Reviews for The Shelflands Saga
aquakyuubi chapter 1 . 5/12/2006
great story it's one of the best zoid fanfics i have read
AikoNamika chapter 53 . 3/20/2006
As soon as I started reading this, I was completely sucked into it. I went through the entire story from chapter 1 to chapter 53 in about...oh, two and a half days. I love the characters that you've got in here, and the fact that you stuck to the stories about the /Zoids/ as opposed to creating some new world where these people show up and join the teams from the series and OMG they're so great! *cough* Sorry, went overboard there. But I like your world a lot - it is well-developed, with a history that makes sense given the emotions and reactions of humankind.

I fell in love with your main characters, because they had several different dimensions to their personalities and those dimensions were all very dynamic. It made them interesting to follow, as opposed to watching a group of stereotypes go around. For some reason, whenever I thought about Sel and Sandra, I kept thinking that they were probably sisters in another life. _

I think I would have liked to see more about what kind of history Sandra and Tsuneo had together - about all that I got was that they were in the police force together, and they were apparently friends. Probably closer, especially with Rick's comment about them getting /back/ together. It implies they'd have to be together in the first place. But that's still an iffy area. and I'd be interested in finding out more.

There were a few spelling mistakes throughout the story - usually using one word that sounds like the one you wanted but is spelled/meant something different. I kept meaning to make a note of them, but I was always clicking on to the next chapter before I could do anything. The story was good enough to make up for that.

Thank you so much for posting this story online. It's absolutely fantastic, and it's going on my Favorites list. _
Luka Todd-Sorelli chapter 53 . 1/1/2006
Well, well. That was an amazing piece. You have taken what appears to be a canon/cliche/corrosive (the 3 C's) fandom and revolutionized it in one fell blow. Simply marvelous plotline. Your characters were so believable, I've begun likening them to people I actually know (and vice versa). You did an astounding job with the larger Zoids (Death stinger, the Deathsaurer family, Mad Thunder, etc.); most people regard them as cliche entities of unstoppable might... but you did amazing. The one screaming sour note amidst this otherwise beautiful symphony (I know my metaphors are trippy; sue me) is that you seem to make many grammatical and typographical errors. Just try to check yourself a bit.

I look forward to reading what I assume is the sequel to this piece. I get a funny feeling it will be just as flabbergasting brilliant-I have no problme admitting that I might have shed a tear or two throughout this piece, be it in mirth or otherwise.

Keep up the good work.

Luka Todd-Sorelli
Koobine chapter 53 . 10/3/2005
Right. I finished this thing months ago, but I have yet to write a proper review for it... but the highspeed in my apartment is gone and so is the dialup and now I'm stuck using the school computers and I'm bored out of my mind and ASFSDHJSDGSAJK. *Ahems*


This fic, without a doubt, is one of the single best Zoid fics I've ever read. Better then Feeding the Fury, Better then New Age, better then about 98.9% of all Zoids fanfiction in existance. The main characters were interesting, funny, deep and well concieved and developed. I know everybody else loves Vic, but I honestly can't pick a favourite. This is a good thing, because it means the characters are so rock solid that one can't overpower the other; they're *all* fun and interesting in their own way.

The random villains and side characters were fun too. Bekka, the Zeekdober girls, the manic Death Stinger pilot, Reven, Z-One, Darth Pants, and even Larry the Terrared were fun to read about and well concieved and developed. Darth Pants, in particular, I enjoyed. He reminds me of a character of my own... I'm sure you know which by now, Rick. ;)

I liked the use of obscure, underrated and underused Zoids. I liked the mixture of OER and OJR Zoids with a nice blend of NJR critters... it's nice to see someone do a bit of research and use some lesser known Zoids. Hell, this fic had me going "what the hell is THAT thing!" on more then one occasion, and I had to go poke google and do some *research* and actually (gasp) LEARN something! I didn't know about a lot of the Zoids in this fic. But now I know, and knowing is half the battle! *Ducks thrown objects* A lot of fics could benefit from using obscure Zoids... it gets a bit tedious seeing the same old Dark Spiners and Koenig Wolves and Geno Breakers and Liger Zero Xes and Energy Ligers all the time, and thankfully, none of the above appears in this fic. (I missed the lack of Berserk Furys, though. *Sheds a single perfect tear*)

The Battles... they were fairly good. The crazy, frantic battle against the Death Stinger in particular was my single favourite battle in the entire fic... and the aftermath of the battle with 'em carting around its remains was a fun and amusing touch. The battles as a whole tended to be well written, well paced with good strategy and stuff in 'em. However... a *lot* of the battles tended to degenerate into "BangitybangbangbangYEHAWSHOOT'IMUPGUNFIGHT!11XD" ...The lack of close combat was a tad disappointing. There definately to be more "RARGHHKILLMAIMBITESHREDRAWR!" Shooting back and forth is *incredibly* boring. Zoids have them there pointy claws and teeth for a reason! I know long range is more *practical* overall, but... bleh. Not enough vicious, animalistic melee for us sadistic people. Wah. xp

The story was... well, it was very well done. I like how all the story arcs tied together and formed one, big, interesting story. (I liked the arc with the Documentary filmmakers in particular.) However... the sheer *length* of it is a tad imposing, and at times, it got kinda... well, agonisingly *boring.* Mainly 'cause I've got a short attention span, and when something goes on too long without a good action sequence to spice things up, my brain goes *pht* and shuts off. And reads something more interesting. xp

Indeed, there were a few too many parts with long, boring chunks of exposition and seemingly mundane dialogue between un-interesting filler characters... I only skimmed these bits, and probably missed some important plot points as a result. Oh well. xp However, when you finally get back to our main cast and what's going on with them, it stops being yawn-tastic and starts to be fun and enjoyable again. So these occasional long, boring chunks don't hurt the fic *too* much in the long run. And they're necessary to the story, too. Can't be action packed the entire time, 'cause that'd be boring too.

