Reviews for Living with Danger
InArduisFidelius chapter 3 . 2/16
Though I am not usually a fan of OC's, Danger is written very well.
jhado1968 chapter 50 . 2/6
I have to say that I have not ever crossed your stories before and this first one was incredibly done. I'm looking forward to the others in this series.

Good on you!
I Just Won A Free Toaster Oven chapter 50 . 2/6
EPIC story. Loved every word.
I Just Won A Free Toaster Oven chapter 23 . 2/5
I almost peed my pants reading about "Feetie Fudge"... EPIC!
missmaddiej chapter 22 . 2/1
Dumbrigde sent the dementors (I got Dumbrigde from a whole different fic)
rooster chapter 50 . 2/1
I loved ur fic...going for the next now...
missmaddiej chapter 3 . 1/31
I flipped out when I found out neenee was Hermione I wasn't paying attention with Danger's real name and didn't notices her last name was Granger
Guest chapter 31 . 1/23
I would say they're in Chicago except Amy recommends the Midwest as a destination. I would then say they're somewhere on the east coast.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/22
Once again, wonderful. Remus deserves a chance at happiness, and as much as I adore Tonks, she was a little too young for him in my mind. Plus, he needs a way to function without the wolfsbane potion.
Guest chapter 3 . 1/22
So sweet. The dream sequence is awesome as well. Can't wait to see how far you take it.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/22
Excellent. I think you did a wonderful job of explaining to an almost two-year-old about death in a way he could understand it.
MollyEvens chapter 41 . 1/18
pack of 7 pack-friends 2. but there are 3 pack friends ron luna and ginny or do ron and ginny count as one?
MollyEvens chapter 45 . 1/18
i can just see mcgonagall doing a little jig when she thought "huzzah"
MollyEvens chapter 21 . 1/17
ok i love this story right now well before i started typing this review i was clapping so fast i thought my arms where going to fall off ya know the fingers to palm clap ya i do that when i'm really happy
MollyEvens chapter 14 . 1/17
LONE WOLF: Remus John Lupin {AkA} John White
DREAM-SEER: Gertrude "Danger" Kelly Granger-Lupin {AkA} Kelly White
BRIGHT CHILD: Hermione "Neenie" Jane Granger {AkA} Jane White
SCARRED CHILD: Harry James Potter {AkA} James White
SINGER: Aletha Freeman
PRISON: Sirius Orion Black {AkA} Padfoot
DANCER CHILD: Neville Longbottom
DRAGON CHILD: Draco Malfoy

is that right? I think it is!
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