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Vanishing Roses chapter 2 . 1/6/2012
Very well written! Reading it was a joy. I especially liked the last line!
bookivore chapter 2 . 11/25/2009
When Dumbledore ruminates about the different students and wonders if Severus has thought about his responsibilities it made me think about how Dumbledore pays very little attention to his own responsibilities. He plays favorites left and right and does whatever the heck he wants in order to achieve far fetched ends, yet does not acknowledge that the means he uses harms other people. Throughout the series, including the scene in DH where he's talking with Grindlewald about using force to get what they want, he feels free to use whatever means to achieve his ends. Even if you want to argue that some ends can justify bad means (which is not an argument I favor) Dumbledore is a prime example of carelessness and irresponsibility. I cannot understand why he's supposed to be revered when if anyone follows his methods they would be very likely to reap death and destruction rather than reaching their goals.
wynnleaf chapter 2 . 11/30/2006
I've read this before, but ran across it today and wanted to comment. It's an excellent story.

What is easy to forget is that when Sirius said that Snape was following them around trying to get them expelled, they were in fact engaged in a monthly activity which quite rightly deserved expulsion. Snape had seen Pomfrey take Lupin away on his monthly absences, so he knew there was an element to Lupin's activities that was school sanctioned. But he apparently was still suspicious that there was something more going on - and he was right. The Marauders, in the Snape's Worst Memory scene, were not particularly circumspect in discussing their monthly excursions and Snape could easily have overheard them then or at other times. And Lupin, who knowingly allowed the other other three to follow him, leave the Shrieking Shack with him, and roam the countryside, is just as guilty of wrongdoing as any of the others. But Dumbledore knew nothing of those activities until the end of POA.

As regards James' action of pulling Snape away from the tunnels, it's often assumed that he did this at great risk to his life. Certainly Dumbledore would have thought so at the time. But as an animagus who ran monthly with Lupin/werewolf, he really was in little personal danger as he could have transformed at any time. He could choose *not* to transform in order to save Snape, which is of course courageous - but on the other hand, if the werewolf had attacked Snape, James could transform and save himself. So we don't really know just how brave this action was, as we don't know how far James would have gone to save Snape.

And it's hard to fault Snape for assuming that James was in on Sirius' plan, as the two seemed to do practically everything together - not only to Snape, but also in their detention records of pranks on other students described in HBP.

Snape fans often assume that Dumbledore showed partiality for the Marauders in this instance, but since we don't know how anyone was punished, other than not being expelled, we can't know for sure. Certainly, Dumbledore seemed to have been easily convinced that Sirius was the traitor when the Potters were killed.

It is interesting to me that Snape never revealed Lupin's secret, even while a loyal Death Eater, at a time that Lupin might have been working as an Order member infilterating the werewolves. Some people imagine that Dumbledore forced Snape (with threat of expulsion perhaps) to not tell Lupin's secret, but no threat would hold much power once Snape had left Hogwarts, especially before Snape came back over to Dumbledore's side. Yet he never told about it until years later when Lupin's actions endangered students at Hogwarts.

Last, I have wondered if Dumbledore would have re-thought the whole incident after the end of POA. At that point, he learned that the rest of the Marauders had become animagi in order to run around with Lupin all over the countryside, and that none of them were in danger from the werewolf as long as they could transform. At that point, if he considered it, he'd realize that Snape's suspicions all those years ago were quite justified, even if Snape was perhaps motivated by his hatred of the Marauders.
InkandPaper chapter 2 . 11/4/2006
Are you planning on continuing this? I think you could extend it much further. It would be great to see the scene between Sirius and Remus when Sirius has to confess. That could be really moving - and then the tension between them, perhaps, afterwards, and how Remus finally forgives him?

I see what you mean about your writing having improved - this was well written but not quite so smooth as the Fat Lady one. For example, I think that now you would write Dumbledore's speech more..Dumbldoreishly (like the new word? :D)

But I loved the interaction between all the characters, especially Sirius and Dumbledore. I also thought the way you switched POVs so many times made the story really interesting. Seeing ALL their reactions to such a terrible event - I liked that.

