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writingisrelaxin chapter 8 . 3/15
Seriously, Wilt? "Yes, Mr Herriman"? Are you... h... !... GAAAAAH! I totally understand now why Terrence loves HITTING PEOPLE! I WANNA HIT PEOPLE TOO RIGHT NOW! GOD!

Aaaah, well... Last update was in 2007, but this was published in 2004, so... Maybe there's still hope you will finish this? I can understand if you don't, because, well, you already said that you never planned an ending for this. But come on! You made Terrence's life worse and worse every chapter! It's gotta get better at some point, right? Honestly, nothing good happened. It was all... Terrible. I love this story but it really needs a good ending...

Also, 8 chapters and I still can't truly see Terrence as an imaginary friend. In the flashbacks I do, because he acts like one. But in the present of the story he acts totally human. All imaginary friends at Foster's (except for Bloo because he already has Mac) wants to get adopted because they understand that they exist to make a child happier (that's just like the toys in Toy Story, now that I think about it...). But Terrence was literally created to be a big brother, a HUMAN big brother. And he has been living as a human for six years, with no one even thinking that he could be imaginary. He got used to it! He took it for granted and everything made sense! But now nothing does! The purpose of a human isn't to be treated as a pet in a family in which, with luck, only one of the members will love them (the child). No! A human is supposed to have a greater purpose! A human is supposed to be loyal to their one and only real family...

But now, he never had any blood family, he will never grow up and he can't choose what to be. Imaginary friends usually don't care about this because most are childish and WANT to be with a child. Also they're made to keep company, nothing more. I mean, they... well, I was going to say they weren't super good at anything, as to dedicate their lifes to that, but I'd be wrong. Wilt is the best at basketball, Bloo is the best at bowling... I can't think of any other examples right now but I'm sure there are more. The thing is, having gotten used to live as a human, knowing you have rights and all that, and a family that will always love you no matter what and that will never abandon you... It just sucks so much to realize that all that was a lie, and that now you're just something someone made up just because she wanted to talk to someone. And to hear things such as "Don't you want to be adopted?" (No! I want to have a normal life!) and "You are very violent. You must be a monster, an extremosaurus" when, before, everytime you did something wrong it was just because you were young. But you never got better. You can't change because you're imaginary. And you can never go back to your life as it was before.

Wow... Words. I just love analyzing good fanfics like this one. And even though I don't think you will, I want you to know that I would be the happiest person in the whole wide world if you continued this story! ;D

Gotta check if you have any other fanfics, now! Have a nice day!
writingisrelaxin chapter 7 . 3/15
Ok, there's GOTTA be a way to get rid of Duchess. There's just gotta. Maybe pay someone to adopt her? Wait, they've already tried that... Ok maybe they could do something to her so that she's mute? That would increase at least a little bit the possibilities of adoption. Hmmm... Oh, oh! Maybe they could just put her in a cage! No, wait, that would make it worse... Eeeeh... I think Coco would know what to do. I know it's illegal, but what you gonna do \_(ツ)_/
writingisrelaxin chapter 6 . 3/15
Ayy Ed, Edd n Eddy are here! And Sarah and Jimmy... I never liked Sarah. She's much more evil than Terrance. Terrance, in the cartoon, is not that evil. He's just really dumb. Here, though... I guess it's the same? XD so yeah he's not out of character! Haha!

Nah, jokes aside... Poor Terrence. I can imagine Bloo doing that, but it still was a dick move. Come on, leave him alone, man! He's already depressed. I know he's done bad things to you and Mac before, but still...
writingisrelaxing chapter 5 . 3/15
Are you seriously telling me that everyone is just gonna believe Duchess? Just like that! No one's gonna question what she said!? Oh come on! It's so obvious she jumped down the stairs by herself! I don't know how she made sure that Terrance was at the top when it happened, but she did it. You wrote this scene on purpose so that the readers get mad at Duchess XD it's ok.

What's gonna happen now? Will they kick him out of the house? Where is he going to go then? Will Mac believe him? What will Mom do about all this? Will Terrence finally eat some food? Find out in the next episode of... "My Imaginary Life"!
writingisrelaxin chapter 4 . 3/15
He doesn't want to be adopted, of course. I mean, if he still feels human (which he probably does... at least as much as he did before, considering he felt different even then), it's only logical that he doesn't want to be "adopted" by a little child. A little child like Mac, who he used to beat up (and maybe will keep beating up... although I have a feeling he won't do that anymore). A human would want a family, like he said. A father and a mother. Not a child/friend/brother. It's just so weird to imagine a child "adopting" someone older than them.

Also... the story still didn't talk about the not-growing-up matter. How does Terrence feel about that? Did he have expectations for his future? Did he imagine him getting a job, getting married and all that stuff at some point? Even if he just took it for granted, that he was going to grow up into an adult eventually, he must feel some way about this. One day you think you'll someday be an adult, have your own house and independence, and the next you find out you're never going to grow up. It sounds like a dream come true for a 13-year-old, but knowing Terrence he might not like that at all.
writingisrelaxin chapter 3 . 3/15
I still want a happy ending for Terrance but HOW HE DARES HURT WILT if he does something like that again I'm sorry but NO. NO, OKAY?

I don't think he's an extremosaur. Well, I never really thought about what's the differente between a "normal" imaginary friend and a extremosaur, but what Wilt said makes sense: The difference would be the feelings. Let's say extremosaurs are psycopaths. Terrence is not that bad.

