'd yell something about how bucks are better(i'm fanatic,forgive me!)and then return to normal

pairings-3/4 is pretty cute, but i totally love 1/5 better!other pairings are ok as long as they don't interfear with my pairings

thanx, if you read this far, and go bucks!
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