Reviews for Finders Keepers
gginsc chapter 45 . 4/6/2014
Lovely story.
Larisya chapter 45 . 4/1/2013
Aye! but this story is beautiful! And it has imbued in my sweet emotions to accompany some events, and has enhanced the rapture with which I might partake of Tolkien's works of the earlier ages.

...I loved it... Full Stop.
slioe chapter 45 . 7/25/2010
wow! I totally loved it and please tell me that is not the end!, maybe this story but... is there going to be a sequel?...please...

it's wonderful all your characters and the relationship between Glorfindel-Erestor...and believe when i said so because i almost not read MM stories. But yours is so...WOW...
Ellaisintheair chapter 45 . 4/21/2006

I can't tell you how much I loved this story! Since I wasn't able to stop reading I read the entire thing in one go. I loved the way you developed Erestor's and Glorfindel's characters. The storyline was well thought out and the idea of Erestor being one of Diors sons was very intriguing. Unfotunately I've read the Silmarilion a long time ago, so I couldn't really recall much about the fall of Doriat or Diors fate anymore.

I can't say it often enough. This is a great story and I'm glad I've found it. Thank's for posting this.

CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur chapter 45 . 10/30/2005
oh this can't be the end! I just now got back into ff and I come back to find you have ended this? NO! ! ! ! hehehehehehee I loved it, and I apologize for not reviewing before now, RL has reared its ugly head and I am once more between jobs.
derlinde chapter 45 . 9/10/2005
This was wonderfully done! I have a weakness for Erestor/Glorfindel stories and this was such great fix.:) I loved Elros and Elrond showing up in the end. You made it so easy to picture them. I do hope you are inspired to write more!

Best wishes,

Ilaaris chapter 45 . 9/8/2005
Your story is really brilliant. I loved every single chapter. You have written a great last chapter but it is just too sad that the story is now over.
Crecy chapter 45 . 9/6/2005
Adorable! I LOVZED your story. From beginning to end, I was waiting for updates. They are one of my FAVORITE couples ever! Lol. And I loved the way they got together in here. If you ever want to post your entire story (Including the interlude, which i loved. It was really sweet!) go to adultfan . nexcess aff/ . I hope that works. If not, you can e-mail me to get the website. Its the same as but its usually R and up.

Well, I wrote a long review, feel very special! I usually don't (As you probably have noticed, lol)

Continue writing! Your a great author! _
Asha Dreamweaver chapter 45 . 9/6/2005
No! it can't be ended! Sorry, I know that I havn't reviewed n a while but Real Life is killing me and I'm in the process of moving out to college!

Okay, seriously, about your story - wow! But tell me, please tell me, that there is going to be a sequel? Pretty please? You created such an original and great story here and it has only one fault. - it's over! (Rushes off to weep hysterically)

Please do consider a sequel. This is one of my favourite fics and I while I'm glad i know what happened now, I am sad at the thought of no more of it. Please do consider. Your fans will be very very happy if you do!

I love the Glorfindel/Erestor relationship and I would really like to see more on it. I know i'm repeating myself, but i really, really like this story.

But if this is to be the end, you did a spectacular job.

Hope to see (well, read) more of you in future,

Asha Dreamweaver
Ilaaris chapter 41 . 8/20/2005
Great chapter! Please update soon.
Otaku666 chapter 41 . 8/18/2005
Are you the reincarnation of Tolkien? This story is great. It's so nicely written. Well, maybe you aren't the reincarnation since Tolkien was Catholic (probably would've hated slash) but who cares? That's why fan fics were made. Update soon!
Crecy chapter 41 . 8/17/2005
Well... Its been awhile, huh? I didn't see the update till now, but at least I had lots to read! _ I wanna see them together! PLEASE update soon!
CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur chapter 41 . 8/16/2005
YAY! More soon! ! ! I can't wait!
Faby chapter 41 . 8/16/2005
It sounds promising this idea of Glorfindel, I hope he'll make something special for Erestor, because they certainly need to be together again. And it's nice that Erestor and Celeborn are getting along, Erestor needs his family and if I guess right Glorfindel will see our dear Erestor and Celeborn matching; well that's what I hope.
CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur chapter 40 . 8/15/2005
I wanna know what happens next! PLEASE post more really soon!
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