Reviews for One Bright Day
Perchance to Write chapter 3 . 11/18/2005
Hey! Once again, sorry to be such an idiot! But not have as idiotic as the people in this fandom who never review! I swear! You are one of the best writers in this place, and they really should know a good thing when they see it! They need to start reviewing because eventually, you're going to stopping if it's just for me. However, for them, it serves them right if they don't review! You should go someplace where you are more appreciated, such as Beyblade! You rock, girl! Whoo!

I probably should get to the review factor, huh? Well, obviously, I love this puppy! Your characters are so fresh and new, yet still like the characters we know and love! I love the interactions between Drakewind and Tsuki, and how Drakewind is responisble for the little Saurian! I also thoroughly enjoyed the way you write. The vocabulary, the excellent grammar, and your tone are absolutely drool-worthy, and I am not ashamed to say I'm guilty! So there! *sticks out tongue* You are without a doubt awesome, and these characters are in no way shape or form Mary-Sues!

Closing thoughts: I can't wait to see how you develop the amazing plot-twists! The brand on Duke, the B.R.A.W.N. units, Tsuki's powers, which are just so great!

Mistakes: You didn't post more! Write! What are you doing reading this! Get to your computer at once!

Well, there you have it! My review! You kick ass! You go, girl!

DL RM chapter 2 . 11/2/2004
Hiya! I still feel like an idiot, but thanks for understanding! I'll email you fully tomorrow or Thursday because right now I have class and tomorrow I have a huge test, but...wait...this sounds like an email! Back to the review! I love this story, as I've already told you, and it's completely awesome! If no one is reviewing, it's because they are idiots, (like me). They really need to see to review, but then again, many people on this fandom don't seem to review very often, so don't get discouraged! I'm finally done with what I want to write, I'll plug for you every resource I have (including getting on some people's back) to review. Trust me; they are all ready reading. It's just getting them to actually write something! It's like they are incompable of writing something down. (Hopefully they have better spelling skills then me). Anyway, this is truly a wonderful story that has great 3-D characters! I haven't seen characters like this since Justin in "Rebellion" and The Calexs in "Blood of Ancients" by Malik. Truly you are one of the most talented writers I have ever read, and there is no reason people shouldn't be reviewing, especially since not one of these characters are a Mary-Sue! (Trust me! I hate them, and I feel in love with your characters! Psst! Don't look at Slapshot from you know where!) Anyway, it is only a matter time before people HAVE to put something down because you are a writer that controls the MDs and you are awesome, my friend! Keep writing (and I'll keep voting!)


P.S. You were right about putting stuff down. One day I'll tell you about the Patriot Act, and you will flip!

P.P.S. By the way, I read your chapter two, and WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? YOU CAN'T STOP THERE! AND YOU ARE SO POSTING THAT! I WILL NOT LET YOU NOT POST THAT! IT IS TOTALLY EXCELLENTE! Le gaspe of horror, to quote you! It is a punishment for others not to read it and for me not to beta-read! If you don't mind, I have already finished, I just have to type might take me awhile (week or so) to type it, due to projects, but totally, I want to, if you'll let me!