Reviews for The Disasters Brought by Free Time and Neglect
IOTR chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
Amazing premise. I love your characterization of.. well, everyone. :)
greyrocks chapter 7 . 10/13/2008
i 100% LOVED this story, i think you should defenetly write a sequel, maybe with riku in it? this one is going straight to my favourites list, great work keep it up
Petitejam chapter 2 . 12/24/2007
I'm not even allowed to review this fic anymore which is rather very quite annoying. Because everytime i reread it i just really really want to harp over it and worship and grovel at your feet to please please please write more pretty gorgeous the most absolutely fantastic angsty Shuichi and gravitation in general ever!

This is one of the best best bestest gravi fics online full stop. I've probably said that before but I honestly totally completely believe it. Considering that there is practically no dialogue at all and its all done first person.

The Shuichi is one of the most broken, strong, angsty, beautiful incarnations of him ever. It is completely heartbreakingly gorgeous. He is so messed up its amazing. Sanely insane.

The story telling, fantastic is an understatement. Amazing. Fabulous. Indescribable. It's so incredibly touching and just.. You can feel everything he feels. Everytime I reread this fic (And this fic I can just reread forever. Seriously) just the emotions, OMG. I'd say highly triggering but I'm way over that. It's just so incredibly striking and REAL.

The breakdown scene is so beautifully written, and Yuki showing up at the end to save him. It's perfectly written. Just so Yuki but still so sweet and gorgeous.. I simply run out of words to describe this.

I love this fic so freakin much. And it disappoints me that you've totally disappeared off the face of fanfic writing. Because you shouldn't stop! ;_; Would so just wish you wrote more.

I love how the relationships are written, its close and distant, strong, and yet vulnerable.

All the second hand dialogue is incredible. This.. God. I LOVE LVE LOVE LOVE this so much and I wish you wrote more! Somewhere I do hope you're reading this. If only just to perhaps make you smile or at most enter fandom again (any would be fine, do you Naruto? or Avatar? or HP? KH?) Please write some more!
Xedra chapter 8 . 8/5/2006
Wow. This was just... Wow. I'm all stunned and I feel like I've just been through the emotional wringer. This story was beyond good, it was amazing!

You delved into Shuichi's character and pulled out all sorts of amazing stuff. You DID make him strong but also his weakness and his pain, and all the wonderful and terrible and sad characteristics that make us human.

And the angst - O The Angst! You were killing me with it, but I loved it. I was hoping for more Yuki (cuz hey I'll take all the Yuki I can get), but I think the glimpses you gave into his own turmoil were just right.

It was interesting to read this with so little outright dialogue, but I liked it that way. I enjoyed the banter between Shuichi and Yuki alot... and having Tohma lose it and beat up Shu was priceless! :D

You've got an amazing talent here, this is one of the best angst stories I've read in a long time - in ANY genre. Who cares about math when you can turn out a gem like this.

Definitely going into my favorites.

Seven BIG Thank You's for sharing this story.
Petitejam chapter 1 . 8/2/2006
Just reviewing this again incase i didnt fave it last time. Gawds i love this fic! Not a dumbass Shuichi rocks! And the perspective is a first for me (1st person). I hope you write more gravi fics man! And may they all be as well recieved and angsty as this one!
Petitejam chapter 8 . 7/17/2006
OMG! And here i had thought i had already read all the of good angsty gravi fics! Colour me surprised yet tickled pink! This fic totally rocked! The narrative was told entirely in 1st person which really surprised me because i havent really read a good fic like this. *cheers* to one of (if not) the best Shuichi freak out scenes ever written. The whole feeling icky crawleys o_O! I also loved the ending about the coma thing because it was explained very realistically. That whole Cool Yuki and Drunken Shuichi diatribe was fantastically wonderful. I mean i was going to despair at how heartless Yuki was but the flash of fear made me break out in squealiness. Loved the whole strong Shuichi, and how convincing it was, of course the vulnerability thing was there. I do love how he wasnt as dumb anymore though. Nice reconcile with the ASK thing, and glad how it ended. As if ASK would ever beat out BL! Gravi in family mode was funny as to read about, Tohma in an angry fit is something im pretty sure lots of people want to say. There were too many good points to catalogue them all but this fic was absolutely fabulous and shall definitely adorn my favourites list! Keep up the wonderful writing caliber and heres to more angsty fics! LOVED IT!
CosmicEssence chapter 1 . 5/25/2006
OMG! That was so riveting I've read the night away - no seriously! Incredibly well written, powerful, realistic, insightful, funny -both in the fun & sarcastic sense-but your 1st person writing style was amusing in parts (possibly by complete accident), clear &concise, to the point and strangely satisfying.

