Reviews for Adjusting to a New Life
XBnemesisX chapter 1 . 6/4
Wouldn't 16 be a Junior year student? Seniors are usually 17 or 18. Considering most american schools start in like September and she is from New York you said. When is her birthday supposed to be?
Kinnosuke Angelous Takahashi chapter 30 . 6/17/2008
hey its been a while if u dont remember its unknown i love this story so much im reading it for the 10th time since you first completed it i jus wanted to know if you were going to make a sequal or not to this story...
XxDarkAngelBabexX chapter 35 . 12/18/2005
Hey I absolutly fell in love with your story. It is, in a few ways, a small reflection of my own life. I loved the part on her 6 month anniversary, how romantic it all was. It really moved me. I liked the way you represented the characters... and I must admit, not meaning to burst your bubble, that I found a few spelling errors. But don't mind me, I am an English buff! I loved Paine's video of everyone and the ending was very open and sweet which opens the door to a sequel. *wink wink*

Ker reminds me of all the quirky things I say:

e.g. "Okidook" & "Pay backs a bitch"

Reminds me a lot of myself. Except I'm only 14... LoL!

Baby753 chapter 23 . 11/29/2005
Hi Ker! well the aswer you gave me...telling about you helped a few people on this site was the aswer to my email? our to another review? this is so confusing! i dont know is i said you this morning an email or a so confused...S cyazz**
Baby753 chapter 8 . 11/29/2005
hey Ker! Im tired of have to write on a reviwe instead i write on a proper message...but i still can write...i send you an email this morning...but i dont think you get it...or you didnt respond...well...i dont remember what i said on the email...S well...i think what i said in the email was that was thanking you...for correcting the mistakes i have in the first chapter...when i finish ill send it to you and you'll see if its well written or not..and if you can correct the mistakes i have...thank you very much for helping me Ker...i'll try to finish the first chapter next week...but i dont promise anything because i still have to make it in english...when i can send a 'real' message to you instead of writing here i'll tell you about my story...well cyazz Ker!

Baby753 chapter 4 . 11/28/2005
im sorry to bother you but tanks for the aswer! well the fic im writing about...also has a girl kind of a mary sue... but...ill try not making her a so perfect would like to talk to you more ya know? but i cant add you to my msn because i cant...S well...and for me to talk to you i have to write a rewiew...thats bad...but ill have to wait three days(now its 2)till i can send a real message instead of writing this in a rewiew...oh my fic is about ffx-2...well kind of...ill tell all about it when i can send a proper message..and then you could say what you think about it...bue instead of Shuyin ill have Tidus xD(i really like him!hes so beatifull!)and instead of Lenne ill have a charater made by me...(kind like a mary sue...xD but ill try not to make her so prfectly)and story does not have summoners...well i haved make the bigining of this fic about three month ago..but ill never souw it to anyone but you made think..and i decided to publish the story! i think the name its going to be 'the forbidden passion' ill explan to yousome other time if you want...oh do you think i can right 'well' in english? i no im not perfect...but...i liked your opinio based onthe things i write...its because i writing the fic in english so more people could read it! i not an excelent student os english...but...i think i can what you think? i would like the opinio of a pro...well im tired of writing... oh well...its late my country...hope to speack to you more...cyaz ker!
Baby753 chapter 2 . 11/28/2005
Hey Ker! im sorry to bother you...but i have a your story you say something about a mary sue...whts that! im sorry if this is a silly kuestion...but has im not englis our american our any ohter else...i dont know what that mins...pliz say angious about reading the next chpter of the other story! cyazz*
Baby753 chapter 1 . 11/27/2005
heys! this story is amazing! im waiting that you update your other story...hey if you're wondering why im write every to every word its cause im not im waiting for you tp update the elementar war story so i can ready another great strory! soon im going to make a story aboute d ffx (i love ffx) e want you to ready if thats ok for you? well...hope you keep the good workD

Vogue Star chapter 36 . 10/29/2005
Yay, am i reviewer 300? Cool story! Keep up the good work!

**Vogue Star**
KivaEmber chapter 1 . 10/28/2005
You should check through your work. When your person is speaking, there are no speech marks so it is hard to know when the person is speaking.
labrat-seph chapter 36 . 10/27/2005
And now one step closer to 300. Yeah...

Nice way to sum everything up. Guess there won't be a sequal after all, right? Anyway, aside from that one that I told ya about I couldn't find any mistakes and junk. And now you have me looking forward to that new one you're working on. Hope you update soon 'cuz' after a week I'm gonna bug you everyday about it XD

~Kristy (aka Sakura(just in case you forgot))
crazycutie2 chapter 36 . 10/27/2005
I saw this story a while back and thought it was boring, after reading it all the way through I can say that it was extremely well written! Good job!
GiGgLyGaL chapter 36 . 10/27/2005
ah...nice ending. I can't believe that you did 36 chapters in one year and I have 10 chapters in nearly 2 years for one story of mine (first fic...under serious reediting due to severe sueish of main character). I seriously need to update it though...well I'm glad the ending was so good...but I'm going to miss seeing updates of this story. I love this story _

I hope you get 300 reviews. You deserve it Ker.

Alexxya's Secret chapter 36 . 10/27/2005
:wipes small tear: Is it really over? :Kerri nods: Okay then, where's my poptart? Lol...

Now, seriously, it was a really sweet chapter and I'm glad everyone was happy at the end... Kerri deserved to be happy. :)

I'm a little sad 'cause the story's over, but I'm really curious about your next fic and of course, I want to know what happens in OPB, so... you'll be hearing from me, ;)

See ya soon...
gurlo09 chapter 36 . 10/26/2005
MAHN. you're a really good writer. KEEP IT UP! HOPING TO SEE THE NEXT STORY. xD
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