Really, my main beef with Shelflands would have to be the, er... "climax." When one has such a long and enjoyable fic, it has to come to a really damn good ending. And the ending of this fic... well, to be honest, it left me cold.

The Final Battle, first of all, could have stood to be a LOT more... erm... intense. See my above comment on the lack of animalistic tooth n' claw action. THAT'S what the final battle shoulda had. A good ol' fashioned, animalistic fight to the death with TEETH AND CLAWS AND TAILS AND RIPPING AND CLAWING AND DISEMBOWLING and... stuff. Not Gilvy buzzing around the Bloody DS' head like a big pointy mosquito and the Death Saurer blasting at it repeatedly. xp I woulda dragged the fight out a bit longer after the Gilvy crashes into the Death Saurer... have 'em go at it like a couple of pissed off animals and wipe out vast swaths of metropolitan areas in the process.

...And while I'm on the subject of the Bloody DS... yeah. That's the other big main beef I had with the final battle, was the OMGWTFBBQ-sudden-contrived-insta-mutation-of-d00m!11 ...I know the Bloody DS is supposed to be different from a normal one, what with the whole killing-a-madthunder thing, but... ack. I saw no point in the sudden transformation. It just totally came out of left field, with no sort of foreshadowing or anything beforehand, and didn't seem to have any sort of impact on the battle since the Bloody DS got taken out anyway. Why have it suddenly transform, only to just get taken down anyway? It felt tacked on and uber contrived/silly/pointless.

Overall... this is a great fic. It's got some great, funny, memorable, well developed characters, a solid storyline, a rich plot, some good battles and is well worth the *long* read. The ending was bleh and it was a tad boring at times, but hey, nothing's perfect. However, The Shelflands Saga comes pretty damn close. I award this fic a whopping 9.5 out of ten. Keep on truckin', Rick! I hope The Broken Chairs and Shelflands II turn out as good.

(...Well... maybe not The Broken Chairs. It makes poor Zoids Odyssey look all crappy and amateurish in comparison. XD j/k)

stormsworder879 chapter 53 . 7/18/2005
Wow. This is easily the hands-down best work of fiction I have ever read, Zoids-based or not. I commend you on your amazing skill of blending styles; you really bring militaristic honor up to par with shameless love in such a beautiful way that it tugged at my heartstrings, which is no mean easy feat. It saddens me that some people feel inclined to rip off of this incredible piece. Victoria Hagen...what an amazing creation. Splendid. Rick and Bekka-I expected as much. The thing with Sandra and a computer engineer, well, I didn't see, but it makes me happy nonetheless. It is truly sad that this saga must come to and end. It really is beautiful, Deadborder. Without any doubt, I now have my first idol that's not a feminist rebel. Keep up the amazing work. Oh, and watch out for those random typos. They can and will kill the moment sometimes.

Oh, and by the way-you've got me swearing by shouting "Tool!" without thinking about it.
Moriko no Hikari chapter 53 . 5/2/2005
Beautiful,absolutly beautiful.
OmegaMewtwo chapter 53 . 3/31/2005
Amazing. This has to be the best Zoids story I've ever read. It's kinda sad to know that it's over, but every story does have to end. I hope we can see some more on your other Zoids story soon.
Jack Krieg and James Crusade chapter 8 . 3/30/2005
great i'm really im enjoying it
OmegaMewtwo chapter 36 . 1/31/2005
One word. Wow. Great story, it's funny but has a plot, and the characters are easily believable. And they're diverse, too. I'm surprised that this has so few reviews. And by the way, Vic is awesome!
ZeroFalcon chapter 35 . 1/27/2005
Personally, I liked how you guys took several elements from the OJR Battle Story, the OER Comics, added quite a bit of original ideas, and made an excellent AU fic. The one thing is, Rick, what on earth is a Whale Shark? Is it some sort of modified Whale King, or is it some transport in the Battle Story? This is bugging me, as every time I see it in here and RCZF, I just can't picture anything about what it looks like!

Keep the chapters coming!
Apocalypticvortexofdoom chapter 1 . 1/23/2005
I like the intro. It had some really good qualities:


Catching and

Very interesting

I haven't even finished it and I am already going to highly recommend it to others.

Keep of the good work!

tYp0 chapter 1 . 1/12/2005
i like this story. It is packed with action and humor. I think you did a good job of capturing everything i love in zoids, instead of just doing a damn romance beween Bit and Leena. My only problem is I have never heard of most of these zoids. Could you tell me where to find pics?
Koobine chapter 1 . 11/16/2004
Interesting story, Deadboarder... is this the same Rick from Random Crappy Zoids Fic? He appears to be... wasn't the RCZF Rick a cartoonist as well?

Anyway, this is a good fic so far. Original concepts, likeable, un-angsy characters... it's "almost" as good as Zoids Odyssey. :p

Heh heh... Adolescent Evolved Samurai Terrapins... _

-Koobine (AKA: Steve. Yup, the one from ZE.)
pointytilly chapter 1 . 11/15/2004
Poor Shelflands! No reviews!

Not enough black-obsessed madmen in it, I guess.

Here, now it has a review! *unhelpful*