There wre various bits i loved & liked specifically: the entire incident invloving Tohma before he beat him up (& everything else including that man), 1st little Eiri scene, Shu turning up at Taki's flat, Suguru mouthing ASK etc, the whole idea of Shu doing a 'Yuki Prospects' and just in general the little realisations Shu made along his journey & his reactions to them (hugging K, Tomoko and the card, phonecall to Tohma at end etc etc.)

Can you tell how utterly divine i found this. Uplifting yet at times and some at the same time very depressing.

You portrayed Shu as quite strong yet still in character (didn't border far too out & with reason enough to cause what change there was -so all good), Yuki thinking would have been nice - could do a side story with him thinking?

Its entire structure made perfect sense going from very angsty-uplifting/inspiring-bit of both-depression& ooh whats going on here- like i dont know a kind of warm feeling when he was fooling everyone (partly) & all were getting on there own concerned for him or being suprised or healed in some way from something he would do yet at the same time a cold/despairing feeling because he's not as alrite as he thinks, things are going wrong or will do and he's being so damn philosphical about it all!

I'm very glad with the way it turned out & a Tohma clone wouldn't have worked out very well i dont think.

Its beautiful absolutely & frankly there aren't enough words to describe this. Thanks! v. rview i no so sorry..
Jade-t9 chapter 7 . 5/13/2006
This was a really nice story. At times it was kinda frustrating to read b/c of lack of dialogue but otherwise it was a fun read. I liked the way it progressed and how all the characters were actually developed throughout the course of the story. Nice job!
aphroditeachan chapter 7 . 1/26/2006
This story is AMAZING, definitely one of the best if not the best Gravi fic I've read. Just...gah!
Shadowstar chapter 7 . 1/3/2006
I absolutely hate you.

I read chapter 1 at work at lunch. I was so enthralled that I read chapter 2. Then my lunch break was over. I spent the rest of the afternoon staring longingly at ff-dot-net and this story, which sat on my laptop with the oh-so-tempting wireless access that my employers don't track. I managed to read chapter 3 around the various people trying to make me actually do things.

When work was over, I had to go to my appointment at the gym- I loaded up chapters 4, 5 and 6. I read 4 before I managed to start my car. I drove dangerously on my way, and managed to read 5 while driving in my car. I managed to stop at all the red lights. I couldn't read it in the gym, but my chest was constricted because of your story, making the whole gym thing unbearable. I could barely breathe. When I finished, (seeing as I couldn't breathe, and it would be dangerous to drive home) I lay down in my car and read chapter 6 before I started my car again. I drove home. Dangerously fast, perhaps not by Yuki's standards, but it was that way for me. I had to get home for chapter 7.

And then when I came home, I had dinner, eaten in front of my laptop. Chili. Hot. Messy. I didn't taste the spice. I got bits of meat on my laptop, which isn't even three months old. Couldn't hear the television. I was reading this.

You are a cruel and terrible author.

And damned if I don't love you for it.
Crystal187 chapter 8 . 10/27/2005
That... was just an amazing story. I absolutely loved how real and raw the characters became throughout it. Especially with Shuichi... man, the way you described his emotions and thoughts was so eerie because I could identify with just about all of it. I LOVE your writing style and everything about this story was just beautiful. This was probably the best Gravi fic I've ever read.
suckers love chapter 8 . 7/25/2005
I loved the story. I can tell you that much.
Hecate18 chapter 8 . 1/22/2005
That was really something!

It's now 2am and I've finally finished reading, but it was definately worth it; this made me smile.

A complete flood of emotions and beautifully writen, a great insight into Shuichi's character. You are very talented! _

Chibi Cheesecake chapter 8 . 1/19/2005
Ah, wow... What to say... I loved this story. I liked the way you ended it; I'm glad Shuichi's still living. I think my favorite scene to read was actually the one where Tohma beat the crap out of Shuichi. I could completely picture that crystal-clear, too. I agree with your one regret about not going into Eiri's feelings much. I think some insight to what he was thinking would've been a good addition.

I'm off to check out the picture you drew, and the Ryuichi-epilogue-type-thing. Keep writing, this was a great fic.
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