Reviews for Lord of Caer Azkaban
beth626 chapter 34 . 5/20
bunnyobelenus chapter 10 . 5/17
I know this story is done and has been for some time but I just found it today and so far I absolutely adore this version of Arthur. I think it fits in with his family first personality really well and that no one would ever suspect him of this makes it so plausible.
K chapter 34 . 4/17
A good story, though a little rushed at the end. I enjoy your humour stories, but if anything, this serious one proves that you are not just a ‘one trick pony’. I think that on the evidence of this one that I prefer serious ones. Thank you for your efforts, well worth while!
K chapter 17 . 4/17
Loving the story, but would advise you to change your spell check software, as it is absolutely useless crap!
Wolvie26 chapter 34 . 4/15
Love it!
LaurieLyd chapter 1 . 4/6
Having a bad day? Reread one of your favorite stories! Because that's what I'm doing. I love this story! I couldn't find it because I couldn't remember the dang name and I just found it again so I'm very happy! Thank you so much for sharing it
Winxrosame chapter 5 . 4/2
Well it would take just one squib descendent of the last son of the previous lord azkaban to marry into the evans family for him to be related to the azkaban family by his reletives
yochan123 chapter 30 . 3/31
dumbledore's hypocrisy. i hate this fucker
yochan123 chapter 1 . 3/31
who the fuck is giving money to malfoy and lestrange jesus
TheCourageousReader chapter 21 . 3/21
Writing the answer does not give question could you add the question and answer
ddsurvivor chapter 14 . 2/15
Wow, why do writers, after making Harry a badass. Or his group much better than dumb ass dor. still try to make up and go back to hogwarts?

Oh well still nice read!

would of thought it better for Harry and whoever else stay on azkaban to learn instead. but I digress.

Thanks for the chapter!
Steve-Arkarian chapter 34 . 2/10
This story was interesting... But there are so many loose strings you could practically make a giant ball of yarn... :/
Steve-Arkarian chapter 33 . 2/10
So Ron jumps at the chance to go to Hermione's birthday party, but not Harry's? Also, you wrote Ron's name where Harry's should have been once.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 30 . 2/10
I really hope the last few chapters of this story aren't going to be in the catagory of crack!fic. :/
Steve-Arkarian chapter 26 . 2/10
I'm still a little confused as to why Becky is his assistant. I mean, they didn't know Harry was going to be the Lord of Azkaban, as evidenced by later Becky tell him how they figured out how he was related to a previous one... Were there any others that were trying to be assistants or did they just decide out of the blue to train her?
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