Reviews for All Star Heroes sidestory 2: Landis
Korgeta chapter 1 . 11/1/2004
Though you have produced over 30 stories which has to be credited for a sign of dedication you have as a writer this story though deserves less credit. The main fault in this tale is simple, its not a crossover, it doesn’t even come close. The story is on self made characters in a star wars universe, there is almost zero reference to suikoden and characters. When one does a crossover they have to take account to include the genre they uploaded the story on. In this case suikoden. We have no background on most of these characters and the plot is very water thin. The real second problem is even if you had suiko characters in, can you actually see a fantasy based characters with runes in a universe with a death star, jedi’s, vader etc as personally I can’t see that happening at all.