Hey, looking at the date of publication, it had its 2nd anniversary yesterday! Yes. Not sure why that was in any way relevant.

Good work, and again I hope that someday you do continue.
InkandPaper chapter 1 . 11/4/2006
Oh-oh...they ARE in trouble! This is a scene which I've imagined but never actually read about, though as you say I'm sure it's been done. Hey, what hasn't on here? :)

Snape is very in character, I think. Especially the play of emotions across his face - fear, hate, and that glitter - it's sort-of-but-not quite the adult Snape. I really like that, I can see just how he will become - far more controlled and cold, but he is already on his way to becoming evil. Very very well done.

Apart from one thing, I thought the others were also in character. It's a very small thing. "Sirius Black swallowed hard, his usually haughty face looking strained and worried." Just the idea that Sirius' face is normally 'haughty'. Well, I'm sure most of the Black family would look like that but from the glimpse we got of Sirius' childhood in OotP, and his adult characher, that is not a word I would ever attach to him. Slightly arrogant, perhaps, and, 'cool'. Anyway. As I said, it's a very small thing.

Next chapter...
uptowngirl48 chapter 2 . 10/10/2006
aww poor serverus!
Possum132 chapter 2 . 2/2/2006
That's jolly good. However, I like to believe that it was worse than that, worse than "just a glimpse" - that Lupin lied to Harry in the Shrieking Shack because he didn't want Harry to think badly of him.
DragonGrin - former TeenTypist chapter 2 . 8/12/2005
Excellent! I think you had everyone very much in character, particularly Dumbledore. This is certainly the best version of the Shrieking Shack incident I've read.

Nice motive for Dumbledore not expelling Sirius; if he expelled them there'd definately be way too many questions asked. I also like how Dumbledore recognized Severus's part in it and how Severus didn't want to accept that he'd been at fault too.

All in all magnificent!
Cora-leanna chapter 2 . 6/16/2005
wow! i enjoyed reading your interpretation of the events even though it made Severus look rather bad, but then again I can understand your point of view - they all had some growing-up to do didn't they. (nice run-on sentance eh?)From the scene in OotP I can understand why Snape has so much hatred for James Potter and why he doesn't think he is in part responsible for the werewolf incedent. Atleast we see that Severus grew-up enough to save Harry's life in the first book...I just kind of wish that he could realise that harry had nothing to do with James' actions. I suppose they are all to blame for the incedent..even James in a way 9for with out his constant bullying who knows if Snape would be content to stay out of the affairs of the Mauraders) I could go on with what ifs for ever so i'll shut-up now. loved the fic!

Diminished Seventh chapter 2 . 4/25/2005
Hiya! I liked this, it was very well worked out, fitted with canon and kept everyone absolutely in character! Dumbledore's punishment for Sirius was a clever touch; plausible and fitting, if a bit cruel! Thanks for reviewing mine, by the way. :-)
Reebus chapter 1 . 3/18/2005
I like this explanation. Very plausible, and I think everyone stays in character. In this chapter, though, would Sirius be able to be "howling with laughter" in the library? And I think "out of your freaking mind" is a bit too American. Minor points that would help polish an already very good piece.
Shading in Grey chapter 2 . 2/6/2005
Interesting thoughts, very intersting. I just wonder what effect this is going to have on the Marauders.

Anyway, nice story! I also like your analysis of Dumbledore and rule breaking.

Little Tigger chapter 2 . 1/15/2005
Poor Snape. This was very well done. It makes me mad at Dumbledore all over again. His prejudice just galls me.

:~) LT
Verity Brown chapter 2 . 1/12/2005
Wow, this is *very* well done. I've never had more than vague ideas about how this scene would have played out, but even if I had tried to envision it more concretely, I could never have imagined it out better than you've done. It fits perfectly with the canon events.

Do you think you'll ever write more Snape-at-school stuff? I'd love to read it.
diamondgirl9 chapter 1 . 1/10/2005
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