Reviews for Jet & Virgina Love Stories
Teefa and Co chapter 9 . 2/11/2005
Rutee: It does show the confusion that we know Jet would feel. We've written about his "birth" as well; well, in the AU story "On Wings of Protection," but it was basically the way we perceived he was born in the real timeline. Very similar idea. . .I guess great minds do think alike.

Lufia: Much more detailed than Teefa did though; she only had breaking glass and Ginny blushing cuz he was naked.

Teefa: Cuz I just wanted to embarass the two of them! You know how cute they are.

Prier: Man. . .he's got worse luck than my boyfriend.
Luna-Starr chapter 7 . 1/14/2005
AW! I loved it! its SO CUTE!The whole thought setup was a cool idea
Luna-Starr chapter 2 . 1/13/2005
Aw...I liked it! Its so cute!
Luna-Starr chapter 1 . 1/13/2005
Wow! That was so sad...but amazing descriptions and writing.
Lily Vendrem chapter 6 . 1/10/2005
it is a good story, hope ya right more (both of u) hope to hear more soon :)

love always,

Teefa and Co chapter 8 . 1/8/2005
Teefa: Poor Jet. He's lucky to have Ginny with him.

Lufia: She's such a sweety.

Rutee: I wonder what he dreamed of.
Fyraga chapter 7 . 1/5/2005
i get it! sumwat...but it was still good- i like it.
Fyraga chapter 3 . 1/5/2005
AW! i love it! -
Fyraga chapter 2 . 1/4/2005
AW! i love it! -it makes me warm inside- teehee...
Jonaleepuff chapter 7 . 12/27/2004
Auw, very cute. *sobs*
Jonaleepuff chapter 6 . 12/27/2004
Haha, yep this thing was...well, short. Hope you finish the fic though!
Jonaleepuff chapter 5 . 12/27/2004
Jonaleepuff chapter 4 . 12/27/2004
That was actually awesome. Very cool chapter. :D
Jonaleepuff chapter 3 . 12/27/2004
Haha, *slaps Jet for getting fresh with Virginia* No! Lol. Sick Gallows, Sick.
Jonaleepuff chapter 2 . 12/27/2004
Very cute. XD Auw
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