Something that would fit more on the reviews I made for the other two chapters but that I forgot to mention: The worst part about all this is that she's his mom. I mean, she really isn't, but still. She acted as his mom all his life (the one he remembers, anyways) and mothers are supposed to ALWAYS care about you, no matter what. They're supposed to always love you and be protective of you and accept whatever you do (even if sometimes they shouldn't). If she would have dropped him off when she was younger and he already knew that he was an imaginary friend, everything would have been at least more bearable. More normal. But after six years (I think he said in the first chapter that she'd been lying to him for six years?), after such a long time completely believing that he was human and that she was his mom... dropping him off then was the worst she could do. Being abandoned by one's mother... I can understand he'd think "How she DARES to say she loves me!?" At the same time he just can't help but care about her, so he can't just say "I don't need her" and truly believe it. Basically, he's f*cked.
writingisrelaxin chapter 2 . 3/15
that moment you realize your life is literally a lie
yeah I was wondering when he was gonna start yelling, crying, or run away. Or throw up and pass out, as he did.

this story makes me think... just how different humans and I.F.s really are... can an I.F. really change its personality? (their* personality...? I feel calling them "it" is cruel...) Did Terrence change, or is he just in a constant state of anger because, as you said, he felt different? Knowing something's wrong with you, but not knowing why... somehow knowing you're just not like everyone else... that reminds me of the movie "bakemono no ko" ("boy and beast" in english). it was so obvious Ichirohiko was human... (somehow my brother believed he was an animal lmao I have no idea how but yeah). And yeah that character felt really angry and wrong, too... "Don't worry, your tusks will grow sooner or later, I promise." Sometimes people commit the worst mistakes with the best intentions...
writingisrelaxin chapter 1 . 3/15
wow. What an idea for a fic. I would have never thought of this. But yeah, if you ignore that one episode (Red and the pizza that lasted one second), this could be real. I'm really sad for Terrance now. But I have a question, though: Did he ever go to school? I mean, that is never seen in the cartoon so I guess you could say no. But how did their mom explain that?
jimelization chapter 8 . 1/26/2016
You can't stop at this point! Update! That's a story with great potential, you have to complete it! There aren't too many good stories like this one left, nowadays...
lovova chapter 4 . 2/3/2008
Augh! I just knew someone would get to this idea before me . Oh well, you are definatly doing this better then I would have. Great job so far. Awesome twist about the 12 year old mom's...thing for him. Poor Terrence _
Spyden chapter 8 . 11/27/2007

*jumps right back into the story*

You know, life just isn't going the right way for Terrence. It's at this point where I am failing to see the happy ending in this and I want to strangle everyone but Terrence, Mac, Wilt, and Frankie (okay, so maybe I only want to kill Duchess and Herriman...same difference)...where is Madame Foster in all this anyway?

You must KEEP UPDATING! You're at a point in the story that you can't turn back!

Thanks again for returning! *smile*
NeoNix unsignedinOo chapter 7 . 8/21/2007
Wow...just wow...This fic is incredibley well written, all the characters are perfectly played and the plot is really engaging! How the hell does it only have 32 reviews? O.o; Somethin' ain't right...
bananabog chapter 7 . 7/31/2007
Wow. I've been absolutely sucked into this story. It's a really nicely written alternate-universe thing, and I've never liked Terrence before until... well, this fic. XD; So yay. I can't wait for the next update, this is one of the best things I've read in this fandom so far.

I also want to comment on how very, very much I love the way you write Wilt and Bloo. XD I'm already a Wilt fangirl, BUT WILT IS SO MATURE IN THIS FANFIC. SO, SO MATURE. I LOVE IT. [InnerFangirl] IT JUST MAKES HIM TOTALLY HOTTER AND AWESOMER AND ERRHSRTDJZERDZJDTS! WILT![/InnerFangirl] Really, really love the way he handles the situations that get thrown at him, and how he "broke up" the initating argument between Duchess and Terrence and how he's totally this optimistic comforter and stuff. It just fits really, really well and he's actually acting his thirty-plus years of age. XD WILT. BEING ABSOLUTELY MATURE. E.

And Bloo. You write Bloo so freaking well. I love all his lines, especially during the breakfast scene. XD "I'm an artist; I do whatever I want with my food." omg most of his lines had me literally ROFLing around XD;

And I do like the whole big brother thing you're building up for Terrence; how he goes into this super subdued sort of "teenage boy with a crush on a hot looking woman" mode everytime Frankie talks to him XDD And the newest revelation about him beating on Mac because only he is allowed to. E. It's so sweet. AND DUCHESS THAT BITCH SHE NEEDS TO DIE LOL. I love where you're going with this, I really do. I can't wait for the next chapter. XD Thank you for writing this!
Terrence Fan chapter 6 . 6/3/2006
I came across this fanfic a long time ago while surfing through some Fosters fanfics, and when I first read it, I loved it! For some reason, when I read the first chapter when Terrence finds out the truth about himself, I began crying a little. You really know how to show his pain through your writting.

All I can say is, awsome fanfic so far. I hope you finish this someday. I'd like to see what happens next for Terrence at Fosters.
Cold-Creature chapter 6 . 4/13/2006
*Bursts into giggles*! Hehehe! Go Terrence! ... Is this going to continue? Your last up-date was last year sometime? Oh well *shrug*

I want to see what is making Terrence so up-tight... why he doesn't want people to feel for him? I hope someone can show him he can be cared for...

Can't wait for an up-date. Cheers,

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