Reviews for Lord of Caer Azkaban
Guest chapter 1 . 12/2
"Your Obedient Servant

Harry James Potter"
Do I sense some Hamilton?
NightScre chapter 14 . 11/28
Because of Charon... the ferry to the underworld in Greek mythology. son of two primordial but is still considered a minor deity in the eyes of the council.

(That's my real username, I'm just not signed in.)
PGHammer chapter 34 . 11/24
You played smart, Rorschach - Keith's right. It even fits the story and the plot - as much as BECKY hates the idea - and she is so ""old-school", it's ancient.
brennan.mholmich chapter 20 . 11/13
1 - You really need to learn punctuation. 2 - It's Wormtail, stop separating it into two words.
Kimmytrainer chapter 34 . 11/9
Very interesting plot, overall not my usual style but I don't regret reading it. I've never heard of Azkaban being anything other than a prison, so I commend you for your originality! Thanks for writing :)
Kimmytrainer chapter 30 . 11/9
Lmao I totally thought they were going to attack her! "Take care of her", great wording!
Kimmytrainer chapter 27 . 11/9
Lovely Luna makes an appearance 3
Kimmytrainer chapter 25 . 11/9
Lmao! Haha a happy ending for Snape woot! Unless he comes back up but I am perfectly content if he doesn't since he's not a main character in this story.
Oh right, I wanted to ask. So if there's layers of walls and a minefield in between, wouldn't the minefield destroy the walls if it were set off? I can imagine one criminal shoving another over the wall for that exact purpose... Of course, if they wouldn't damage the wall then all's good and well!
Kimmytrainer chapter 24 . 11/9
Stupid Albus... That was ingenius of Draco. Of course, I really don't like him because he's an evil little prick, but it was still extremely brilliant.
Kimmytrainer chapter 22 . 11/9
Holy crap. So excited for Neville and Augusta though!
Kimmytrainer chapter 20 . 11/9
Well damn Minerva is bamf
Kimmytrainer chapter 17 . 11/9
Well it seems Snape isn't all bad then...
Kimmytrainer chapter 16 . 11/9
But if Hedwig is Lord Azkaban's official post owl it will become obvious rather quickly who Lord Azkaban is
Kimmytrainer chapter 15 . 11/9
Uh yeah wtf is with Squeakers?
Kimmytrainer chapter 14 . 11/9
Hmm Albus was awfully giving in that last conversation.
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