Reviews for Bones of the Matter
solaas chapter 1 . 10/22/2004
I like this. I'm holding the door open for a slightly different Hazel in the manga (and thus take liberties galore when I write him), but this is certainly what he seems to have been in the anime, and the others' responses are...yes.
Sariyuki chapter 1 . 10/21/2004
I always love your drabbles because they always cut deep into my heart. But this one confused me a bit (maybe because I haven't come across Hazel in the manga nor anime, yes, I need to catch up soon). This is Sanzo's POV, yes? Who was "another righteous, holy man"? Did he refer to Hazel? Or Hakkai?
incandescens chapter 1 . 10/21/2004
I _like_ that.

(And I don't like Hazel, either.)
kanzeyori chapter 1 . 10/19/2004
o, nice stuff. and for you, here's the 58 ficlets I've posted on LJ...

Hakkai/Gojyo for Aki4's first line:

[set during the Rikudo arc]

Theirs is a kitchen love. Or perhaps, rather, the space where a kitchen should have existed to contain it.

Rather, their current room doesn't have one; Gojyo's always one to stay near the hearth for warmth on cold nights but he doesn't have any heat to spare from the rain and Gojyo asks the serving maid if he could warm her bed with her. Here Sanzo yells at the kappa, for disturbing his sensibilities, when all Gojyo-san was trying to find was a comfortable place to sleep.

He thinks, to himself, to find someone who doesn't mind cold feet.

He thinks, perhaps, he will stay awake tonight.


-Gojyo opened the door, and kept himself first, like a shield. The youkai they found were eating the guts out of a disembowled man, and the dark part of him thought how appropriate and laughed and laughed and.

"A kitchen isn't a place to eat things!"

He thought, inanely, that it's not like Gojyo follows the rule himself, sneaking bits over shoulder and under his arm though it not like he stops him, but.

"Gojyo behind you!"

But first they'll remove these trespassers. They do not belong here.


Kenren/Tenpou for [info]lebateleur's first line:

Kenren was good at doing a good many things. At least forty-two of them were horitzontal, or some variation thereof. At least five hundred and fifty six recipients of which were a mistake, eighty-one of which were less than impressive, thirty of which were a disaster, and one...whom he does not know how to catagorize.

The sheets rub roughly, stinks of old sweat, and is an odd yellow like melted butter in sunlight. It is uncomfortable. The dish they're using as an asstray, balanced between them on the bed like a pivot, is close to overfilling and Tenpou is reading flat on his back with book propped on his chest and completely, utterly absorbed. In the book, that is, and not him.

Kenren wonders how dust has a chance to exist in Heaven, but thinks that if it could exist anywhere it was here, hanging around the cigarette smoke and rumpledness of his Marshal, adding a glow to the air.

He has never felt more awake.
sf chapter 1 . 10/19/2004

Hazel is so cute! [And if it boils down to that, the Sanzo-ikkou are murderers as well _]

(And if I'm not wrong, your drabble was inspired by the anime, which was ... awful, to say the least. Minekura sensei promises that the manga will be mucho different.)

I get most of the drabble except the last sentence of the first paragraph. *hits head against table and feels stupid*